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  1. Quick question regarding the OMEGA KYE Armors - True Soldiers Patch. The ESP is flagged as an ESL, which is reported with some other mods in this format, may cause it to not work properly in Merge Plugins. Will this one be fine to merge, or will I need to edit it with SSEEdit?
  2. Heya Lexy, been a while, lol. Just made the transition to SE after a recent upgrade of my GPU. Have been working through the guide, and noticed that, while completely optional, the esp provided for the TMB Vanilla Armors and Clothes SE is flagged as an ESL. Is that intentional, or will we need to edit the file in SSEEdit? I have twisted a friend's arm (mwhahaha!!) and got her into Skyrim SE - she's a complete newbie to both Skyrim and modding, having watched her son play for a while. Kinda throwing her in at the deep-end here, but will be on-hand, together with this fine guide and the recent video installation guide on youtube to help her through. Unfortunately, she does not have the best system for this guide, lacking mainly in VRAM. While the vast majority of mods have 2K options (or less), the mod Northfire's Castle Volkihar contains a number of 4K textures that I uncertain her gpu can handle (she's using a GTX 750Ti). Will she be ok with a few 4K Textures or are there any recommendations for an alternative, or a way to reduce the resolution?
  3. Have to say, have not encountered any issues with instability over extended Playthroughs. The last one I did prior to having to re-install my load order, I had pretty much completed the Legacy Gallery, minus some of the new world expansions and quest, eg, Falskaar, Vigilant. I had intended to do those on another playthrough after turning on the Perstistent Feature in LOTD. Unfortunately, my HDD, with the LOTD Install on, threw a hissy fit and decided it didn't want to work anymore, so had to go and replace it, hence the re-install. That's probably one of the better features of the LOTD Guide - being able to have your progress saved through subsequent playthroughs (as long as LOTD isn't significantly updated). About the only thing I noticed, which is more likely due to my rig, is that the more complete the Museum becomes, it starts to get a little choppy, lag-wise, as it has to render all those weapons, etc.
  4. My understanding of the correct procedure is sketchy at lest. However, there seems to be only one or two records that are written in Polish and drag/dropping the record from Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim across to the same record in the Ordinator patch seemed to work for me. I can't remember the exact wording, but I believe it refers to Conjuration (the record is near the top). The main difficulty lies in the values that have been changed. If you are not using any of the mods the author of the translation lists as requirements to use his mod, then you will need to ask someone with way more experience than I. As for posting an English version of the Ordinator Patch to Dropbox, prior content between the author of that mod and the good folks (Nozzer, Darth_mathius and DarkLadyLexy) would have to have been reached. There may be someone on here who may be able to offer further advice/help via PM, but I have sadly reached the end of my knowlesge and experience (not that it was all that much to begin with :P ). Most of my prior conflict resolution involved creating a TES5EditMerged Patch within that program and hoping for the best, lol Hopefully, the Mod Author will release his rebuilt version of classical lichdom, together with a new Ordinator Patch sometime in the next month, at least according to a post hosted on Reddit (mentioned a page or two back). It might be easier (and safer) to do without Undeath altogether - assuming there's nothing in the SRLE Conflict Resolution file that addresses Undeath - if you need to finish up your load order so you can play.
  5. lol, think I'll leave it to more experienced persons... I haven't a clue at the best of times :P
  6. Ahh, sorry about that. Didn't notice anything wrong when I had it up, but maybe I got it cached before it went down. Glad to see its back up for you again.
  7. In furtherance of the Undeath Classical Lichdom patch for Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim Polish Version, foun here (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/89448). This version does use some extra Assets that may or not be viable in the LOad Order and, since I have not installed these, I have refrained from installing it im my Load Order at this time. However, a quick look in TES5Edit suggests that translation back to english would be a simple affair. I leave it to you to decide if you want to make use of this (along with any changes you may need to make - sorry about that).
  8. Define kaput. If you mean as in using mods outside the Guide, then I suppose you could call it that. If you mean in that many of the mods and their patches are updated beyond the provisions of the Guide, that is also true. While, in principle, it is good practice to use the latest version of a mod, to do so simply for that reason is unwise. Immersive College of Winterhold is a classic example of this - as the Author has made changes to the FormLists which break compatibility with LOTD Gallery. How the update to DynDOLOD's Resources file affects the Conflict Resolution, I am uncertain of - there have been no warnings flagged in my current setup and I am by no means an expert on Conflict Resolution - so I will be testing things soon. If things do not work, then a rollback to an earlier version of DynDOLOD should remedy that.
  9. I would only amend my solution regarding the Undeath Classical Lichdom for Ordinator Patch, obtained from the Polish Translation page, is that it may or may not (but likely) need editing with the Creation Kit, as there is a possibility of finding some, if not all of your Perk/Spell descriptions translated to Polish. I am currently rebuilding my Load Order myself, and am currently getting that set, then I will take a look at it and see if its necessary.
  10. Hey, no worries, glad I could help someone for a change :D. Incidentally, it also helps me, as I am currently using a very old v5.20 version of the Ordinator Patch for Undeath Classical LIchdom, lol.
  11. Question Did you download The Fixed Version in the special instructions, and replace the one included in the AAE Patches with it? As for Undeath Classical Lichdom, not exactly certain, there is a Polish translation that has the 6.70 version of the ordinator patch, but what would be entailed in re-converting that for English is beyond me. I feel somewhat encouraged that he has not abandoned the Mod, as was indicated by his post on the SSE version, and personally, feel that it would be necessary to wait until he releases any patches, as a complete rebuild of the Mod may do things differently from the way they have been done til now.
  12. I highly doubt it. The guide is considered more or less complete and any changes/updates are left up to the users' discretion. Darth_mathius, DarkLadyLexy and Nozzer among others have moved on to Skyrim Special Edition where they are focused on making a Legacy of the Dragonborn Guide for that. That is not to say this guide is inactive/dead, they do pop their heads in from time to time, and there are many other knowledgeable person that use the forum, so advice is always available, id sometimes intermittent :D As stated in the above post/s, any changes that you make that deviate from the guide will need to be addressed, where necessary, with your own Conflict Resolution. There are guides out there on STEP Wiki, Youtube, Reddit, etc where you can get information on how to do this, if you are stuck.
  13. Without trying to sound mean and irritate anyone, it does state in the Guide to use Version 1.2 of Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul. Again, this is a guide ONLY - anyone and everyone is free to make changes according to their personal tastes/preferences. However, deviation from the guide in any significant way, will result in those persons needing to make their own custom Conflict Resolution. I would suggest that, if you intend to use Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul v2.0, then you will need to discuss what changes this latest version has made and how it applies to both the patches and Legacy of the Dragonborn (afaik, there are still moderators who maintain the LOTD page, while icecreamassassin and his team focus on Oddyssey of the Dragonborn.
  14. Might depend on the version of LOOT you're using, whether you have any Mods installed that are not part of the Guide, etc. There are many reasons as to why your right pane list might be different than Modwat.ch. As near as I can remember, the Modwat.ch list is a rough guide for those looking for a reference, and also that it pertains to a Testing Load Order, rather than an actual playthrough (I could be wrong there), so don't quote me :P). --- For my own piece of mind (and probably others as well) I am also curious as to the situation regarding Undeath. Since the Author of Undeath Classical Lichdom seems to have permanently abandoned that project for undisclosed reasons, there are those (myself included without properarchives and, for those who have recently started using this guide, no hope of using it). Can Undeath be run with just the main file and Immersive Lichdom? Is there a location where the current stable version of UCL and its patch for Ordinator (dropbox, for example) can be obtained. Failing either of those options, is there anything that needs to be done with the Conflict Resolution, in order to remove Undeath completely? Personally, while I enjoyed playing the mod, it does not suit my personal playstyle and I feel that the addition of one item into the Legacy Gallery is not enough justification to have it in my Load Order.
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