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  1. Looks like Fake Lights was it. Are both Fake Lights and FXglow different names for the same effect? In any case, thanks.
  2. I disabled the "Glow FX" feature but they're still here after re-building DynDOLOD and loading into my save. Examples: https://imgur.com/a/lQomcko They persist even when close up. :( Here's my modwat.ch: https://modwat.ch/u/Tyler799/plugins
  3. Yo. Love BethINI. However, it seems that the "recommended tweaks" doesn't stick around. If I check it and hit save, every time I open BethINI again the checkbox isn't checked anymore.
  4. I haven't manually touched my INI files at all. I've let spINI handle everything. However, since that's the issue, I'll using the MO configurator to change those two. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. Here's my Skyrim.ini: https://pastebin.com/SEZfJvLc Here's my SkyrimPrefs.ini: https://pastebin.com/4zbAAwaw I'm using Mod Organizer, if that matters. My card is an Nvidia 755m, latest drivers. If I need to change a setting or two in the Nvidia control panel I'll gladly do so.
  6. Hey there! I tried to disable shadows using spINI, but it didn't work: https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/4pn8pr/i_chose_disable_shadows_with_spini_but_shadows/ How do I fix it?
  7. Current_loadorder.out: https://pastebin.com/dGhCUQxj I used the STEP guide https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Morrowind and did everything excepting the part J, which was Flora + Landscapes. Oh, and I have some of the stuff from Tomorrowind 2016. I think I missed a couple patches along the way. Mainly because either I had to install a patch for a mod I hadn't gotten to yet (since the order matters) or I just didn't notice. I get the following errors in-game: Model Load Error: Meshes\Grass\flora_black_anther_02.nif cannot load file in Meshes\Grass\flora_black_anther02.nif. Will use the default object Marker_Error.NIF. Model Load Error: Meshes\Grass\flora_willow_flower_2.nif cannot load file in Meshes\Grass\flora_willow_flower_2.nif. Will use the default object Marker_Error.NIF. EDIT: I tried to solve this, but nothing works. I tried re-installing Better Flora, I tried reinstalling Graphic Herbalism. Neither worked. :c
  8. I'll try that, but why in the world didn't it work the first time? Someone mentioned it was because I wasn't using FO4 edit. Does that matter?
  9. My DynDOLOD - Output folder is 350mb. In the meshes/terrain/tamriel folder there's a bunch of stuff in the trees folder, but the objects folder is empty. (Also I updated my older post with my load order) EDIT: I used TES5Edit version 3.1.2 (I think that is or was a developer version)
  10. I recently installed DynDOLOD using Gamerpoet's video: www(dot)youtube.com/watch?v=c3zVK8PD3Vg In-game, I loaded a very recent save and went to look and see if it had worked. DynDOLOD said it successfully initialized. The MCM confirmed that. Yet, it looks like this in-game: (with medium DynDOLOD settings) https://imgur.com/mD4V9Ue Is that right? If not, where did I go wrong? I know the DynDOLOD video is a little old, but I don't think it's changed that much. EDIT: Load order: https://www.modwat.ch/u/Tyler799
  11. I don't want, no do I think I should, use the default INI's. I make a ton of tweaks, most based on the STEP guide and some recommended by the guy who did the installation video for DynDOLOD. I got all of my graphics-baed ini tweaks here: Let me know if any of them conflict with DynDOLOD. I wonder if they might be causing the issue. Not sure if I had the issue before the tweaks or not. Also, I have my dedicated card set to default for all games. Even with that in my INI, it shouldn't use my 4600. Is there a reason to remove it?
  12. I'm having a real issue with this mod. When I look in certain directionds outdoors, my FPS goes from 30-40 to 2. Once I look away, it's fine again. No idea why it's happening. Here is my load order: https://www.modwat.ch/u/Tyler799
  13. Thanks. I've been using LOOT so far, so I'll just stick with that for now, even If I don't both with metadata stuff. Is there somewhere I can post my left-hand-pane load order to get some help in fixing that MO warning?
  14. Thanks for the help. I honestly couldn't tell when I did that if it was running the high resolution version or not though, strangely enough. I'd need to look at it really carefully.
  15. Hello! I recently decided to try out the Official High Resolution pack provided by Bethesda. However, after installing it, MO states (in the plugins right pane) that the unofficial skyrim high resolution patch can't find any of the high resolution patch ESP's. Help? Thanks!
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