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  1. Instankor hi: My graphics card is only a gtx780 4gb, and i can play this guide. However it is starting to struggle. You friend just needs to be wise about how they do things. Stick to 2k textures and or possible under(1k), don't add to many script heavy mods on top of this guide and will have to run dyndolod on lower settings. Lexys old gpu was a 980 and she built this guide around it........again the recommended vram for this guide is really a minimum of 6gb, but as said, i am playing with an older card.
  2. You Sir are a poet......a pur-a-dee fine poet......perhaps it might find a place on discord or top of the guide?!
  3. Firstly if you have chosen not to use song of green and Mrisssi tail, YOU WILL have to clean Lexy's CR patches of those masters. On Lexy's guide at the top, look for troubleshooting and at the bottom of that page is two methods on how to do this. One other thing to look at is Landscape Environment and Tree and Flora merges are done correctly, and ensure that mods in those merges have had an special instructions or esp replace done. The Tree and Flora merge done in the "Clean - Merge down (improved) method" and dyndolod folder from bent tress 2 copied into merge etc.In short MAKE sure all special instructions or post merge instruction are done
  4. Bemused Hi! Out of curiosity, do you use CCleaner by any chance, and if you do, do you have "windows event logs" ticked when you run CCleaner?: "Notice: The paid for version of ccleaner is known to break Mod Organizer 2's Virtual Filing System (VFS). Unchecking the 'windows event logs' option under ccleaner's advanced tab will help ensure this doesn't happen. Also make sure the Profile Folder Remains in the same location of Mod Organizer 2 as all the base files" This applies to the unpaid version as well
  5. Mercury71 hi! In terms of changes to the different versions, your best bet is to go onto Wyre Bash Discord channel, in terms of which version....stick to what lexy says or the guide: reason....gives the dev team time to work with the new version and its comparability with the guide...on a rare case, Dyndolod had been updated and people changed to it with big problems, and we had to go back a version until the problem was addressed. So stick with what she says
  6. Yes, NOTHING HAS CHANGED.....just the wording and phrasing made a little more clear for people...AGAIN nothing has changed
  7. No......the same changes will come to the STEP guide as well....Shadriss has simply started with the nexus version first. Lexy will still do her chnges here first and the nexus guide to follow on a Wednesday as normal. SO is my understanding
  8. Pleasenomore hi! Just a radom thought here......whilst in the start charactor cell, have you done your classic class yet and mcm menus?. There were reports awhile back of people trying to leave that cell BEFORE having created the classic class or mcm menus, leading to ctd. The thinking if i remeber correctly was to do those first, save, exit...then reload and then go into the world. May not be your specific case, but nothing to lose trying....hope you find your answer
  9. Thank you for this info letgo_my_eggo: This has been an issue for awhile now; However Lexy has said with this merge to those with issues of errors, to just use the Clean method as shown on the merge page: Post Merge Perform the following: Open xEdit and Check Trees and Flora Merged.esp for errors if it spews any out delete the merge a redo using the Clean - Merge down (improved) methoddouble check that the merge contains a Trees and Flora Merged.ini. If not, cut and Paste Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin SSE Version.ini and rename to Trees and Flora Merged.iniCut and paste the DynDOLOD Folder from Bent Pine II to ---- Trees and Flora Merged then Rename DynDOLOD_SSE_BentPinesesp.ini to DynDOLOD_SSE_Trees and Flora Mergedesp.inSince people have been doing this(for this merge only), the problem has all but been resolved.......it good to know that there is another workaround, but if the clean method works, i don't think she will add in another instruction that might confuse people.Still thank you for bringing this to the forums attention......this is just my view...NOT NECESSARILY LEXY'S or her dev teams view
  10. Link213109 Hi! "Sad to see it go, do you mind if I ask why? Just curious on your thought process."......The latest Vigilant is now in .ESM format which isn't compatible with the present LOTD v4, it requires the previous .esp version, which at one stage was no longer available on Vigilant nexus page.....i believe that has changed. So with the .ESM, the patches and fixes incorporated in Lexy's CR will not work and will require a lot of unnecessary work for Lexy. When LOTD v5 is released, it will support the .ESM version....but for the purposes of the guide, Lexy has decided to pull it.....if you play with it on a present game, stick with it...It more for those that are still building the guide etc
  11. You can add them with LOOT as well as wyre bash....some say the LOOT doesn't always carry it across to bash.....open loot, when loaded double click the mod you adding tags too, and a new page opens...scroll to the right until you have bash tag, click + sign and add Stats...remember to save. In wyre bash open click mod, in bottom right hand page "Called Bash Tags", click on it a a list will appear...
  12. Memoso hi! I believe its this setting...the new Bethini when run, already does this, hence why its not on the prereq page......fGrassMaxStartFadeDistance=18000.0000. You can verify this on Lexy's discord and the best place for answers really.
  13. iPurpleRayne hi! Textures and meshes shouldn't be a problem, provided there are meshes to replace or override the ones you are removing....Armor conversion, i take it you mean from Skyrim LE? If so have you recompiled it in CK to form 44 from LE 43, and have you run the meshes extracted from the bsa(if it has one) through SSE Nif optimizer or better the new SSE Assets Optimizer tool, that can rebuild your .bsa after optimizing the meshes.....non converted form and meshes not optimized for Skyrim SE, will lead to CTD......and yes a new game if you are happy to do that..start on a fresh save!
  14. Rayne Hi! Well the first rule of modding is to stop updating/modding, when you start to play...I'm sure you know this. From the time you first press play on a new game, all your mods in your load order have there info baked into your save...this fills up as you play. If you start updating or removing mods mid play through, info that the save is looking for..if removed or tweaked/updated, causes the game issues, as it cannot find said data...thus eventual ctd. Unless mod authors give very clear and precise info on how to clean your save..as with the LOTD team, its best not to change your game. As said you may already know all this...but we all do it...lets update this one, remove this one etc. The game may seem to be running fine after these changes, but when it comes to save..the conflicts begin to kick in. May not necessarily be your case.....but if you have perhaps updated as per the guide with the latest updates etc...this may be an issue and Lexy stated the new updates "will REQUIRE a new start". If none of this is applicable to you just ignore....just a thought
  15. Ostegun just open them up in xedit and check if they conflict, if nothing then its your game, if there is just fix the conflict. If you do add them and you have completed the finish line rerun bash, smash etc
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