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  1. A thread like it, but this is a request for help working on a mod.
  2. Hi , I was wondering if you can give me some feedback on an idea I have for a mod. I want to create a custom bible or Canon for each God/Prince in Skyrim. This book would give the player info on how to worship the God as a follower and the option of a short quest to become a Priest plus earn an enchanted Holy Symbol. Much like the Daedric Quests but all Gods will be featured. The Canon will also give the player insight, inspiration and motivation to carry out specific tasks for each God. So imagine the player has a holy book for their God, an enchanted Holy Symbol and plenty of role play material to be a Priest, but is stuck with the same old spells. Bummer. Do you know of anyone who might be interested in working with me to develop a few new spells and rename existing spells so the player can have custom spells or "Divine Magic" representing their God? If all goes well, the player would enjoy a more flavorful game and really feel like the Gods are more then artifacts keepers and short term bonus givers. The player would feel like they are part of the larger struggle and blessed by a God to do great works in their name. Thank you for your time and please feel free to ask me any questions. Snappy73
  3. Hi fireundubh, Thank you for your interest in my quest. I can't open The Epic Restoration mod at work, but from what I gather it surpasses the blandness of the vanilla spells. I will check this out when I get home. Thank you very much!
  4. Hi, Does is seem strange to you that a world full of Gods also has zero Bibles or any practical guide on how to worship? Ever want to worship one of the Daedric Princes and want a custom holy symbol with special powers? Wish you could serve the will of the Nine Divine and work on special missions for your God throughout the whole game? At this poing you can't. I'm working on a mod that addresses this oversight by offering Bible like books called Canons which give insight and instruction on how to worship and other info about the mission of the faithful. The Canon will have role playing information inspiring players to work towards the goals of their chosen deity, a list of holydays to celebrate or honor as well as a marker added to their map for the shrine. The Canon will also instruct the player on what is needed to become a priest of the God. Powerful amulets serving as holy symbols and custom robes are awarded to the devoted when they have met the qualifications and become a priest. Then it dawned on me that someone might have already done this. So, does anyone know of a mod like this out right now? thank you
  5. Thank you Teabag86, Skyrim is a Druid friendly environment. Forgotten Magic Redone has a Druid line of spells, but I have not used them yet, so I can't give you a review. Druid Essentials and Wrath of Nature has some buzz, but as I'm at work now, I can't really investigate. I have sent a message to someone fielding updates for FMR and asked if they could create a similar spell system specific to Priests/Clerics which would have individual spells for each of the Nine Divine or Daedric Princes. Basically you could play a Priest/Cleric of one of these Powers and gain their "blessings" in the form of unique spells that grow in power. I have a lot of info on what would be cool to create, but zero backround on how to do it. I have never used the Creation Kit (CK) but It might be possible to use the CK to infuse an amulet with general "blessings" (% resist disease, % poison, etc.), and create a few books of spells with unique names for standard spells (Tainted Grasp, Love's Embrace, etc). The tricky part would be to have them scale with use or player level. If anyone knows about this stuff and would like to collaborate, I would be very interested.
  6. I have reviewed a lot of "Magic" stuff for Skyrim and decided to try Forgotten Magic Redone. I have not gotten too far with it, but I like the way it works. I was wondering if anyone has created something like it for Priests/Clerics of the Nine Divine or Daedric Princes? Something that would allow a player to role play a devote worshiper of a greater Power (Divine or Daedric). Something that would give specific "Blessings" (spells/resists/bonuses, etc.) within the sphere of the greater Power. Also, these blessings would grow in power. I miss playing a Cleric in table top D&D.
  7. Thank you both, it will take some time to review all of this carefully collected information. More options are better than fewer.
  8. Hi, new to STEP (Skyrim LE) and I'm starting the process of installing CORE and Extended on a powerful system. Can anyone recommend a better magic solution than Vanilla? Balanced, nothing over powered, not buggy and will work with STEP Extended. Apocalype spell Package, Better Magic and Empowered Magic sound interesting. Please share your insight with these or others. Thank you
  9. Good info on this topic. Thank you all for your input. I'm just starting out and also did not see a STEP Extended pack. Now I know why. Any estimate on when the Extended Pack will be ready? Thank you
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