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  1. Thank you for this! I never really got any time in NV and now its pretty dated. I was looking for mod guides and luckily found this. Excited to finally experience NV the way it should be. I'll post back any thoughts but if you don't hear from me it's probably because the Legion got me.
  2. Anything we can do to help get 2.3 ready?
  3. So I got this working after putting it at the bottom of my load order. Only problem now is that, with the Weather and Lighting mod pack and Vividian vanilla, when it starts raining it is really light then starts to pick up and start raining hard but when it's still light rain if i walk under shelter it switches immediately to dumping buckets. Any ideas for a fix? Tried looking for this but couldn't find it. Thanks
  4. Hey guys, to follow up I got STEP on with some larger textures mostly 1024/2048 with all the higher options for interior textures and some clutter. I put on most of STEP extended and then weather and lighting and immerse survival. I went with Vividian vanilla for the enb and after all that it runs great. Even on my mid range system I'm able to avg 51fps inside and 44 fps outside with it never dropping below 35 even with the most action or in the swamps with all the trees showing. It runs smooth with no real stutter and only slight z-fighting. On bench-marking Vram is constantly maxed, my system Ram stays around 5-6GB out of 8 GB which is possibly a soft cap to keep performance high, CPU seems to have power to spare even on the main threads during heavy scripting, not a lot of activity from my SSD so it must be buffering pretty smoothly. For my specs. ------------------------------------- CPU - I5 3470 GPU - MSI GTX 760 OC (2GB) RAM - 8GB 1666 SSD - Crucial M500 256GB (with only Skyrim and MO w/ all mods files) ~60GB OS - 64 bit Windows 7 Thanks for all the help
  5. Is the Nvidia tweak guide (listed under configuration) still worth applying. It seems more informative than just telling what the best setting is so it will probably retain some educational value but it is 3+ years old. Wondering if the settings they suggest are worth applying or if it's now out dated?
  6. It would be cool if we could find the minimum hardware requirements for each level of step. Am I missing where the benchmarks are compiled?
  7. Thanks for the quick response. The 760 in question is a 2GB model from MSI it seems good and has 256mb bus. Would that be enough to run ENB at 1920x1080? Also just to clarify having the OS on the SSD would see a performance boost in game?
  8. Wanted to let you guys know I used this guide and other threads here over the last week to trade up from my I3 2100 and 560TI to an I5 3470 and an MSI 760 OC. This site is very much appreciated. Any thoughts on what level of step I can run with these stats (I also have 8GB ram at 1666mhz and will be installing on an SSD)? I will be installing on an SSD which I recently put in, my boot drive is still a fairly slow HDD. Any concerns on performance with the boot drive being a disk? I really dont want to re install windows but will if it would help.
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