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  1. that worked beautifully, thank you very much!
  2. dear all I am trying to install LSAR_All_in_One_Package_for_NMM_ver400 through Mod Organizer, the installation start correctly (after a minute or two) and the installation menu is displayed correctly, I can select the options, then when I click on the install button, I get 3 popup messages with some complementary informations/reminder (run FNIS, etc), but when I close the third popup, the installation menu close but the ModOrganizer popup saying "Running external installer" does NOT close, even after waiting like 10min or so. I tried to click on "force close", but I only get a new popup still saying "Running external installer" with a "confirm" button, after clicking on it, the popup finally close, but the mod is NOT listed in Mod Organiser and there are no folder/files for that mod in Mod Organizer "mods" folder. has anyone succeeded to install that mod through Mod Organizer ?
  3. the problems was my .NET 3.5 installation, which was seemingly broken. after repairing it, the script.cs C# script run correctly and I can install the SKYUI package correctly. the error message, about a permissions issue, is TOTALLY misleading and had nothing to do with the problem. I would like to thank very much everyone who answered my question and helped me solve this problem!
  4. well for example NMM , or the nvidia config panel, use .net, there are others but I dont remember having any problem with .net with all of these. now I may have a problem, of course, but without any more specific lead, like what folder is used to unpack the archive content in NCC, I have no way to fix it, I already spent several hours trying to find way to check and fix .net and all the tests I have made (the ones not specific to .net 3.5 of course) show no problem
  5. the "solution" given in the sourceforge article are for .NET3.5 and the command provided dont work for me
  6. I only have .net 4.5.51209 installed do I need another version (2.x, 3x) ?
  7. well. I find strange that the only problems I have with .NET would be exactly that peculiar piece of MO handling C# scripts, but let say I have a problem with my .NET, is there any way to debug the error message I get to find out exactly the problem? Is NCC trying to unpack the archive somewhere to be able to execute the C# script? if yes, were would that be?
  8. thank you for the clarification!well, I was thinking that these scripts are not there for nothing and may be important for the mod installation, but if you say I can simply discard them without any worries, then what are they really for ?
  9. thanks a lot to everyone who tried to help the only thing that worked was extracting the archive content, deleting the "fomod" folder and repackaging the archive, so the problem seems an incompatibility with that "fomod" folder (no thanks to the seemingly totally unrelated error message), and more specifically with the "script.cs" file after several test with mod containing "fomod" folder, all the one having a "script.cs" file are causing me the same error. all mods with "fomod" folder but without a "script.cs" file are installed without error. these "script.cs seems to be C# script ? do I need some special requirement on my system to execute them ? any way I can test executing them outside of MO to find out if something is broken on my system ?
  10. sadly not, I checked the archive with 7zip directly, I re-downloaded it, I tried to extract it and make a rar out of it, I got the same result everytime.
  11. hello I just started using MO and im already stuck while trying to install SkyUI, when doing an install from archive and selecting the SkyUI file, SkyUI_4_1-3863-4-1.7z I get the following error message: "The type initializer for 'SevenZip.SevenZipLibraryManager' threw an exception" and "installation failed (errorcode 5) I did a quick search and found a comment advicing to "downgrade NNC", but that didnt solve the problem. Any idea whats wrong and how to solve this ? thanks you very much
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