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  1. Hi everyone, I just finished installing the Step SE Core mods and followed the guide to the letter. However when I start the game, I am greeted with multiple messages: "SkyUI Error Code I The Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE64) is not running. SkyUI will not work correctly! This message may also appear if a new Skyrim Patch has been released. In this case, wait until SKSE64 has been updated, then install the new version" "DynDOLOD requires PapyrusUtil" "RaceMenu Error(s): You are running SKSE Version espected or greater. SKSE Script version mismatch detected (64) expected (0). Please reinstall your SKSE scripts to match your version. NiOverride plugin not detected, various features may be unavailable. Error Codes : (0)(I)(3)" "DynDOLOD can not find master data in DynDOLOD_ "DynDOLOD can not find DynDOLOD_Worlds" I also get the message that mods are loaded and that achievements are disabled. Can someone please help me in resolving those please? Thanks
  2. I made the changes and bumped ftreeloadDistance back to 75000 and the stutters started again. The shadow popins also were very distracting with those settings. Distant Detail really is the enemy it seems, even with 1K textures
  3. Hello, I am at the Mesh improvement Project step under "Landscape, Cities and Caves" section and it is not installing. I noticed all 3 subpackages are unchecked. The "Installation:" section is empty What should I check/modify? Thanks
  4. This sounds like the exact same problem I am having with Skyrim. Searching the word "stutter" on this forum brings up only our threads. Looks like we are the unlucky ones This game engine is so primitive, seriously. My thread: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/7517-microstuttering-in-3rd-person-runninghorseback-riding-on-good-rig/
  5. My ENBoost settings have been verified by TechAngel85 and I have even made the changes he suggested. In fact, even vanilla Skyrim gives me this problem, with or without EnBoost/Sheson memory patch etc. By Distant Object Details, I mean the actual game option itself, which controls the following ini settings: fTreeLoadDistance fBlockMaximumDistance fBlockLevel1Distance fBlockLevel0Distance fSplitDistanceMult fTreeLoadDistance being the main culprit. Its Ultra value is 75000 and its High value is 40000. The stuttering becomes VERY noticeable once I go over 50000 and if I use 2k Textures on top of that, the stuttering starts to get severe, turning into actual minifreezes. I am already using Medium DynDolod. Right now, I have every texture mod at 1K, DynDoLod at Medium and the Skyrim Slider settings at halfway except Grass all the way to the right, just like STEP recommends (I thought having a beast rig that exceeds STEP Extended requirements would let me set all sliders to maximum, looks like i was wrong) I have also set fTreeLoadDistance at 55000 and this modest combo is the only way I am able to play the game without the stuttering really getting on my nerves and ruining it. 55000 is the absolute maximum I can set it to while using 1K textures. If I was using 2K, it would stutter bad. It is not totally gone but it is more tolerable than before. Also worth mentioning is that playing at 1080p or 4K does not make any difference to the stutters. This is the only way it seems that I get to compensate for the 1K textures, by being able to run the game at 4K which does look MUCH better than 1080p even at 8xantialiasing I would so love to go crazy with full 2k/4k textures, enb and all that stuff but this game does not agree with my rig for some reason and simply refuses to run without stutters without lowering settings/textures Even I am shocked, which is why I am still trying to understand how this is possible. And posts like yours are what make me sad :( lol Yep, STEP Extended only and running at 1K textures. Ini, Enboost, Memory patch are all STEP recommended values. If you read my first post you will get a better idea. I have Performance Monitor Logs, Load order screenshots etc.
  6. I don't mean to hijack magician16's thread so you can post on my thread instead and we can talk about it I have quoted your posts already: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/7517-microstuttering-in-3rd-person-runninghorseback-riding-on-good-rig/ Thanks
  7. Assuming OP is using STEP as a base, I am using the STEP: Extended modlist exclusively and nothing else that does not belong on that list so my mod list is very "tame" compared to the craziness that some people are using. I used the 2k variants and the stuttering was atrocious. I have since downgraded EVERY single one of them to the very modest 1K versions and the microstuttering still happens when Distant object details is set at ULTRA, but I notice a significant difference in the severity of the stuttering. As for VRAM consumption, my card has 6GB and Skyrim with the full 2K textures did not even use more than 3.3k. Now using ENB could increase that.
  8. Every single unnecessary background process is disabled when I game and even when I am doing other tasks. I constantly monitor usage and new processes that appear.. My antivirus (Windows Defender & its Firewall) are the only processes I could think of that are running in the background. I have disabled them and the stutter is the same. It cannot be the card as the same issue happened on my GTX 780 3GB and my GTX 780 Ti 3GB and every other game runs flawlessly. My PC makes short work of any other demanding game you can think of at max settings, even using downsampling. Crysis 3, Wtcher 3, both Metro games run fine. I have Crysis/Crysis Warhead heavily modded with textures, draw distance and trees/grass density increased to insane amounts to the point where you can see every single small object across the map, running at 4K downsampled using more than 3.5GB VRAM and the games runs like a knife through butter, not a single stutter. It is simply impressive. Also remember that I said that in 2012, before patch 1.4/Official High Res Textures came out, I had 0 stutter using a GTX 780 3GB at everything Ultra settings. I played a character to level 50 doing almost everything, then I took a break from Skyrim. When I came back after the patch/dlc I was greeted with this exact same microstutter using the same GTX 780 which persists to this day despite upgrades. Nothing changed with my system when I started playing again back then. Same motherboard, RAM, GPU and it was a mechanical harddrive. What I did not mention however, it was a Torrent version I downloaded as soon as Skyrim released to "try" the game. So the version i played did not get patched/dlc added at all. It was pure vanilla. As soon as I bought Skyrim and started a new game, this problem started. Redownloading/reinstalling the game, formatting PC did not help as it still persists today on a fresh install of Windows 10. This leads me to believe that something is wrong with the official game or steam or one of the official patches. Also remember I linked a thread where a guy with similar specs to mine had the EXACT same issues? It cannot be a GPU fault. However, I am not ruling out the possibility that something else in my system could be choking the performance. I have stress tested my GPU to the max and can safely say that it is not faulty. The SSD I am using has been tested and compared with benchmarks other people have done and it is actually FASTER lol so I doubt I/O is the issue. The RAM could use some testing. I read somewhere that some motherboards do not have the bandwidth to transfer so much data that is why stutters happen sometimes. I have an ASUS Sabertooth Z77 which is 3 years old and uses Intel Chipset. I don't think its so ancient to struggle with bandwidth speed. Have installed the drivers on ASUS website. Thick8 is the one who got the "Windows running low on Memory" warning when disabling pagefile and he has 8GB RAM. I never had this problem even when disabling pagefile. Like I said I have nothing else running in the background when I play a game except my antivirus/firewall and even when I disabled them, the stuttering persisted. Have you had a look at my Performance Monitor Logs on the first post? I/O usage is very spiky and the mini spikes match the Fps fluctuations. You can also see RAM and VRAM usage. Does anything look abnormal to you? Posting them again: Log 1: Log2: Downloads: https://www.mediafire...Stutter Log.log https://www.mediafire...utter Log 2.log
  9. So in essence, disabling pagefile completely should NOT affect Skyrim in any negative way and instead remove a possible "bottleneck" and boost performance shouldn't it? Especially when I have 6GB VRAM and 16GB System RAM?
  10. I wish I could run 2K textures on everything without stutters with my GTX 980 Ti 6GB. The more 2k textures I add, the worse the stuttering gets, eventually turns into minifreezes. I still haven't been able to pinpoint the issue. If you can play at 2k/4k textures with a GTX 970 with no stutters, I will be jealous lol :(
  11. Has not changed much I am afraid. It felt a tiny bit smoother i have to admit, but then as soon as I set ftreeloaddistance back to its ultra value at 75000, the stutters are back in full force
  12. I just ran the VRamSizeDX9.exe and it says: Video memory Available (Mb): 4064 Hmm, my card is 6GB. Is this normal? EDIT: Just found this thread: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/863242/geforce-drivers/-request-remove-4gb-limit-of-vram-for-dx9-games/1/
  13. I am glad to see that I am not the only one on STEP forums with this issue in 2015. It really felt like I was. Here is another thread from this year on nexus forums with the exact same issue running almost identical hardware. I suggest you read through it. I am posting in that thread as well. It has a bevy of "fixes" recommended by different users, worth a try: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/2448284-object-fade-setting-random-stuttering-on-powerful-pc/ Now I had the full STEP 2.2.9 installed before and I was using a GTX 780 Ti 3GB, 8GB RAM, Win 8.1 and a 7200RPM Western Digital HDD, then later an OCZ Agility 120GB SSD (Switching from HDD to SSD made no difference in stutters, it only reduced the loading screen times) Let me tell you, although i have upgraded to a 980 Ti 6GB, 16GB RAM, Win 10 and a Samsung Evo 840 250GB SSD, the stutter is so IDENTICAL that it is just shocking. It feels as if the beefier hardware has not improved the game in any way. With my hardware, I should be able to run at 2k-4k textures on EVERYTHING. Instead i can barely run 1k textures. 2k is out of question, it worsens the stutters. I am sorry but I don't think that the extra 8GB of RAM you are getting to attempt to fix this will change anything. That is what i initially thought as well. The issue is so bad that I have had to downgrade all the 2k recommended STEP mods to their 1K variants and the stutters and minifreezes when crossing borders STILL happen although they are not as severe. So texture loading into memory is definitely the culprit and the bigger the textures the worse the stutters are regardless of VRAM and RAM pool and SSD superior read speed. But WHY does it happen with such powerful overkill hardware? That is the real question and that is what i am desperately trying to investigate So what could be causing this? You have here 3 people with the exact same problem(including the guy from the other thread i linked), all running on SSDs and with more than 8GB RAM and GPUs with 3GB+VRAM and stuttering even on vanilla Skyrim. It cannot be hardware issues. I can hear my SSD working really hard when I am crossing a border and whenever a stutter happens, the SSD's noise will actually stutter as well for half a second. I read about people fixing stutters by disabling pagefile which some applications access heavily such as Battlefield 4. I tried it thinking that finally I might crack the puzzle and was greeted with a massive stutter when crossing a border... -.- I have now re-enabled it and put in on a different drive (I heard its better to have the pagefile on another drive) and again it has not made any difference, I still hear heavy reading noise from my SSD and the chugging when a stutter happens. You can see that the pagefile is now on drive :F(OCZ Agility 3 120GB SSD). Before the pagefile was on my :C drive(Samsung 840 Evo 250GB SSD) which is where Windows and Skyrim are installed. :E and :G are 7200RPM HDD drives.
  14. It is Nvidia DSR downsampling. Yes I have tested 1920 x 1080 as well extensively in the ini. The stutters and framerate are identical at both 1080p and 4k DSR (which again does not make sense; it shows this is not a graphics card problem), but the image quality is way superior with 4k DSR and I don't have to use any antialiasing at all.
  15. Will STEP 2.3.0 be the final version?
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