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  1. He's right on the point of the Bullet Time, and in that regard, I'll concede that I really do suck at looking for things. However, I've found that the Bullet Time options are broken, in that the Colour Effects just straight up don't work, and the Visual Effects don't either, except for Tunnel Vision, which kind of works, but only briefly at the start and end. I should also clarify a little bit on the carry weight thing, looking back i explained that atrociously; what I mean is the feature here: described on the PN:EO page under rebalance. Little thing, but I swear it's no there, as you can see from my PN:Rebalance MCM. I've tried narrowing this down somewhat, and I still can't pin this on anything. I created a new MO profile as copy of my current one, disabled all the mods, unchecked everything installed, and went through the UI section installation process by itself - the MCM stuff still didn't show, DarnUI complained, and I didn't test if the Bullet Time effects were still broken cause I couldn't be arsed to get out of Doc Mitchell's. So yeah, I don't know what this is. My suspicions are that there's some sort of UI conflict going down with regards to the Armour Weight-whilst-wearing-it. As for the Bullet Time stuff, I can't hazard much of a guess, but it's possible that it's a straight up mod conflict, maybe to do with UI again, but less text files and more .esp s trying to overwrite each other's changes. Then again, I'm no modder. These are all small niggling things, so I suppose I can live without. If possible @Audley, could you post an image of your PN:Rebalance - Stealth+Movement Menu. Might just be enough to prove that the feature acually exists in game and that I ought tojust reinstall everything.
  2. Ok, so I really do not know what this could be. I've reinstalled it like you said, and I still get the exact same thing. I checked for conflicts, and I found that a mod I'd added myself, Cyberian Dawn, was also conflicting. I already knew something was up with it as it seemed to be getting messed up by Quick Trade - Cyberian Dawn's MCM was replaced with Quick Trade's. I've disabled both entirely now, so they don't show up in the MCM or in-game. The problem still persists. I did find however, the bullet time options, so I'm just blind on that account, so sorry about that; unfortunately, none of the options seem to be doing anything. The Double vision effect is the only one that seems to work, but only slightly, as in it comes and goes. None of the colour filters work, at all. I am completely lost. I've tried it on a completely new MO profile, with only the UI mods installed, and I still get the same result. I'm tempted to give up, as this is only a small part of my setup, and I never knew of and have lived fine without these features up till now; and frankly, this is making me feel like I'm crazy. Any chance I could see someone else's MCM to confirm that the features listed actually show up in game?
  3. I was recently going through the PN pages after my previous UI mishaps, and noticed that the PN Extra Options Page lists some options that I simply don't have available to me in my MCM. Specifically, the Bullet Time enhancements and armour carry weight reductions. Which is odd, because everything else listed is there, and a look at the comments shows that this isn't something that's happened to others. Here[Miscellaneous] and here[Stealth+Movement] are the relevant MCM menus. A point of note is that I also installed MTUI, as well as Cell HUD. Cell HUD I expect to have little impact on this, and MTUI I can hazard might be screwing with font sizes, pushing the options out? But I find that unlikely; what is strange however, is that MTUI is currently uninstalled, and is yet present in my game, not that I'm complaining much, as it's a nice enhancement, but it is confusing as to how that's possible. I've installed the UI section as best as I can, and recently reinstalled it entirely, making sure to move DarnUI and reinstall UIO afterwards. UI section Load Order Here. Anyway, thanks for any help in advance!
  4. Hi, EssArrBee! I guess I'm about embarrass myself, but I swear that there's a bit in F&LNV at the beginning of the UI section that says to use FOMM if the mods specifically mentions it. For the following section if a mod does not say to specifically install with FOMM - Fork, then use MO. Whenever I mention guide I mean F&LNV. I mean no offence, and looking back at that reply I wrote it pretty hurriedly before going to bed after a long night of bashing my head of the keyboard hoping for modding magic. Just so you know, I really appreciate the effort you've put into F&LNV, and I'm grateful to have such a holistic guide out there to guide me through my idiocy.
  5. Nozzer66 - I don't know really. Well, I do know; I used FOMM because the guide said to. And after uninstalling everything in the UI section, including Project Nevada (maybe that was obvious), then reinstalling all of them through FOMM, I have everything fixed. Maybe they just needed uninstalled, maybe it was FOMM. I don't know. From what GrantSP has said, it may be likely that they really did all need uninstalled. GrantSP - thanks for the heads up, though it does prove that this was all more likely me being an idiot rather than some interaction between the virtual file system and FOMM. Oh well, it's fixed now. I'll amend my OP to reflect that as well.
  6. Not particularly related, but might I suggest something a little more than simply saying For the following section if a mod does not say to specifically install with FOMM - Fork, then use MO. in F&NLV's UI section, maybe add a little note about how more than likely, if a mod says it has some interaction with any other mods installed, like the flashlight mod saying in its description that it modifies stuff from PN, that then, that mod should be installed through FOMM run through MO. I don't know if this is entirely correct, but I feel that it is likely the solution to many problems, considering the fomod installer built into MO does make a point in saying on its load screen that it cannot make the currently-being-installed mod aware of other mods, which will probably cause problems with automated installers of mod's that have interactions with already installed mods. This is terribly written but I hope you understand my point. Maybe I'll x-post this to the suggestion thread if I'm not proven wrong by someone more knowledgeable than myself
  7. So I want to get the User Interface section of F&LNV working. I've gotten it to the point where I've reinstalled that particular section multiple times, and rid myself of the annoying small black text in VATS, but now I have an issue where all the text except for some interaction lines is yellow or blue squares. Like everything, the saving box is just a blue square, the quest popups are just a long string of grey squares. oHud doesn't appear at all, though I'm not sure I'd recognise it. MCM complains whenever I go into the settings that it can't find it's menu files or something along those lines. As far as I can tell, which isn't very far, I might be able to remedy some of these issues by installing some of the UI mods through FOMM; except for the fact that I can't do that, as I can't run FOMM through MO. I get the error: "failed to inject dll into "fomm.exe": failed to access thread content. Please note that MO does not support 64 bit binaries! (The parameter is incorrect. [87])". I think the error implies that FOMM is being run as a 64bit application, and that is something that MO can't hook into, but everywhere there is no mention of any complication in this regard; F&LNV says to use the fork (which I do), and version 14.11.9 (which I am, I think). So now what? EDIT: POSSIBLE SOLUTION(?) | NOPE, NADA, IS NO FIX I downloaded the original FOMM, the old one, last updated end of 2010. Why? No idea. It works. I fully expect this to detonate catastrophically in my face, with extreme prejudice. I'll check back when it works, or doesn't. Whatevs. See ya Extra Edit: Which mods do I install with FOMM? Moar Editing: This old FOMM crashes a lot, but if you struggle through, you'll get there. I'm doing this horribly wrong aren't I? THE ISSUE CONTINUES: So I still get weirdness with my text, but my getto FOMM workaround has fixed everything else seemingly. The text though, is still wack. I haven't done much testing to be honest, but the issue isn't present in the pipboy, just for interaction text. I've attached some pictures I think, so hopefully you can see what I'm talking about. I installed pretty much everything that brought up the FOMM installer in MO, so thats: MCM, Weapon Mod Menu, oHUD and UIO, maybe DarnUI as well? I've got the fonts pasted correctly into the inis through the ini editor in MO, is that it? I know that the UI section of F&LNV is WIP, but damn is it a little light. Maybe I'm just making problems for myself. I have gone off the beaten track with regards to installed mods though, but I find it unlikely that I've added would have conflicted. I've rerun the bashed patch every time I've gone through this, and I'm pretty much stumped. Another thing. Even though everything seems fixed oHUD still doesn't appear, not even in the MCM. God this is frustrating, and so close as well. Here's the pics LINK. You can see the crosshair is buggered too, which leads me to believe it may have something to do with oHUD. Modlist (in reverse no less): [spoiler=List]+Bashed Patch +Ed-E The Random Sounds +Elianora's Awesomised Sink 1.3-56162-1-3 -Shiloh DS - Color Survival Map & Icons -Kobu - Free Wild Wasteland Trait +cellHUD +Signature Armor +Signature Weapons +STUN - Stun and Tie Up NPCs +Quick Trade +Better Gas Leak Effect -DYNAVISION 3 - Total Visual Enhancement +Glow Sticks -Better Loading Text +Unlimited Companions Updated +Bennys Lucky Lighter +Tutorial Killer +Roleplayers Alternative Start Fallout New Vegas +Portable Campsite +Populated Casinos +More Perks Merge +Less Intrusive Kill Camera +Decrucifixion +Gun Runners Actually Run Guns +Delay DLC - TTW +DLC Weapon Integration - WMX MERGED DLC +Couriers Stash Integration +Armour Repair Kits +Machienzo Merged Mods +Refined Casino People and Suits - Grimy_Dirty_Fixes -Primm Reputation Restored -Lonesome Road True Faction Allegiance +Yuki Merged Mods -Working Gomorrah Prostitutes - pun intended -Working Crimson Caravan Traders -Working Bottle Cap Press -Old World Blues - Keep Big MT Active +More Caravan Players - Restoration -Improved Transportalponder - Old World Blues -Hidden Valley - Knight Torres Inventory Expansion -Dead Money - Surprise Vending Items Restoration -Dead Money - Christine has more Skills -Craft and Cook at Camp and Barbecue Grills +Mojave Music Radio - Extended +Wave Radio +Old World Radio COMPLETE MOD +CONELRAD 640-1240 - Civil Defense Radio +WAR Compatibility Pack +Weapon Animations Replacer FOMOD +New Vegas - Enhanced Camera +Tweaked Cashregister +Minimod - High Resolution Newspapers +Money Higher Quality Retex 1_2 +Project Nevada - EVE Support +Project Nevada - WMX Support +WMX -DLC Compatibility +WMX -EVE Compatibility +Weapon Mods Expanded - WMX +IMPACT +EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements +Courier Vests +T45d Power Armor Replacement +Spice of Life - Variety Armor and Clothing Robert Breeze Type3 +Omnis Hi-Res Pip-Boy 3000 +Caesars New Regime - Legion Overhaul +NCR Trooper Overhaul - Distributed +NCR Trooper Overhaul_beta +Distributed Necklaces and Chains Neck Seam Concealer +ADAM +Wasteland Clothing Hires Texture_opt +Wasteland Clothing HD V1-3 FULL PACK +Super Mutant Mesh Replacer v1 +Roberts Male Bodies_opt +Roberts Male Body +Lonesome Road Armors for Type 3 +Old World Blues Armors for Type 3 +Type 3 Honest Heart Tribal Armors +Dead Money Type3 Outfits +Type 3 Bodies and Armours_opt +Type3 Body and Armor replacer +New Vegas Redesigned 3 +Fallout Character Overhaul +Authentic Burned Man +Improved Companion SandBox +Hope Lies - A Demo Companion For FNV and Fallout 4 +Niner +Willow - A Better Companion Experience +Improved LOD Noise Texture +Interior Lighting Overhaul +Nevada Skies - Weather Effects +ELECTRO-CITY - Relighting the Wasteland -Ojo Bueno Environmetnal V1 -Poco Bueno_opt -PocoBuenoV5 +NMCs Texture Pack_opt +NMCs_Texture_Pack_For_New_Vegas +Traits Menu DarNified +Project Nevada - Extra Options -- Implant box texture fix +Project Nevada - Med-X Fix +Misc Item Icons - New Vegas +FNV Classic Worldmap +Centered 3rd Person Camera +Lutana's NVSE Plugin +UIO - User Interface Organizer +oHUD +DUINVv04 +MTUI +The Weapon Mod Menu +Mod Configuration Menu +Project Nevada - Extra Options +Project Nevada +jsawyer fnv mod +JIP Companions Command and Control +FPS Weapon Wheel +The Couriers Cache +New Vegas Bounties II +New Vegas Bounties I +The Someguy Series +The New Bison Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino +Deimos +Beyond Boulder Dome +Afterschool Special +Sortomatic - Modders Resource +Uncut Wasteland +Strip Wall Billboards +New Vegas Uncut - Freeside Open +New Vegas Strip Overhaul - NVSO +The Strip Open +NewVegasUncutSeries Merged -New Vegas Uncut 7 - Pacers Gambit +New Vegas Uncut 5 - A Wilder Wasteland -New Vegas Uncut 4 - A Thorny Situation -New Vegas Uncut 3 - A Van Graff Scorned -New Vegas Uncut 2 - A Koch and Bohr Story +Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP +Merged Fixes -Safe ShowRaceMenu - Console -Reload Speed Game Start Fix +OWB Sonic Emitter Projectile Fix -Armor Replacer Child NPC Fix +New Vegas Stutter Remover +NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash *Unmanaged: Bashed Patch, 0 *Unmanaged: CaravanPack *Unmanaged: ClassicPack *Unmanaged: GunRunnersArsenal *Unmanaged: FalloutNV_lang *Unmanaged: LonesomeRoad *Unmanaged: MercenaryPack *Unmanaged: OldWorldBlues *Unmanaged: DeadMoney *Unmanaged: HonestHearts *Unmanaged: TribalPack *Unmanaged: FalloutNV ITS FIXED, I MAY BE A STUPID So I decided feck it all, and uninstalled everything I had to do with the UI section, then reinstalled it all through FOMM and multiply FOMM crashes; installing each mod one at a time, crashing, enabling, then moving them out of the overwrite in MO. And wonderfully it works now. It may also appear that FOMM was entirely unnecessary and I put myself though it for no reason. Whatever, it's over and done with for now. Now to continue adding **** till it breaks again!
  8. Funny thing is I thought it was completely irrelevant. The PCGamingWiki solution States it's only for Eastern eauropean/Russian localisation versions, which has a different appid to what I get from the Properties tab in steam - something like 22380 (listed) instead of 22390 (which fixed it). What I get for cheap trading I guess.
  9. Kk, so I'm up to date on everything except for Mod Organizer, which is one version behind I think. I already tried updating it but I got an update file could not be found error. As for your suggestion on steam, I have restarted it multiple times, to no avail, and there haven't been any updates to it recently as far as I'm aware, there's usually a change log popup; I did try switching into the beta version of the steam client, but that's made no difference at all. At this point I think I'm just gonna backup my mod downloads and reinstall. I just really don't want to have to redownload New Vegas, seeing as I've got a data cap and terrible bandwidth. I might try another mod organising program as well, but I had a great time with MO in Skyrim, so I don't know why I'm having so much grief here. And yes, I've verified the coach on FNV, no dice: redownload one file and made no difference on the appearance of the App Load Error.
  10. I've googled damn hard on this subject, and I've tried Post 8 of this. But going off something I saw somewhere earlier, in a more general steam topic on the App Load Error, I flushed steam's cache, and the game loads! Once. Wat. The thing is, I've checked in on the 4GB Launcher's log, and it only has stuff from when I forgot to put in the correct arguments from Fear and Loathing. So, my conclusions are that, something is changing on steam's side to be a major pain in the butt once I've launched the game, and whatever it is, it's stopping the 4GB Launcher from getting very far afterwards. I've checked my appid, and I don't have the russian or polish version, but a check of my file structure shows that my New Vegas folder is appended with enplczru, which is a version that has localisation for Russia and Poland and Czech I think, though it seems irrelevant. Interestingly, there's a comment in the change logs from the old 4GB Launcher mentioning something about the Application Load Error, but there's no subsequent mention of it; in the new one, at 1.1, there's no mention of it at all. Maybe I should try the old one? For now, I'll live with flushing the cache when I want to play, but damn is that gonna get old fast. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. Edit: So I checked some more, and it turns out that nothing launches from MO (ie NewVegas, NewVegasLauncher) without that damned App Load Error Edit The Second: Some more investigation has revealed that even when I can launch the 4GB Launcher through the use of the steam flushconfig workaround, no mods load, or more likely, the 4GB Launcher doesn't load, considering it pops up the New Vegas Launcher every time. I'm considering wiping and starting over, any way to preserve my load order/downloads/anything? Whatever, I'm done for tonight MY SOLUTION So I did some more digging, and in the PCGamingWiki I found my salvation. HERE in the first solution, do that. I found that even then I now got the new error of file not found or something similiar, I fixed that by editing my New Vegas install folder from "Fallout New Vegas enplczru" to "Fallout New Vegas". Whilst there is more likely than not a way of adding an argument for the original, I couldn't find a way of getting it to work and this seemed simpler; however, it is likely to cause me grief with steam. My take away from this is that my issue was most likely caused by having a an international version of New Vegas Ultimate - I traded it fair and square a couple of sales ago, and I now believe that I more than likely have a version from Russia or someplace similiar; whatever, FIXED NOW. Also, in light of the solution, I'd like to point out that my title is highly misleading, but I do hope that my post may provide better visibility for an issue and its solution.
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