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  1. Alright, I figured it out - you've made a mistake in CR for some reason guys. "Head" keyword is supposed to be removed of course, not added (how dumb of me), which ICH does, but you've reverted the change. You should update CR by removing "Head" keyword from records: 000487D8, 000FCC12 and 000FCC13.
  2. Hey guys, I need some help - with Nightingale Hood equipped the game doesn't render characters head, no matter of race (Brynjolf and Karliah heads are also missing). You can literally see the insides of the hood, cause there's nothing in there, even though improved closefaced helmets is supposed to take care of that and provides meshes for all races. I checked for any conflicts in TES5Edit, even added "Head" keyword to any Nightingale hood related record just to check if that would help, but to no avail. Any ideas? :(
  3. Disable Quick Save update is really useful, you can set the max number of saves and it will automatically delete the oldest one when u save. I have set it to 150 and it helps a lot as I save very often and saves are quite big (already 25mb+ for me).
  4. Alright, in case it happens to anybody else: you'll have to enter the EEC Warehouse, type in console "prid 000198B7" then "moveto player" and he'll get teleported to you and start walking like he should.
  5. Haven't noticed anything like that, but tbh I don't sneak in first person at all basically. But if we're talking about sneak character - watch out for Thieves Guild MQ, it's been retardly bugged out for me, TG03 and TG04 haven't started for me at all and I had to to start them manually, then in the middle of TG04 Gulum-Ei just decided that he's not going anywhere and stands still in the tavern, while I'm looking once again for a solution that doesn't force me to skip this stage -.-
  6. AFAIK: 1. Shouldn't cause any problems 2. Simply don't install it nor any patches for it. It's a master for the CR tho, so you'll have to follow this when you're done with the guide to remove missing records from CR: https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Darth_mathias/SRLE_Extended_Legacy_of_The_Dragonborn#Troubleshooting. Same goes for any other mod you'd like to remove.
  7. Alright, thanks for answers. I level crazy fast due to my character being thief-assassin (pickpocket already past 130, sneak 100 etc.). Barely left Whiterun and walked to Riften
  8. Is it normal that past lvl 31 or something like that I keep getting 2 perk points every lvl up? I'm 39 now and it doesn't stop.
  9. Where exactly should RSChildren.esp end up in the load order?
  10. You should just leave the mods you're merging checked to make sure all assets load and move the esps that were included in the merges to optional ones.
  11. From what I found out, changing values of these in ENB should do the trick: AmbientLightingIntensityInteriorDay AmbientLightingIntensityInteriorNight The thing is, when I change them, nothing happens. No matter what I set them to, it remains exactly the same, so now I'm a little confused.
  12. Man, is it really supposed to be THAT black in interiors? Without then with lantern in Bleak Fall Barrow's boss chamber: https://imgur.com/a/yZWBZ I can live with it in smaller rooms with a lantern, but this is just an overkill, anything easily (or even not) done to brighten it up a bit?
  13. Why is the plugin list at modwat.ch so much different from what comes out of LOOT and all the personal rules? Some plugins are literally 100 positions further
  14. Has anyone played an assassin character with this list btw? :D How has it worked out if you have? I'm especially curious about dragon encounters, because when I played just slightly modded Skyrim back in the day, after some time I wrecked everything I got close to without being seen, but dragons... Oh well, let's just say they could see me quite easily... while I couldn't do anything to them and I just got totally wrecked over, even if I switched to an easier difficulty ;_;
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