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  1. Anyone have any mirrors for Undeath Classical Lichdom Patch For Ordinator since that's the part I am personally stuck now due to mod page being hidden.
  2. "Critically Important! The first time a mod is installed that contains .bsa file Mod Organizer will prompt to extract it. Respond [Yes] and check the box labeled "Remember Selection" to prevent future prompts. If the prompt is needed again in the future simply click "Reset Dialogs" in Mod Organizers settings menu." Why is this important?
  3. That happens irregardless of running omod install (either using OBMM or TesModManager) trough MO or not.
  4. Right, I thought I gave some feedback so far with my adventures of using your guide and messing around with it using MO. I dropped using TesModManager for a bit because that thing doesn't like to work with MO at all it seems. Gave me all sorts of problems. OBMM (or even OBMM Extended) works great with MO, even respecting MO's overwrite folder. However, both have problems for me with certain omods, in it that they take AAAAGES to initialize their setup wizards. Not sure what's up with that, so I decided to keep TesModManager for now and only use omod installations when it's the only one available and run them without MO (and just later copy-paste from Oblivion/Data to MO/mods/ folder(s)). Bash doesn't also respect during BAIN installs MOs overwrite folder. And of course, all OBSE plugins have been kept in Oblivion/Data, seems like it's an inherit issue with MO not loading OBSE plugins at all. Anyway, other then fiddling around the technical difficulties. everything is working fine with a issue or two here. I decided to install everything up towards Immersive Interiors. The guide was easy to follow in it what needed to be downloaded and actually installed. There are however some issues I'd like to report about the guide itself. 1) Editing BOSS User Rules. The guide does say about needing to do some manual creation of user rules on certain esp/m files, but it doesn't go into detail how to do that. Thankfully, it was not that hard to figure out for myself, but someone who is new to BOSS (or modding general) might find those areas confusing. 2) Cobl Races.esp. Not sure if this is error on my part, but I found that having this plugin activated would cause new races added by this plugin have pink textures in the body department and a missing head (or just a head with hovering hair, mouth and eyes only). 3) Mods that are not recommended to be installed (such as Really AEVWD) I think should not be on the guide. The reason why I think so is because something that's not supposed to (or not recommended) be installed should not be in any guide. And I am talking about guides in general, not this one specifically. Besides that, this guide is really good and works well so far. I did decide to add a bit of two here and there not listed in the guide (such as 2 OBSE plugins and body replacers) and skip on Qarls textures (even though my game seems to lag the same regardless of that pack or not). There are also two other issues that I have, but I always had them when using Weather - All Natural and everything related to Shadows in the options menu being set to high. I know I had fixed them in the past when dealing with those issues, but I unfortunately can't recall what I did. Oh well.
  5. Right, well, I can understand with some thing on why MO was not the tool you chose. However, I'm gonna be an anarchist and use MO regardless and just run Bash and TesModManager trough MO on steps that require it. I will report back on my success. Edit: And I will accept responsability if my computer blows up because of this.
  6. Just spotted this guide due to it being placed in it's own subforum. Congratulations on that. Anyway, the guide said that Mod Organizer is not supported (yet) by the guide. Can you go into more specifics on it? Could I use it still, in it that TMM and Bash are launched trough MO?
  7. Okay, it turns out you were right about the .BSA limit. As soon as I brought the number of .bsa's added by mods down to 5 (I am not counting the game .bsa's), the mod order linked above works fine for me. PS: Not sure if you know, put Modwatch also includes list of mods listed on the left pane of MO under Modlist tab at the website. Edit: Silly me for ignoring the part about .bsas at the start of the guide, right? It's the first time I have encountered the problem anyway so I didn't even know to look for it. Even though I used to mod the game a lot back in the day.
  8. And I am back to square one. As soon as I added anything new, the not starting up came back.
  9. This game man, this damn game. It's as if I it had a teenager personality. I just tried again with all mods up until Unified HUD activated and it started up fine. I do not know what the heck is going on here :S. Could MO be derping out on me, not doing it's virtual data hooking correctly? Because I have no other explenation on what the heck is going on here. Edit: Is there really somekind of .BSA limit the game can handel? PS: I do not have Willow nor Spice of Life at this time installed.
  10. Not starting at all. It does crash with the windows "not working" message if I have Project Nevada, DarnUI and Underwater Home activated.
  11. I did. Same problem. I deactivated all mods that were running after Unified HUD. Still the same error. It is as if FNV decided to stop working at all. Edit: Reduced my mods down to Underwater Home and DarnUI mods only. As soon as I activate Project Nevada, crash galore returns. Only this time I get to see the black screen and start of the main menu music before it crashes.
  12. I don't use 4gb loader, since I am using this nifty tool: https://www.ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php But why would it cause an CTD? Up until I started to install anything I have installed after Unified HUD, it worked fine. Also: I would like to add that I have not yet merged any patches trough Bash yet, only those listed in the guide trough FNVEdit.
  13. Hey, I have got this little problem here. First of all, my load order is listed here: https://modwat.ch/Draakon and FNVEdit log when I run it trough MO with all mods selected: https://pastebin.com/0U5Y56Xi Second of all, as the title of the post says, I am getting a CTD on startup. As soon as I choose NVSE from MO, the NVSE small CMD window opens, FalloutNV.exe is displayed in my Task Manager (memory usage reaches up to 51 992 K) and then the game crashes (it just disappeard from Task Manager). No errors displayed, nothing. I already used FNVEdit to determinate if this is a master file missing error but FNVEdit loads it up all fine. No errors displayed by FNVEdit. I followed the F&NLV guide with some added mods that work with Unified HUD and Underwater Home. I have seriously no idea what's causing this problem. Edit: Problem solved, I hit the magical .bsa limit, carry on.
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