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  1. yeah, thats the way I've been using it for over 2 years... hm, I actually did choose "sails" in the options, to check them out, could that be the difference? it is the only deviationfrom the "guide" regarding SMIM. I trully think that brubek changed the way his FOMOD works and merged all patches ... got to go now, had a catastrophe at work and I;m being called, I'll investigate more when I have a litle free time.
  2. anyone had a chance to check the new versions? at some point the author merged all ESPs, that seems to be the main change apart ofc of numerous fixes in meshes...
  3. Thanks for the non-ELE version from me as well. After various efforts I;ve decided I dont like the ENB-ele llok, settling again into using RCRN actually. I was in the proceees of hacking a vesion with ELE records removed, all I could find where sound (AOS) related ones though and I was afraid I wa smissing stuff. Thanks again
  4. Unless Im mistaken 'the main step instructons list still points to the HD Baskets Retex https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/2782/? mod and not this one. Maybe an update is in order. :)
  5. Hm, trying to restart my game after 11 months ( RL suckiness..) and just sw that 1.95 is the latest version in the orginal XP32 branch. any reason it migh tnot be cmpatible? it says on the changelog: From runing the installer I get the impression that the frostfall + JoP stuff remins optional, and the rest seem to have little effect. Edit: Installed both in different Mod Organizer "mods", did a binary compare, files are coming up as identical, so for all purposes 1.94 and 1.95 if installed with STEP options are identical.
  6. Is the REGS supplied version of Nernie's still compatible with the latest versions of EtaC? Its inclusion would probably signify that is should be, I'm just wondering cause it is mentioned multiple times by Etac's author that the original nernie's isnt... ( and the seem to be altering the same villages more or less). checked most of the thread doing a search per page and didnt find ( ti must be there and I;m a duffus, so sorry in advance..) N.
  7. Better roads, seems ok and stable and pretty much nonconflicting after using it for some time. What are the objections regarding Skyrim Bridges? I;ve been using it for some time, my main complain is it doesnt have LODs so bridges seem vanilla from distance. Plus osme bridges are a bit over the top for the places they are connecting, I could reason with that isn ome places ( say a pretty old bridge that once served a route that was far busier than it is today..) but not in other places. But.. does it have.. like..uhm problems? that could affect our gameplay. or is the objection regarding to its breaking immersion somehow?
  8. I imagine it will start writing in the error log if and when it has an error. Loging is good of course. But badly implemented loging is disastrous.The frequency i;m facing however is absurd. Plus even after i reset the 3 followers i had managed to add to the mod, and reset all settings ( follow distances really, didnt touch anything else), so essentially the mod was not doing anything, the spaming continues. Bad coding..somehow. If the source was available we could look into it. Are you also able to remove it from your load order? Thansk for looking into the matter.
  9. I;m sorry if posting here after this mod has been aproved but I;m having huge problems with it. I recently noticed that my game became a little more sugish so decided to enable papyrous loging to see what is at fault ( if it was caused by scripting actually). To my alarm, the log became huge extremely quickly, and it was 99.9999% from this log . We;re talkign about 1.4 GBs per minute! I recalled that after adding 2 followers to its fellow list ( where you can cusotmise distances for each one differently), its MCM menu got stuck and was blank. Found a hotfix. Installed it, the menu came back, but the game was even more slugish, and if I enabled the log again it became gargantuan ( 23GBs in 9 miuntes!) So i decided to uninstall it. used the now funtioning menu to remove the 3 followers. Reset all setting to skyrim default. made a save. And nowI;m stuck being unable to uninstall it, cause if I do I crash on any subsequent effort to save. I tried using the save cleaning tool, which finds nothing amiss. I'm trying for the last 2 days using the script scalpel " tool, but again no luck so far. Only consolation is that if forced to go back to my last save before this #@$@ i wil only loose 8 days of gaming ( oh and 2,..now 3 of troubleshooting). So: Unless i was terribly unlucky, maybe a little more testing is in order, on whether this mod is uninstallable in case it causes problems. Recaping: A)author is AWOL B) no source code of the scripts so impsosible for someone else to take over C) freezes. D) potentially uninstallable. E) spams the Papyrous log with thousands of identical lines per second resulting i nhuge Paprous logs that make troubleshooting impossible.
  10. Well in fact both NVIdia and AMD havent migrated to a new manufacturing nod ( smaller lithography) in close to 2,5 years, so they are essentially improving the same silicon, a paradigm shift from what was happening in the industry for the past 12-15 years. So ..they need to diferentiate their offerings somewhat, and fance name changes help with that :)
  11. ok..back. I think I see some of the options I was expecting to see, ( for example... there are Ebony, gold Ebony and Silver ebony gauntlets, boots, etc..) so it appears that SOME at least of the merges ( or should I say..availability of alternate versions..), did happen. On the other hadn I didnt find some of the other ones ( trying to find elven armors ATm..). I think I;m not at all familiar with TES5Edit yet.. I;ve only done a merge or two and cleaning, blindly following guides from STEP... Also sir, I just realised you are the fine fellow behind the EXCEllent Fallout 3 STEPified guide. Kudos! it has allowed to be to ressurect a game of mine from 6 years ago, and bring it to the modern era..!
  12. I want to add my two cents here. I;ve toyed a lot with using Automatic variants within Mod organizer, for use with multiple profiles, and I believe I've found a very good way of doing it, that: Makes it possible to have as many A.v. profiles as you like. Takes up minimal space on disk as you use the power of hardlinking Leaves you with a very manageable mod order even if you have multiple (I have 6!!) profiles.Detailed instructions. Download the latest automatic variants file and install it as a mod in ModOrganizer IF you want to have multiple profiles, now or in the future give it a name linking it to your current ModOrganizer Profile. Say "Automatic Variants STEP-Extended" Download the 3 core AV texture packages and Install all 3 of them in a DIFFERENT mod. Lets call this "AV Core Textures". You will need to merge them when M.O. asks you what to do. It is critical not to put the Core AV textures along with the main mod, as stated in the 2nd step of this guide. you wan to treat hem as any other texture packs, and separate the core mod itself is less than 10MBs of space.. Download any other Texture Packs and install each of them in a separate Mod (or maybe all of them in one mod named "AV Extra Textures"A) As you know you will need to run the AV Skyproc patcher to generate the patch itself, so add the executable of this particular AV mod ( as you remember we called it "Automatic Variants STEP-Extended".B) Run it. Pick the textures you want. take note that it is extremely important that you follow the mod-authors instructions on running under M.O. When you are in the patcher, choose "Texture Variants" on the left, then choose the "Other Settings" at the bottom. Then Uncheck "Move Package Files". With that box unchecked AV will create Hard Links, effectively making the file be two (or more, 4,5,6,,,) places at once.C) Make sure that the "Automatic Variants STEP-Extended", and all the Texture Pack Mods are checked as active in M.O ( otherwise the patcher, wil not see them.)D) Then run the patcher as normal. pick what Skin textures you want ( I leave out some funky pink mammoths :p) It will run and create the necessary files in the overwrite folder. Right click, choose "create new mod", and give it a descriptive name, linking it to your profile, say "A.V.- STEP Profile - Overwite"E) Put that new mod in your load order, at this point it should be dead last, and definitely after the generator mod, aka "Automatic Variants STEP-Extended". You are done.F) now you can disable the texture packages themselves,to lighten the clutter in your however if you do that and you want to run the patcher again you will need to activate them.Advantages:You can have as many patched collections as you need , and they wont take extra space on Disk, as the patcher will create harlinks to the original textures located in the textPack mods. These are windows hardlinks, and so even if you have these TextPacks disabled in the future ( not erased!!!) wehn Mod organizer Loads it virtual file system, it will read the hardlinks from the Active "A.V. - Profile X- Overwrite' mod, and present them to Skyrim to use normally.I currently have 6 such profiles, each taking between 1 and 2,3 GBs of space seemingly, while in reality space used on disk is just the 2,3 GBs of the TextPack Mods themselves.You can deactivate the text pack mods for a less cluttered Left panel in M.O.Improvements / hacks:A) If you are adamant you are not going to use some of the skin textures in any of your AV patches, you can prune them out BEFORE running the patcher. they will never show up, and you wont have to deactivate them all the time.B) If you check the "generator mod, aka ""Automatic Variants STEP-Extended"', you'll notice it creates the Overwite mod and puts most useful things in there. The onyl things that are potentially of use in game are the two .pex scripts in the "Scripts" folder. Everything else is just Readme's the jar that creates the mod and its blocklist , aka things skyrim will not use. So you can create a new Pseudo-mod in M.O. named "A.V. Scripts" containing ONLY a folder named "Scripts", with the 2 pex files in it. activate it and keep it active in all the profiles you want to have A.V. This way you can deactivate the "generator" mod, along with the textPack' mods.
  13. Yes I do. In fact i've made bash-patches for 2 of the profiles as f now, but this is how I will go on. I've used this method for the last year with SkyProc Patches and has worked without a probelm ( was a lifesaver actually), so I figured that was the way to go. of course ido have problems with my patches, things are nto working very well but i'll get to the bottom of their problems... Thanks for the prompt answer..!! I gess I''ll have to fire TES5Edit then..
  14. I'd very much apreciate if someone could help me with this, cause I THINK it works as I hoped it would, nut I'm not 100% sure. The S.T.E.P instructions point su to install the content addon over the amidiaborn main mod (with textures + meshes) and then run a bashed patch in the end to make it all work. I want to be able to have different profiles , some using the full cahuna, with content addon + bashed patch, while others could use the textures ONLY. So, I installed the Amidiaborn textures as per STEP directions, and then added the hotfix. THEN I added the content addon on a new mod, and placed it right after the first one in Mod Orgnaizer's load order, my thinkign being that when M.O. was run and the virtual file system loaded it would ovewrite the conflicting files of the first mod as if it had been merged. it SEEMs to me that the bashed patch worked.... but after playing a bit ( albeit not that many hours), I;m not 100% certain that all the variants of the armors etc have been seeded . is there a way to check that? also does my method seems valid to the more experienced members here? thanks in advance for your input! Extra info: /The context: I'm using M.O to run multiple profiles (6!) of Skyrim. 2 of them are from before I started using S.T.E.P. ( actually one is used by me and one by my niece...), these are pretty old profiles, having roughly 2/3rds of the STEP mods, sometimes in slightly different configurations to STEP , but I;d like to keep them around ( and playable), hoping I can finsih the game with these character ( plus my niece + roomate will kill me If I destroy her profile..) I was already using the "AMidiaborn Book of silence" mod, with most of the textures added but without the content add-on ( I didnt felt comfortable using a bashed patch.) 2 other profiles are used to run the same character, with identical settings apart from textures , one has all so I can play on my gaming rig, the other ommits a lot or substitutes with LD version so I can play on my laptop the same character. ( the game enhancing mods ,followers etc are identical, I only skimp on textures /meshes when I play on my laptop). These last ones used till now an almost full assortment of STEP mods, barring the amidiabron content + the FNIs animations. (No bashed patch). 1 is for another character with a completely different setup 9( assasin-sneaky mage type) , that I have abandoned for the time being. 1 is for a mage archetype , than I want to keep as reference till I rebuild him, using STEP + 1-2 extra packs. Again I want this playable. my problem is, I know I can keep everytihn working by having ( in M.O., 5 different instalaltions of Amidianborn, but I'd like to avoid that, both for the sake of disk room, but also clarity and efficiency ( already got way too many variants of SkyProc mods like ASIS /Automatic variants, the situation is getting out of hand: ) =======
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