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  1. It's a separate instance of MO, just the zipped program. There shouldn't be any previous profiles. Anyway, thanks again, now I can finally mod in the comfort of a virtual file system.
  2. It works. I have no idea why, but it does. Thank you! Still strange. I deleted the .inis, there was absolutely no reference to Darn fonts, I checked. There still isn't (because UIO does that automatically). Really weird. Anyway, thank you very much, now I can properly waste my evenings on installing mods again
  3. I ran it before starting it, yes. And as I already mentioned, the game works fine with or without the 4GB exe as long as I'm not using MO to start it. The game (and steam itself) is on my second HDD, so no permission problem in regards to the location.
  4. I deleted everything. The official BSAs, the .inis, everything. I've had bad experiences with modding 'remnants'
  5. I tried several configurations (with/without arguments, NVAC, admin rights) with the beta version of MO, still the same issue. I'm just baffled, the fact that the game suddenly does not display text anymore is inexplicable to me.
  6. Hello! I've stumbled upon a weird issue that I haven't encountered or read about before. I'm running Windows 8.1 and a fresh install of Fallout New Vegas with no mods so far. I'm trying to get Mod Organizer and the 4GB exe to work together, but despite following all of the advice, tips and workarounds it's still not happening. Right now I can launch the 4GB exe through Mod Organizer. The game starts, I can load a save and 'play'. The problem is that all of the text has disappeared or is invisible. I can only navigate the main menu by memory, the ingame popups regarding the DLC is missing the text as well. This issue does not happen if I start the game on its own with the normal exe. This issue does not happen if I start the 4GB exe on its own. It only happens if I start the either the normal or the 4GB exe through Mod Organizer. NVSE is being loaded, it doesn't matter if I'm using NVSE stable or beta. I'm using NVAC, without it the game crashes before arriving at the main menu. NVAC seems to be working, the log is showing several handled errors. (Pastebin) Yes, I've added '-laaexe .\FalloutMO.exe' to the launch arguments, that helped me get around the access is denied error but produced this text error. I did try compatability modes, I've tried starting MO, the 4GB or both as administrator. No dice. I've arrived at a point where I really don't know what it could be or what I could try next. One thing I do know, however, is that I can't go back to the pre-MO modding, so I'm turning to you helpful people and hope that someone here has an idea. Thanks in advance! Pictures: New Vegas installation folder Mod Organizer executable settings Disappeared text main menu #1 Disappeared text main menu #2 Disappeared text ingame Edit: I deleted all of the fallout .inis as well in case some of my text/font settings were messed up, but that didn't work either.
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