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  1. Hi, Did something change in the guide -- didn't there used to be a section on the Finishing Line page with a list of bash tags that need to be added to plugins? There are a bunch of mods that still have the 'BASH' tag in the mod installation pages, and the pre-requisite page still makes reference to tags that have to be added in some cases, but I can't see them on the mod installation pages, and on the wrye bash section on the last page it just says "Once the Bash tags have been updated locate Bashed Patch, 0.esp" and then to build the patch. The guide should be clarified if they are somewhere else... because I cannot find them. Regards, dan.
  2. Hi, Use the left/right arrow keys on the keyboard to decrement/increment the number of hours that you want to sleep - this will let you change the setting by 1 hour at a time. It's a lot easier then using the mouse to move the slider. dan.
  3. Hi, I would say from the log that one of your mod names has a Unicode character in the folder/file name \u2013 https://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/2013/index.htm dan.
  4. Oh, nevermind -- there are some errors in the script and not even running the Relinker will let it find all supported mods -- you have to use the settings page on the MCM menu to put it in Merged mode and manually select your mods. dan.
  5. Hi, For the most recent guide update you also need to re-run the Relinker -- the script from Legacy of the Dragonborn - Automatic MCM Quest Tracker is updated to change a bunch of filenames to LOTD Patches Merged.esp. dan.
  6. Hi Lexy, I was reading the Nexus page for Ljoss ENB, and one of the settings changes that is suggested there for nVidia users is from the Change Resolution menu in the nVidia Control Panel -- changing "Output Dynamic Range" from 'Limited' (this is the setting with a default nVidia driver installation) to 'Full'. I don't know if you have played with this setting yourself, but I found it makes a world of difference to how everything looks. It changes the overall colour balance a lot-- it makes black things actually look black, instead of just a dim grey. It makes the outdoors look MUCH better I found. ...on the flipside it also makes indoor areas look darker....a lot darker in some places. Anyways, just thought I'd give my 2 cents on how to improve your already awesome guide. dan.
  7. This happened to me too. At first I fixed it just by removing the 'Graphics' bash tag from Consistency Patches Merged. But after a few days of searching I found the real cause of the problem. In my case it was because I installed a file from the LOTD Patches Installer ("New Treasure Hunt SSE Patch") that is not part of Lexy's guide. So, when I included that new file in my LOTD Patches Merge the FormID Renumbering made one of the Armor items from the Consistency Patches Merge override the wrong item from LOTD Patches Merged. (In my case it was EbonyGlovesAADBM) So to fix it I had to renumber the FormID for EbonyGlovesAADBM in the consistency patch merge to be the same as the FormID for iEbonyGlovesAADBM in my LOTD Patches Merged. After I renumbered that FormID I was able to create the Bashed Patch successfully. dan.
  8. Hello, Winterhold Statue - Animated with ENB Lights Such a minor change, yet its bloody awesome! Anyways...my 2 cents for guide recommendations. dan.
  9. Hi, The ESP and ESL versions of MajesticMountains.esp use a different FormID for TXST\LandscapeSnowRocks01. This record is overridden when Majestic Mountains - Northside is installed. But it only works is the ESP version of Majestic Mountains is installed. This was fine for us for Majestic Mountains 2.71. But the update to Majestic Mountains 2.72 is an ESL flagged file only. This means that if once Majestic Mountains is updated to v2.72 Northside Tweaks.esp no longer does anything. One of the FormIDs for LandscapeSnowRocks01 -- either in MajesticMountains.esp or Northside Tweaks.esp needs to be changed so that they are the same again -- Northside Tweaks.esp should be overriding this record. dan.
  10. Hi, The 'Dungeon Delving' quest that has you retrieve Amran's sword also runs concurrently on other NPCs -- Ie Noster's helmet and 2or 3 other npc/object combinations. If you went to another city before Whiterun and triggered the quest there, it will not give the next npc's quest objective until the previous item is found and returned. I believe Ysolda's quest has a similar constraint. The full list of npcs and items is probably on the skyrim wiki. Dan.
  11. Hi, Question about the SRO install...the guide has it listed as SRO v1.8 and lists the 3 download files - Part 1, 2, and 3. But on the actual download page parts 1, 2, and 3 are only listed as SRO v1.7. To get it to SRO v1.8 there is a 4th file that has to be downloaded - SRO 1.8 Update. Was this an oversight in the guide - should it only be v1.7 that we install, or should the 1.8 update be downloaded too? Or are there v1.8 downloads on that page somewhere that I am not seeing? Thanks, dan.
  12. Hi, I can't unzip the Wrye Bash archive that the download link is currently linked to: Wrye-Bash-307.201908101741-Standalone-Executable I keep getting an error message "Unsupported Compression Method" with every file listed in the archive. I have tried 7zip 19.00 both 64 and 32 bit versions, as well as a few older versions of the program, and none of then let me unzip it. dan.
  13. Hi, I think I found a missing texture Ref ID: 000AAE8E - in the Solitude courtyard just at the bottom of the stairs down from the blacksmith the mesh is Landscape\Plants\ReachShrub02.nif - no ESP file changes the base object the Vanilla game uses the same model as ReachShrub01.nif - which is textures\plants\ReachShrub01.dds but the model if overwritten by SFO (LE) , which changes the texture to textures\plants\vurt_reachshrub.dds the folder \textures\plants\ is deleted from SFO (LE) according to the special instructions, and it is not installed with SFO SE, and I cannot see it in any other mod. I''m pretty sure I installed it right, but please let me know if I did something wrong dan.
  14. I remember one of the 'crash fixes' mods for Oldrim -- one of the things it would do after a crash is spit out a list of the last few mesh files that the game tried to access and how many milliseconds before the crash it was used. It helped me find quite a few corrupted meshes when I was building my mod list. Does anyone know of such a mod for SSE? Alternatively can anyone convince one of the Skyrim DLL Wizards to re-make such a plugin? Regards, dan.
  15. Hi, I get that too -- graphics freeze and sound continues then back to normal after 2 or 3 seconds -- I have just assumed it was SafeSave doing one of its timed saves.... Or is it something else completely?? dan.
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