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  1. Haha, yeah. On the up side, if you get into combat while mounted.. she'll get off the flaming horse and send it towards the bad guys like a galloping grenade. It's kinda funny. In CH, once you progress a bit through the Dawnguard story.. you can convince her to use a normal horse. Back on topic, this mod really looks like a winner. I actually prefer the horse armor to be something to equip rather than going through MCM. It also specializes Frost as how he was introduced to you in the first place ("A purebred stallion faster than all other horses in Skyrim")
  2. I've retested it, and it appears that everything is in order. The quest summary of the Paarthurnax quest is kind of lacking... but *meh*. It slightly breaks immersion when Delphine later tells you that she's sticking to her guns about Paarthurnax needing to die, but after that script.. she or Esbern never mention it again. I've tested that you may still receive / change P-Nax's thu'um blessing. And I am now no longer having issues recruiting blades members and executing Esbern's radiant dragon hunts.
  3. No. In Skyrim.ini, the only shadow res setting will be iShadowMapResolutionPrimary. In Skyrimprefs.ini, there are 3 shadow res settings: iShadowMapResolutionSecondaryiShadowMapResolutionPrimaryiShadowMapResolutioniShadowMapResolution is further down the list than the first two. The first two are high enough at the top of Skyrimprefs, that you shouldn't need to scroll at all. If they do not exist at all (and you're sure of it), you may add the two missing settings. They're usually right after fShadowDistance=8000.0000 under [Display].
  4. "This causes purple and black textures, and is seemingly random." This is a dead giveaway that your CTD issues are likely memory related, especially if it happens more often in Dawnstar and Dragonbridge. A good way to test this without disabling any mods would be: In Skyrim.ini, change iShadowMapResolutionPrimary = 2048 to 1024. In Skyrimprefs.ini, change to: iShadowMapResolutionSecondary = 512iShadowMapResolutionPrimary = 1024iShadowMapResolution = 2048Just as it appears, this will lower your shadow quality slightly, however the memory rescued will be at least 200 VRAM. I did this, and I even have Expanded Towns and Cities running without issue.
  5. Hey all, I've lurked the STEP forums and wiki for the past 7 months, but haven't really contributed / posted until recently. I'm a 29 yr old QA tester from South Florida. I never really gave Skyrim an honest play-through until 2013, and since then.. I've been engulfed by its scope. Not only that, but Skyrim also allows me to immerse myself into this "winter wonderland" that Florida, obviously, doesn't offer. As hundreds (maybe even thousands) have already said, the S.T.E.P. project really enhanced my understanding of modding / mod usage and the keys to make your build as stable as can be. I still can't imagine how I failed to see how amazing Mod Organizer was until STEP. From what I've seen already, this forum appears to be a wonderful community. The fact that a majority of renowned mod authors socialize here solidifies the significance of this place as a tight-knit Skyrim modding social hub. Thanks all.
  6. You owe me a new keyboard...! I wasn't expecting that to be so funny. Note to self: Don't go to funny forum threads while having lunch at your desk.
  7. CDCooley has posted v1.2, which fixes the issue I was encountering. I tested and can confirm that this mod is now 100% functional. Hats off to CDCooley for the surprisingly swift hotfix.
  8. I really like the short exchange between you and Delphine. Right after she demands his death, you get an "About Paarthurnax..." dialogue choice. This is where you stand your ground and convince her that she's wrong, to which she'll grumble and say "Ok Ok, Sorry for bringing it up." The quest completes on screen, however there's a major bug that breaks continuing Blades 'membership' features. I've posted my results on the Nexus page for the mod author to look further into. It appears that the "Paarthurnax" quest doesn't appear completed (or grayed out) in your quest log. This could point to at least something that hasn't been fully locked in. What Arthmoor's Paarthurnax Dilemma does is end the questline with two script results: Paarthurnax was spared and he + the Greybeards are grateful AND The Blades believe you successfully killed Paarthurnax and are grateful. Thus, this opens up a win-win for everyone. I believe that Paarthurnax Bypass initiates no result and removes the quest from your journal. So Paarthurnax and the Blades both believe you haven't decided yet. This small mod has great promise, and I plan to look further into the CK and TES5Edit to see if I can help the mod author in any way I can. Once this gets resolved, I believe this could be a fine contender for S.T.E.P. 2.3.0
  9. The only mod that alters the same things is the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. The mod author also mentioned that the ITM's were a mistake and he created a cleaned version moments later.
  10. I tested this a bit on a quick play through of the College of Winterhold. The first feature (Tolfdir waits for X amount of days until offering the Sarthaal quest) was well executed and seamless. The Voiced dialogue was refreshingly appropriate for the situations. The ward lesson ends and everyone goes and does their own thing. Then after waiting X amt of days (my testing was 4 days), between 8 AM to 9 AM.. find Tolfdir and he will tell you about the "field trip" to Sarthaal, beginning the quest. The other students begin moving that direction, as expected. As for the second feature, I did not have the same results. After Tolfdir's one-on-one observations of the Eye of Magnus (first stage of "Good Intentions"), regardless of what X amt of days the "Visit from Psijic Monk" value is set to, Ancano will track you down immediately after re-entering the Hall of Elements. Also, if you speak to Tolfdir, then initiate dialogue with Ancano before leaving the Hall of Elements, he will trigger the quest stage. I tried it both with and without talking to Tolfdir about the Psijic Monk vision. Same results. I'm interested in hearing if anyone comes up with mirroring results. EDIT: Once again, please note that it is possible to pass by Ancano without him initiating dialogue before leaving the Hall of Elements after Tolfdir's talk... but once you re-enter, the stage is forced on you. A workaround (if you really need a pause during "Good Intentions") is to avoid re-entering the Hall of Elements until you're ready. I'll be copy/pasting this post to the nexus mod page so that the author is at least alerted of it. Finally. TES5Edit shows 2 'identical to master' records. Nothing dangerous or conflicting, but something to note if people are combining this mod with other College of Winterhold mods. Overall, this mod is still a must-have for the pause between the wards lesson and the field trip.
  11. This is so awesome. I was just thinking to myself yesterday about how odd it is that I'm sent on some expedition field trip minutes after becoming a student. Talk about being thrown to the wolves. I'll be thoroughly testing this. Thanks for bringing this mod to my attention!
  12. Are these actual crashes to desktop, or freezes? As I've progressed through the STEP guide, as soon as I finished "2.H: Characters and Creatures", I've started getting random freezes about 30-45 mins doing Aiyen's stress test. I understand that the higher the mods (regardless of how clean they are) = lesser stable engine, so I haven't worried too much. Yours, however, seem to be triggers accordingly. Two things that I would be really interested in seeing: 1. A logfile from Memory Block Log (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50471/?) 2. A papyrus script log. If some of the CTD's you mention are recreatable in the same locations, in many cases... that could be a naughty script torching the game. There are several things to note, however. I've had LaL (Alternate State: Live Another Life) activated since 2:E Interface. No stutters. No crashes. No freezes. There are mods that are amazingly stable by themselves, but don't play very well with others... usually because of script hogging. Wet & Cold, Enhanced Blood Textures, RND, Inigo (if he's nearby)... If these are all runnings and Inigo is nearby.. and you get a CTD, check Papyrus logging to see if anything is misbehaving.
  13. I see that Enhanced Distant Terrain and Enhanced Distant Terrain 2 are listed in different sections of STEP 2.2.9. Did SparrowPrince merge both versions into one with "The Ruffled Feather: Enhanced Distant Terrain 1.1"? The FOMOD doesn't seem to indicate an "Earth" option.
  14. Oh, cool. Good to know. For the longest time, I assumed the main engine was named 'Havoc', since both words usually wind up in the same discussions. Edit: typos
  15. I apologize for the necro-post. I just want Aiyen to know how appreciative I am of the thoroughly descriptive stress test. I was going insane trying to figure out and resolve the inconsistent CTD's I was encountering while performing Vurt's stress test. Sometimes it was 30 secs into the "superman mode", sometimes 5 minutes. It was so varied, and Vurt's method would crash my game inconsistently... even with no mods or .ini changes at all. I strongly believe that the Havoc engine cannot handle persistent cell loading of that magnitude, especially while flying (which is known to make things screwy, as mentioned in previous posts). I tried Aiyen's method and did 3 laps around Skyrim (riverwood>markarth>solitude>dawnstar>winterhold>windhelm>riften>>riverwood x3), then the mage vs beast test outside Whiterun, then I spawned 3 dragons inside solitude and killed all 3. I did Aiyen's method 3 times (3 hrs worth of stress testing in 3 seperate sessions). Not a single crash. Not even a noticeable stutter. This makes me feel much more confident about the stability of my build. Thanks so much!
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