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  1. game crash to desktop when the RELINKER mod is checked...do I need RELINKER or can I keep it unchecked in the left pane of MO??? MintyMcmPatchQuestScript is the problem.
  2. I fixed it for now, deleted the Merge Plugins PROFILE, and started making a profile for every merge in the build, same amount of profiles for MP and merge build profiles in MO, I also give the MO profiles a number and the same number at the end of a mod (left pane) so its easyer to check uncheck mods by merged when I'm in the actual MO build profile and need to check for esp that are not needed anymore. thanks for the guide.
  3. hi, can someone please help, I have suddenly access violation with merge plugin. It all worked fine last weekend, I merged everything problem free from Lexy guide, now Lexy did an update for the guide (change log) , I try to remerge a build but there is access violation suddenly MERGE PLUGINS DOESNT LOAD FOR ANY BUILD I DID whitout this error...I reinstalled MERGE PLUGINS, start as ADMIN, w/e I dont know how to fix it.
  4. I disabled mods that are not part of SR:LE and then it works, now I have to check wich one it is... :O_o:
  5. did that, but no luck...when I have some spare time I'll dig into it ;-)
  6. I'll figure it out, need some more time. Maybe a mod in my list that is a problem (I have a lot more then the SR LE guide has) I already uninstalled java totally and reinstalled 32bit version. did 750,1000,1250 the latter is the max I can do and the error keeps popping up :(
  7. this game is a modding nightmare... thanks for you help Nozzer, but I get the stack overflow error , very anoying when you have to wait 30 minutes processing SUM and then everytime it pops up, I give up...
  8. 9. Deactive Perkus maximus and Compatibilty patches I gues deactivating the 3 folders installed? -Perkus Maximus - Maximum Perk Overhaul -PerMa Compatibility and PaMa Patches -A Lot of Dual Sheath Redux Patches 10. Run TES5Edit and merge all mods and remove all Levelled references from the Merged Patch, and Clean Masters. sorry for being dumb, what mods please?
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