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  1. Yeah, finally it works, without Semi-Open Guard Helmets. But why, God, why? It's not "Semi-Open Cities Guard Helmets"
  2. 1. "DynDOLOD Resources Core files are not installed completely" - Installed Resources for SSE (without extra options like Whiterun exterior for obvious reasons) 2. "Make sure to not generate static object LOD in the second pass." - Check 3. "The child worlds are scanned in the first pass when there are no plugins with "Open Cities" or "OpenCities" in the load order" - [00:00:00.475] Found Semi-Open Guard Helmets SE.esp. Automatically ignoring child world settings Damn it. Trying third time now
  3. Hey, Sheson. Today I tried to build my lods just like you said in Funtastic Manual (and just like in the video except the "Comment out all lines under [skyrim Tamriel]"). But unfortunately, this doesn't help much. Tried 2 times... By the way, nice Easter Egg in loading screen
  4. Hey, Sheson. First of all want to thank you for your incredible work. I have one issue at this moment with Whiterun's Dragonsreach Lod. [spoiler=Dragonsreach lod] But on the other hand, DynDOLOD fixed my other issue with the bleak falls barrow lod: [spoiler=Before] [spoiler=After] So, thank you so much for your hard work. P.S. Settings = High.
  5. I see. Is it possible to be fixed in future? What prevents .dlls from loading with MO?
  6. Good day. Today I finally installed MO for Oblivion, but encountered a problem with *.dll plugins not loaded by MO. All the rest of the mods are loaded fine, except OBSE plugins. I have latest non-steam version of the game (GOTY), latest OBSE ( and MO (1.3.8), tried to switch Load Mechanism to Script Extender, but nothing helps. I was forced to move Plugins folder directly to Oblivion Data folder to make it work. It is not a neat solution in this case. Although, MO shows all the plugins properly (in the right panel).
  7. I rebuilded DynDOLOD with 1.29 version. It seems to be OK, so no need to worry about. Must be something on my end...
  8. 1: [74] DynDOLOD.esp \ Worldspace \ 0000003C <Tamriel> \ 00000D74 \ Persistent \ 74005580 <SkyFallsSkyMillsDGDBesp_01037E_DynDOLOD_LOD> 2: [74] DynDOLOD.esp \ Worldspace \ 0000003C <Tamriel> \ 00000D74 \ Persistent \ 7400606C <DynDOLODesp_00330B_DynDOLOD_LOD>
  9. I cannot even create Lods using TES5LODGen... Without MO TES5LODGen works OK... Sorry for this. The problem was with MO folder (I kept it inside data/tools folder). I'm such a noob I make it finally work as intended. Thank you so much, Sheson. P.S. I found only one issue so far with DynDOLOD 1.28 and SkyMills - Double fan for Solitude Mill :)
  10. I tried to set different output folder (D:\Output). But this folder (D:\Output\Meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects) still empty after LODGen. (although esp, .json files and Meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Trees generated successfully) This happened only for Tamriel World (other worlds seems to be OK).
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