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  1. Sheson, link 'DynDOLOD.DLL + Scripts for Skyrim 1.9.32' redirects to 'DynDOLOD-DLL-VR.1.4.15 .7z'.
  2. I just noticed I'm having a problem with the three small stone walls just outside Markarth, near the carriage driver. Their LODs cover their full model. Worldspace \ 0000003C <Tamriel> \ Block -2, 0 \ Sub-Block -6, 0 \ 0000717A <MarkarthExterior01> \ Temporary \ CF046877 <Skyrimesm_10E456_DynDOLOD_TOWN> Worldspace \ 0000003C <Tamriel> \ Block -2, 0 \ Sub-Block -6, 0 \ 0000717A <MarkarthExterior01> \ Temporary \ CF046879 <Skyrimesm_10E457_DynDOLOD_TOWN> Worldspace \ 0000003C <Tamriel> \ Block -2, 0 \ Sub-Block -6, 0 \ 0000717A <MarkarthExterior01> \ Temporary \ CF04687B <Skyrimesm_10E458_DynDOLOD_TOWN> MrkCityIntCWwall01_DynDOLOD_LOD MrkCityIntCWwall02_DynDOLOD_LOD MrkCityIntCWwall03_DynDOLOD_LOD
  3. Despite the mod-author's instructions in enblocal.ini, try the following: EnableFPSLimit in enblocal.ini is set to true; set it to false. Also in enblocal.ini set EnableVSync=true (instead of false). In Skyrim.ini, under [Display], set or add: iPresentInterval=1 Leave everything in Nvidia CP at default.
  4. After you load your plugins in xEdit and type 25DA8 in the FormID field, it should point you to RockCliff03. Default path Meshes\Landscape\Rocks\RockCliff03.nif. Do you have a mod that replaces this .nif?
  5. Better late than never... It's indeed caused by Interesting NPC's, which for unknown reasons sets Carlotta Valentia as lover with the player. The Creation Kit does not show an asterisk by this actor so the edit must have been made elsewhere. Skyrim LE -> TES5Edit -> 3DNPC.esp -> Relationship -> xx0EE9DB.
  6. Especially with snowy trees in sunlight, flickering can be very noticeble. With other trees I don't find it too bad. One could make rules for trees that are extra prone to flickering by using LOD tree billboard instead of Static LOD4. For instance, here are rules I use with Ultra Trees: treepineforestdeadsnow01,Billboard,Billboard,Billboard,Far LOD,Unchanged treepineforestdeadsnow02,Billboard,Billboard,Billboard,Far LOD,Unchanged treepineforestdeadsnow03,Billboard,Billboard,Billboard,Far LOD,Unchanged treepineforestdeadsnow04,Billboard,Billboard,Billboard,Far LOD,Unchanged treepineforestsnow01,Billboard,Billboard,Billboard,Far LOD,Unchanged treepineforestsnow02,Billboard,Billboard,Billboard,Far LOD,Unchanged treepineforestsnow03,Billboard,Billboard,Billboard,Far LOD,Unchanged treepineforestsnow04,Billboard,Billboard,Billboard,Far LOD,Unchanged treepineforestsnow05,Billboard,Billboard,Billboard,Far LOD,Unchanged treepineforestsnowl01,Billboard,Billboard,Billboard,Far LOD,Unchanged treepineforestsnowl02,Billboard,Billboard,Billboard,Far LOD,Unchanged treepineforestsnowl03,Billboard,Billboard,Billboard,Far LOD,Unchanged treepineforestsnowl04,Billboard,Billboard,Billboard,Far LOD,Unchanged treepineforestsnowl05,Billboard,Billboard,Billboard,Far LOD,Unchanged tree,Static LOD4,Billboard,Billboard,Far LOD,Unchanged
  7. Maybe the old mods were not properly uninstalled and are still present in Games\Nexus Mod Manager\SkyrimSE\Mods\VirtualInstall?
  8. Ilkob

    Message from crash fixes

    When I load my plugins in TES5Edit and type 00BFC6D in FormID, it returns StatueTalos01snow and info: [REFR:000BFC6D] (places StatueTalos01snow [sTAT:00018483] in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of HHpathShrine09 [CELL:000096ED] (in Tamriel "Skyrim" [WRLD:0000003C] at 11,-10)) Then after typing StatueTalos01snow in EditorID it returns mesh StatueTalos01.nif with path meshes\clutter\statues\StatueTalos01.nif I don't have a meshes folder with 'prometheus' in its path nor use Skyrim Revisited. Nor Stunning Statues of Skyrim, which follows the original game's path and just replaces if I'm not mistaken; I don't see 'prometheus' in its folder structure. Does Skyrim Revisited change folder structure through plugin? Well, I'm a bit blind here, but it looks like you have either a bad mesh, or a mod in your loadorder that conflicts with one or more statue meshes. Either remove Stunning Statues of Skyrim, or find with TES5Edit which mod or mods could be conflicting, remove such a mod or resolve the conflict in TES5Edit. Or remove the mesh and if it is referenced in a plugin, then also remove all its references from the corresponding plugin - which can be a quite a job if it has many references, especially in different Worldspaces.
  9. You are talking about system memory, RAM. ENBoost allows Skyrim to use more system memory by adding its own process or processes for memory management. With ENBoost it is even possible to use up to 128 GB - see ReduceSystemMemoryUsage in https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:ENBlocal_INI/Memory If there would be any discrepancy it would be in numbers concerning system memory usage. But all this has nothing to do with our videocard's memory, Vram.
  10. I can't test without ENBoost in exteriors, tried a hundred times. Most probably because while loading an exterior TESV.exe reaches immediately its RAM-limit of about 3 GB and crashes. Then you realize how needed and inventive ENBoost is by expanding the memory the game can use through a seperate process, enbhost.exe. I just increased the resolution to 3840X2160 and went for a round of horse riding. The resolution tanked FPS but did not increase Vram usage as much as I had expected. I had three programs monitoring. MSI Afterburner, Skyrim Performance Monitor and HWiNFO64. The results are consistent. Max was 4,609 MB according to SPM and HWiFO64, Afterburner noted 4,596 MB max. See my upload for the results: https://1drv.ms/i/s!AicwYw0PXQYwiHSJ5i1v-w107KbN
  11. Yes, 32 bit Skyrim. A cut from a screenshot or it didn't happen: https://1drv.ms/i/s!AicwYw0PXQYwiHNoB3-UXSVzC_h9 Today, when trying Enhanced Vanilla Trees, Afterburner came up with 4,573 MB max.
  12. @Rebel47 Proof, well, just my own observations with my videocard, which has 8 GB Vram, and in Skyrim happily uses more than 4 GB Vram according to benchmarks. Then there is that there's probably only a texture allocation Vram limit of 4 GB, which was, to my understanding, initially the complaint at the Visual Studio forums back in 2015 - not a 4 GB Vram limit for all graphics calculations concerning Windows 8, 8.1, 10/DirectX 9. My game is solid, loads normally, plays without stutter and when Vram usage is well above 4 GB I don't notice a thing. The latter is what made me wonder: how valid is the idea of this 4 GB Vram limit really? Never questioned it before, because my videocard then had no more than 4 GB Vram to spare and obviously the card never exceeded 4 GB of Vram usage when I benchmarked Skyrim. Of course, there can be margins of error, things I don't know of, but seeing Vram usage going a half gig beyond the supposed limit without issue is worth mentioning I think.
  13. Oh, if you're increasing DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB, then don't forget to set ExpandSystemMemoryX64 in enblocal.ini to false. Otherwise you'll probably crash at game start.
  14. Going over 4 GB Vram should not cause ILS. If you were using enormous textures - and 512x512 textures for lods are decent but certainly not enormous - you would have missing textures I think. As I'm concerned all we really know is that there is a texture memory allocation limit and if I'm not mistaken that's exactly what for instance Vram Size Test measures. Maybe your 1st memory block could use a bit more space. Go to your SKSE.ini if you're using Sheson's memory patch through SKSE. Default settings are this: [Memory] DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB=768 ScrapHeapSizeMB=256 Up DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB with 188 for instance.
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