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  1. So I've been having a bunch of issues recently with my newly installed skyrim and STEP I used STEP extended and I added a few other mods, this is my load order. https://pastebin.com/XMp6P68d My game has been fairly fine through the Thieves guild questline, but as soon as I started the Dawnguard and Dark Brotherhood questlines I've been having CTD issues. Most of the crashes have so far been on fast travelling to the Falkreath santuary or leaving the santuary, I've also had 1 or 2 more crashes just in the world during or shortly after the fight. I can't really think of a culprit I was hoping someone here might have a clue, or spot a mod in my load order that conflicts. I've also made sure that my memory is fine using memory blocks log. Any help is appreciated, thank you.
  2. Well It appears I fixed it, I'm not even 100% sure how but I'll edit this in a minute with roughly what I did in case someone in future hits the same issue. Thanks everyone especially hishutup for your support, really pushed me in the right direction to help me figure this out. Edit: So as I found on a sticky on the Skyre compatability patch mod page I attempted to edit all the files with TES5Edit to make it work and I think I did it wrong, so i completely uninstalled the patcher and any reproccer files, then I reinstalled the original reproccer file from Skyre, then installed the reproccer again and ran it all through. Then on a wim before adding the other compatability patches I went back and reinstalled weapons and armor fixes making sure I did it correctly to work with closefaced helmets. Then I realised I forgot to change the esps for ICFH to optional so I did that, rebuilt everything and it worked. Now all that is left for me to do is install the patches anyway as I think their pretty important, hopefully they won't undo the fix or I'll have to uninstall them again I guess. Tried adding the patches back and it's broken again so guess I'm running without them. Final Edit: Tried a few times to put the reproccer/skyre patches in but it only broke the helmets again and again so finally I've given up on it. I wasn't using them before and only noticed the helmet issue, so now I've fixed that part I hope I should be ok. Again thanks for the help guys.
  3. Tried a few more things last night with no success. Made a post on the compatability mods comments to see if anyone can help out. The only thing I can think to try now is to move the closefaced helmets legendary esp after the reproccer.esp but I feel like that's not the best solution. Edit: Just reattempting the Tes5Edit fix as I'm not sure I 100% did it right
  4. Done, ran and added same way I did with DSR, still have invisible heads inside helmets:( And after trying again I'm not CTD'ing on startup, looks like running loot has messed something up. Edit: Nevermind fixed the CTD's but the helmet issue remains, at a loss tbh. I have also noticed that the no cloth around necks fix from improved closefaced helmets has stopped working. Thanks for all the help again, going to go to bed, will try again in the morning, if you have any more brilliant ideas feel free to post them:P I also found this snippit on the Skyre Compatability and reProccer patches mod page: Improved Close Faced HelmsWe now have patches for ICH & ICHwC Using Tes5edit--The edits are very simple. Open up the Closed Faced Helmets .esp you are using, and the PreReproccer Patch. You will see there are not that many records to change, and they are very simple. They are in the Armor section as Armature, which is right under the KWDA - Keywords. All you have to do is look for anything in red in the closed face esp, and add them to the PrePatch, Click and drag. Don't drag entire boxes, only each red entry, and do not mess with the key-count. The count is different do to the special WAFR keywords attached to them. Did what it said but still no luck. Guy in the comments had a similar issue with it and said he moved the mod lower than the reproccer in the load order, should I try that? Here's my loadorder now:
  5. Oh, Yeah I totally forgot it's like another program.
  6. Installed the patches but unfortunately the helmets still have invisible heads inside. Not sure what else to do.
  7. Probably half way, won't be that big of a deal, I have a bunch of characters to try out, so we'll see.:P
  8. I've just learned from experience that after changing the load order around and adding stuff it usually ends with my save not working any more.
  9. Thank you for all the help, looking into these now and will post if it works or not. Honestly expecting to need a new save after this though unfortunately.
  10. Disabled the DSR patch and enabled the reproccer and every helmet was broken again, guess we found the culprit. Not even sure how the reproccer got installed, don't remember doing it. Should I just disable the reproccer and move on without it or try to figure out why/fix the issue? And will removing this mod effect a current save too much? Or will I need to restart?
  11. So while I was waiting I already re-enabled the skyre stuff and the DSR patch and left the reproccer disabled and the helmets still worked. Gonna try swapping the dsr patch for reproccer now and see what happens.
  12. By dynamic patches do you mean just the reproccer or that and DSR patch too?
  13. Well Bite my biscuit, disabling Skyre, dual sheath redux patch, reproccer made the helmets work right, turns out the whiterun helmets were broken to but that was a lot less noticeable. How did you know that it would be Skyre?:P And how can i fix it without ditching Skyre?
  14. Ah yes, that was one of the things I did wrong and went back and changed
  15. I've not actually played the Dragonborn dlc before so to my knowledge I haven't downloaded anything that changes it more than fixes suggested by STEP or a mod that has a dawnguard plugin. I don't know what you mean by using the other version in my folder?
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