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  1. After Fallout 4 release there are less Skyrim mod developing, so we came to the end of Skyrim modding?
  2. Can anyone suggest me enb lens settings in which enb mask and dirt could be seen in exterior and interior.... Fantasy look enb lens setting
  3. I read description of it..and no mention of edt 2.....instead edt v1.1 I'm bit coconfused, is edt v1.1 better then edt 2?
  4. Lol nvm...bug fixed it's cuz of Lock on mod.......
  5. No I didn't..... Can u tell me how to do it ._./ I'm newb
  6. Hmm..sorry...my bad its installing not uninstalling...
  7. I found this bug after I uninstall dragonborn and dawnguard dlc...probably its not cuz of them....idk but my mods mainly focus of environment.... I use less script base mods except frostfall and Rnd...
  8. Hmm I got some NPC related mods...like run for your life, when vampire attack, multi floor sandboxing, eff...... And aos 2 if it's related to sound Is there's any way to fix this? I got guild starter mod..its change some dialog like scribble between dialog if I'm going to recruit them.....I uninstall that mod but nothing changed...I uninstall NPC related mod too but this bug still there.....
  9. I re install Skyrim without animation mod.....but it's still there
  10. These mod I mentions r animation mod But when I first install these there were no bug
  11. Hmm.....I just use pretty Combat, pretty idle, pretty jump, pretty staff and magic cast, YY anim, power trust.... Mostly my anim mod base on combat
  12. Yes I run fnis but no fix.....i did gender specific animations and skeleton arm fix
  13. So...I can't interact with some NPC....like Danica pure spring, Danica and someone in Markarth etc.....is there's way to fix this... Wait lol Danica pure spring, Danica both r same person.... But in dialog it says Danica..and while I attack it says Dancia pure spring
  14. Hmm...they can't work together? Alternative snow replace texture same like HQ snow texture... Or am I wrong If yes which is better Dynamic snow+HQ snow Alternative snow
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