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  1. I loaded up MO a few minutes ago, and to my surprise all of the plugins were deactivated. Now I am being told on loot that I have ITMs that need deleted again. I was already finished with the guide and several hours into my playthrough when this happened. Anyone know what could have happened? I am on the same MO Profile and all the mods were already active on the left side.
  2. Yeah, my character has purple hands (sometimes when I reload they have a weird burn-victim texture instead), and some of the eye color options look weird. I decided to revert back to the previous version of FCO, having too many problems with this new one.
  3. I uninstalled JIP Companions Command and Control, one less headache to worry about. Project Nevada is a necessary mod in my opinion, so I am not gonna give up on it so easily. I have narrowed down the problem to Advanced Recon Range Finder, JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating, and Unified HUD Project. All of these mods conflict with Project Nevada's /menus/prefabs/includes_HUDMainMenu.xml file. If I hide them for each individual mod, except for Project Nevada, the message goes away. My only worry here is even though the messages disappear, it does not mean that all the errors disappear. This file seems integral for all 4 mods, especially Unified HUD since it is one of the 2 files that it comes with. Does anyone have insight into this problem?
  4. That's what I ended up doing. Now I am getting these errors on start up: https://i.imgur.com/fkBzgsq.png https://i.imgur.com/dxpZitt.png Even after uninstalling and reinstalling parts of the UI, I still get this error.
  5. After disabling mods on the left side of MO, I have narrowed down the problem to my New Vegas Uncut Series Merged file. All the other mods can be activated and the game loads fine; however, when this one is activated, the game does not load the mouse or menu. I followed all the directions in the guide perfectly. Perhaps the problem is with Pacers Gambit? I had uncut series 1-5 merged and they worked fine, but when I included Pacers this bug has started to appear.
  6. Even after following these directions, the game still loads with no mouse or menu.
  7. Last night I added FPS Weapon Wheel and JIP Companions and Control since they seemed very helpful. Since they are part of the Unified HUD Project, I deactivated uHUD in FOMM (thinking this worked the same way as Nexus Mod Manager) and reactivated it. Now my game loads with no mouse or menu. I reread the UI section of the guide and saw "A word of caution for users that try add mods post install to this section, say JIP Selective Fire or Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision, be careful installing with FOMM - Fork. When installing new mods and then having to rerun Unified HUD Project, DO NOT deactivate it. Instead reactivate the mod and then move the files from the Overwrite folder to the Unified HUD Project folder. Otherwise files get deleted from MO's virtual directory and will cause many nightmares. Maybe even banishment, jail time, or death." Since I have committed the most egregious sin, is the only option left to make a new profile on MO and start over? I already reinstalled all of the UI section to see if that would fix it, but it appears more files are affected by this deletion of MO's directories.
  8. It appears Acheos already created a topic about this and the solution is in that thread.
  9. As the title states, I am missing the bashed patch that gets loaded in Wyre Flash. I used to have one, and already did rebuild several patches on it. Today, I rebuilt a patch once, and then in a tired daze, rebuilt another one immedietly to make sure I had all of my settings right. Unfortunately, when the second patch statrted it stated "Python error... Bashed Patch, 0.esp is missing". Now with that patch MIA, I have no idea on how to create another one. With 135 plugins in my load order, being able to create a new bashed patch would be very helpful. Does anyone know a way to create a brand new bashed patch without the first one?
  10. Run FNVEdit. Do you have any missing master files in your load order? Whenever I have this problem, it is due to a missing plugin required for another mod.
  11. Great job on the STEP guide! Tons of great mods and very good instructions for downloading them and working around the more troublesome ones. After playing the game for a while (currently near Novac), I have only ran into a few bugs. 1. I am seeing double when selecting traits at the start of the game. Not entirely sure what is causing this, most likely to do with More Perks. 2. Fonts are slightly off only under the items tab in the PipBoy. Possible error when installing DarnUI? 3. Every now and then, I wil experience some Z-Fighting, similar to what is shown in this video. Probable causes could be a memory problem (I play this on a laptop), or maybe just an error within the game engine. Also, there are two mods I would suggest the author adds whenever he gets the time to do so: 1. Powered Power Armor In the lore, most of the suits run on small energy or microfusion cells, so wearing this armor now requires fuel (a few due have infinite nuclear power supplies though). It also adds around 20 possible upgrades, new hud elements fitting to power armor, and UnderArmor (for example, you can now wear recon armor under your power armor). Very lore friendly mod that adds depth to wearing this type of armor. 2. New Vegas Enhanced Camera Allows you to see your body in first person mod (no more invisible legs). A simple change that makes the game much more immersive. You don't realize how big of a change it makes until you try it. My limited amount of testing thus far shows it is compatible with Roberts Body Replacer as well. Thanks again for all the hard work that you have put in on this great guide!
  12. Thanks for the fast reply! So, for example, on the right side in the downloads section I have "PocoBuenoV5.fomod" and "PocoBueno Skeleton Transparency Fix (Optional, v)". Do I rename the fix to the main files names and install it? Sorry, I do not know much about modding outside of your guide and Gopher's tutorials.
  13. I installed Mod Configuration Menu and MCM Bugfix 2 via mod organizer. I installed the main file, and when I installed the bugfix, I was not given a prompt to merge or replace. Am I supposed to be installing these outside of Mod Organizer? Same thing for Hall of Equipment and NMC; installed main file first, then the optional files but was not given a prompt. Currently I am installing Textures Over Time, but before I continued I wanted to make sure this would not cause any problems for me down the road. My game is running MCM, HoE and NMC fine, but I have not done extensive testing with them yet.
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