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  1. I get a different error if i try to launch it with MO or if I use the sort button. See attachments.
  2. I see. I've attached two new files to this post. One is when I run loot through MO and the other is when I use the sort button. Any ideas? Done, done, and done.
  3. Worked pretty good for about 5 minutes then crashed when I went into my item menu. I'm thinking maybe enough things have changed to warrant a fresh game?
  4. Removed both and reinstalled EFF. Gonna try that out. I run Loot through MO every time I play. I use TES5 if needed. Gonna try it out with the changes so far. I'll update in a moment.
  5. I've heard it could be the graphics so I lowered the graphic to high instead of ultra and dropped the resolution to 1700x1000. Played fine for about 2 minutes then CTD.
  6. So I tried loading it up and then I went to continue and it crashed to desktop before it even finished loading. Taking that as a bad sign I loaded up a previous save instead and was able to play for about 60 seconds until it CTD once again.
  7. So it turns out I had not installed ENBoost correctly. I'm pretty sure I've got it in correctly now. Gonna give it another shot.
  8. I think i installed it correctly. Played for a little while and it seemed to be working then I showed up at a bandit camp and they dropped some rocks at me and CTD. Gonna see if I can find a video from ENBoost to make sure I installed it right.
  9. I installed ENBoost. Gonna give that a try.
  10. Hi. I'm new to modding as well as this site but I have watched a lot of videos and read a lot of post and I think i'm getting the hang of it quite well. I have quite a few mods installed and I'm using FNIS, SKYUI, Mod Organizer, and Loot and everything seems to load up and run just fine. But after playing for about 2-10 mins the game will just crash to desktop with no warning. I was wondering if anyone a little more experienced than me could help me out. If you need any info just tell me what and how. Thanks in advance. List of mods I have installed. (and I think the load order... not sure...) It won't let me load any of the stuff i found with the word Papyrus in it... Edit: Added loadorder, modlist, and plugins. loadorder.txt modlist.txt plugins.txt
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