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  1. Do note that you need to disable Do note that you need to disable that particular setting in either Bug Fixes SSE or Scrambled Bugs as having both active at once will crash your game, per my own experience with it and Active Effect Conditions This is an alternative to the fix provided in Bug Fixes SSE. Instead of using a single global timer to update the conditions of active effects, individual local timers are used that are then reset when the elapsed time of the active effect is. Both mods can be installed together, but either the activeEffectConditions setting in ScrambledBugs.json or the FixAbilityConditionBug.Enabled setting in BugFixesSSE.config.txt must be disabled.
  2. Don't use Baka ScrapHeap with Buffout, the author of the Baka mods said so themselves as Buffout supersedes its memory handling.
  3. Huh, nice. I don't recall this part of the description from when I've posted my original comment, good to hear it's compatible out of the box.
  4. File requires manual configuration for AI Overhaul from STEP, although it is very easy to do as per the author's instructions: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/articles/2463 IE you need to create a file called AIProcessFixModPatch.ini in the same folder where the AIProcessFixModSettings.ini are and paste the into the file: [ModName] CurrentAIModName = AI Overhaul.esp ;The Esp plugin Name of the current running AI Overhaul Mod.
  5. Hey Gernash, first off - a huge thank you for compiling that mod list of yours, it already took me 2 months to complete my Fallout 4 reinstallation after a year long hiatus from playing it and without your guide I'd probably be still doing it well off until autumn, lol. Saying that, I haven't used the full list for my setup, instead opting for a more Horizon-friendly install with most of the mods popped in there beforehand for the visual and QoL improvements, that kind of thing. Sadly, I've encountered a problem that pretty much makes it impossible to enjoy the game: whenever I exit the Vault and save the game there, loading that save will cause my game to crash, no matter how many times I retry. Saves from inside of the Vault work just fine and I'm pretty baffled as to what may be causing it. Anyhow, if anybody's willing to help me figure it out (I already spent half the day solving other issues and trying to discover the culprit for my save-load-crashing and I'm beat at this point lol), here's my mod list and load order: Mod List: Load Order:
  6. Herp, derp, as I've expected, I'm quite the doofus. This seemed to have fixed all of my problems: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/6726-common-ctds-freezes-ils-and-memory-issues/
  7. Yup, I've done the exact same thing and have the exact same issue here. Looks like DynDOLOD is just... pushing our hardware to its ultimate limit, lol.
  8. Hello everybody. I've decided to reinstall Skyrim a couple weeks ago and spent the entirety of yesterday installing and setting up the newest STEP Extended, slapping a couple of other mods ontop of it (nothing really major, I think). Being excited and everything, I've started the game and the main menu loaded up fine, so I've figured everything should be well from now on. I proceeded by starting a new game and spent three minutes staring at Alduin's face before I realized that maybe it was taking a bit too long, but then I've looked at the Guide again and noticed the "initial loading time may be considerably longer than normal because all the mods are being initialized" and decided to just hold on. So I've held on for 15 more minutes, still staring at Alduin's face with absolutely nothing going on, although I've noticed he has some great texture work on his wings and whatnot, so at least I've had that going for me. After that, I've spent three hours messing with the ini files (basically deleting them, booting up the launcher and then setting back in accordance with the guide) aaaaand turning every mod off in the load order, reenabling them in threes and/or sixes with, until I hit a wall around the 90 plugin mark, with the new game ILS appearing randomly(!) whenever 3dnpc.esp, Immersive Creatures or some other file was turned on... before that, New Game ran 100% of the time. After that 90 plugin mark, it became much more unreliable. Basically, the conclusion to which I came stands as follows: my game can't handle loading some of the bigger filesize mods for whatever reason, despite the SKSE Memory thingy and ENBoost being set up properly. However, due to the fact that I'm somewhat of an idiot, I have actually no clue what's the cause of it and uh, yeah, I'm completely stumped by all this. :c My rig consists of a 980Ti, i7-4820k and 32 GBs of RAM, with a two TB HDD for storing pretty much everything. I used NMM for installing almost everything, with manual installs for some of the aMidian landscape mods due to having to delete some files from their archives. If anyone could help me out with this, I'd do pretty much anything I am asked of (as long as I can do it without spending any money as I'm flat broke at the moment due to this evil thing called "a relationship" @_@) Here's my LO (I've marked the point where my game refuses to load into New Game with red, the 3DNPCs.esp): And here's my NMM mod list, if it would help in any way:
  9. I haven't installed anything besides what's listed in the STEP Core 2.2.9 with the exception being HDT Physics/Equipment. I'll mess around to see if that causes the issue, but I remember having those "gangsta hands" even before adding HDT. If I could script/mod (better than coding calculators in Pascal, that is), then you'd probably inspire me to create a gangland mod for Skyrim. "Create your own group of misfits&criminals and compete for the ultimate dominance of Skyrim! Will you create a mafia, or a loosely associated group of acquaintances? Will you oust the Thieves' Guild out of power and take over their enterprise, or integrate them into your own organization as a specialized cloak and dagger task force? That and much more awaits you in the Skyrim Organized Crime Overhaul! (SOCO)" Now back to the point: can I somehow extract the entire mod list from Mod Organizer somehow, post it here and try to figure out what did I eff up/get effed up in the process-... nevermind, I just did: EDIT: I have discovered the mod responsible for their fingers becoming all wonky - "Fix Crossed Swords Fix Crossed Swords and Turn with Leg move" from the Better Turn Animation mod. I turned the update file off and BOOM, everything is the way I'd prefer it to be. No more Morthal gangstas now, but I'm happy either way :P
  10. Hello, everybody. I've installed the entirety of STEP Core a few days back, along with a few of the extended parts (not all due to heavy file size and a mediocre internet connection) and ever since I been troubled by something that really... how to phrase it... unsettles me. Precisely: characters' fingers being held in strange positions whenever they draw weapons. I've installed XP32, FNIS, Dual Sheath etc according to the wiki guidelines. I know it's a skeleton mesh issue, but I can't really figure out a way to solve it. Screenshot presenting the issue is attached to this post.
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