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  1. No worries, after a bit of additional web searching I found the answer elsewhere. Witcher 3 Mod Merger - Download the main file and open it. Extract the W3ModMerger.exe file to the TheWitcher3 folder and there create Uncooked, Cooked, Packed folders. Then open the file and on the line below the Path to wcc_lite.exe select the "..." button, go to TheWitcher3\W3Tools\bin\x64 folder and double click on the wcc_lite.exe file. Then select ok on the top right corner. In the new tab under the path to TheWitcher3 Mods folder line select the "..." button and select the Mods folder in the TheWitcher3 main one. Close the program then.
  2. Hello Neo ( and community here ), I have several questions that I need help with if possible. I finally picked up GOTY edition off of GOG having neither of the expansions the last play-through. I had used Rootstrat's guide back during that time. I'm fairly familiar with modding, but I could use some clarification on several points that are not entirely clear to me in this guide. Never have used the "Mod Merger" as I don't think it was available several years back. The install instructions for this aren't real clear ( at least to me ). Where does this get installed too? Does it get installed into the mod tools directory? The main game folder directory? Exactly where, or does it matter? Also, the guide says to "create a working area". Does it matter where this work area is? When I attempted to do what is written, the last 3 areas ( folders that I named Cooked, Packed, Uncooked ) were still "Red", even after I pointed to those 3 folders that I created within the TW3ModMerging folder I created. Perhaps I don't have the TW3ModMerging folder in the correct place? I'm probably being a moron and overlooking something obvious. Any help from anyone, that can help clear things up would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  3. Audley, thanks for the Vsync tip, as I was still experiencing some mild stuttering. Doing what you suggested, the game runs like silk now. :)
  4. Been playing for several days and haven't checked in. Nothing major to report and all seems well. That UI Organizer seem really promising!
  5. Neck seam mod, that seems pretty nice, but probably needs testing.https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/56198/?and one similar, but doesn't distribute them. https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/37969/?
  6. So far no issues with your guide's intall EAB, everything is playing nicely! Can't wait to hear your reports on Impact. :) Coldbyte, thanks for the fix files, I've archived them, in case I experince the need. :D
  7. Sounds good EAB, since both you and Audley say there shouldn't be any issues, I'll go with it and also the one Audely linked as well. However, I'll be sticking to the guide mod list afterwards.
  8. Thanks for the advice, the link and the info Audley, kindly appreciated. I still want to hear from EAB before attempting the mod I linked. As he mentioned a few posts back, a lot of effort has been done, to get something stable here and I don't want to interject too many variables, that would detract or make the guide install invalid for means of testing stability. If everyone just pops in a bunch of mods not related to the guide, EAB will have no way of knowing what does and doesn't cause issues. I'm really sticking strictly to the guide, for that reason, however, if EAB says it's ok, then I'll give it a try. Truly, it's only that the distortion makes my 50 year old eyes really cringe, so if I can remove it safely, I'll be happy. If EAB thinks that it could be a good candidate as a mod in the guide ( an optional perhaps? ) that would be an even better scenario for those similar to myself. If I wasn't wanting to stick to the guide, I'd just pop stuff in and test to see the results. But then any feedback would be totally invalid. I'm also concerned with the fact, that this mod I linked, seems to do something concerning the UI and I've re-read the part of messing with the UI once that part has been installed...so....I'm leary about that as well. *shrug* I'm not in a hurry, to get gaming, a day or so more wait won't kill me ( I can play Skyrim ), I'll wait for EAB's clarification before I continue my install. I'd rather be safe than sorry, so much can so easily go wrong in Beth's games, as everyone well knows. I've helped test for a few projects, in the past and current ( WIP team Vilja Skyrim, no I'm not a codder ), so I also understand how it feels to have something you've put a lot of effort into, work well and then be told, "Hey my game just blew up and won't load or it is CTD's all the time" and then find out after much back and forth, that the person threw in a bunch of mods not knowing what they were doing, or even worse in Skyrim's case, removed them in mid-game and then blame your work for their problems. Which makes you just do this....
  9. Trooper Overhaul-Dragbody.esp LOOT shows as having 4 ITM records. No info on the mod page about these being needed, so I am thinking cleaning with FNVedit is in order and will go ahead. EDIT: Made a backup copy of the uncleaned esp, in case you say these ITM's are actually needed. EDIT-2: I always disliked the Pip screen distortion in FO3 ( very hard on the eyes ), so I used a mod to remove it in that game. I found this mod, https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/36255/? ( but I have not downloaded or installed this just looked at it. ) while waiting on a download from the guide.I've always had issues with mods that actually removed the Pip from the wrist in FO3, but the remove screen distortion always worked fine with no issues, but that was FO3. What are your thoughts on this one single mod EAB? Any possibility to include this mod into the list without any ill effects?
  10. Ok, thanks EAB, it did seem odd, as if I were to have added them, there would have been a duplicate of each.
  11. EAB,I'm up to the part of installing "ADAM", after installing and running LOOT and then selecting, Edit Metadata, select ADAM complete.esp, then clic LOAD AFTER, you say to clic on Add Plugin. However, the 2 you say to add, after clicking on Load after, are already listed in Display box area on the right. They are there before clicking on Add Plugin ...Is this correct, or is something wrong here?
  12. Thanks EAB, always best to ask, if unsure, especially for a setup that is involved like this, or the STEP for Skyrim. Moving on to the next step.
  13. Ok, just wanted to be courteous and be sure. During the FOMOD installer, select Glowing Ghouls, Dirty Textures, Eye Textures, Hair Textures, and ENB Hair Meshes (if installing an ENB otherwise disregard), then click [Next].For the next window, select Playable Races+Roberts Patch and Willow, then click [Install].Install the Fallout Character Overhaul Patches optional file and click [Merge], not [Replace].In MO's left pane, double click "Fallout Character Overhaul" and select the "Optional ESPs" tab.Move the "FCO - Beyond Bolder Dome.esp", "FCO - SQP.esp", and "FCO - Willow (Cazy).esp" to the "Optional ESPs" box.Install the Assets for New Vegas Redesigned 3 and select [Rename], then name the new mod "Fallout Character Overhaul NVR3" and click [OK].Question about the above:Concerning the last part, part 3: Installing the Assets for NVR3, are these installed into the Fallout Character Overhaul 2.31 now listed in the left pane ( and then rename this? ), or are they installed normally and end up as a new mod falling right below the FO3 modthat is already listed in the left pane, and then rename that?From what I read, I see it as install into the existing FO3 2.31 and renamethat, but thought best to be sure.
  14. EssArrBee,I've seen several abbreviations of your name, SRB, EAB, all for sake of easier typing of course, but does it matter to you one way or the other?EDIT: I have 52.2 in my workarounds, that's probably why I haven't got an issue. Thanks for clarifying Audley.
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