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  1. Necroing again, but yeah, this worked like a charm. I did not follow all the steps since my game is already modded and SSME is outdated but setting TESV.exe to run in XP Compatibility and as an Administrator did the trick for me. Hello fast load times!
  2. Phew. Thanks. Setting EnableLens=false did solve it. I am no longer blind in combat.
  3. Normal fires seem ok but when I set an enemy on fire - with a torch, spell or a weapon enchant - this happens: This flare effect is visible on other light sources but it's far more manageable. What ENB setting could be responsible for that?
  4. I have actually settled with starting again from the old save but I will try this out of curiosity and learning potential! What'd be that I should back up(except for the gamesaves)before I mess with TES5EDIT?
  5. Sadly it doesn't look like I will be able to add anything to the save with this tool. Even if I'd find the difference(missing tile)in the two saves there is no option to alter the broken save other than delete unused scripts.
  6. Could you direct me somewhere with that? I've never messed with any 'savetool' before. What would one be called? Would you mean this one perhaps?
  7. Goodness me. I just had a flashback of dropping clutter onto that tile and initiating the MarkForDelete command to get rid of it. I probably clicked the tile instead of an item and deleted it but it did not show it's gone until I've returned to the house again. Is there a way to reverse that?
  8. 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Immersive Compass.esp ASIS-Dependency.esp ASIS.esp Pre ReProccer WAFR IA7 IW UU aMidianSS Content Addon Patch.esp Pre Reproccer_ICH.esp ReProccer.esp Dual Sheath Redux Patch.esp Post ReProccer Fixes CCOR IA7 IW UU aMidianSS Content Addon Patch.esp Post Reproccer_ICH.esp Post ReProccer Fixes IA7 IW UU aMidianSS Content Addon Patch.esp DesyncBirdsOfPrey.esp HighHrothgarWindowGlow.esp SolitudeExterior.esp WhiterunExterior.esp Proper Aiming.esp Bashed Patch, 0.esp DynDOLOD.esp Ancient Black Dragonscale Armor.esp ENB Snow FX.esp Further Dark Dungeons for ENB.esp Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB - Flame Atronach Fix.esp Unofficial High Resolution Patch.esp It's the fully upgradable Breezehome by Sku11M0nkey. I went through my saves to find when it happened. I have been messing with some mods(nothing major, really)so I thought maybe that broke it. To my surprise - a savestate merely 45mins later(and all afterwards) is already affected. My messing about was AFTER High Hrothgar(2nd to last save). But I did install a few things: according to Mod Manager two mods have been installed between Save 376 and 377: Skyrim HighPoly Fern Meshes (from here) - 0 Conflicts Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB (same source) - 73 Conflicts but none with the Breezehome mod. There's more: I do not fast travel so all I could possible do in the 45mins of game was prepare some potions, sort clutter in chests and ride to Riverwood. Save 377 is in front of the Sleeping Giant Inn. Now I am less worried about losing the 2 hours of game. I would prefer not to but I can live with that. What bothers me is that I have absolutely no clue what could've caused that and how to look out for it in the future.
  9. People, you are amazing. Nailed it right on the head, again. I had two "missing"/unchecked bsa's. Thank you very much!
  10. The game runs smoothly and now that I have rediscovered the backup and restore buttons I have the correct loadorder and what mods replace which files. Fixed many skeleton issues. One thing persists though: some textures do not load/load with a very bright purple "paint" on them. Google told me that it's either a VRAM limit(Skyrim uses 3 out of 6GB, so it shouldn't be a problem)or an nVidia issue but I haven't found any further info/fixes for the latter. This being an nVidia problem seems plausible as my previous PC had an AMD card and it didn't have this issue. Have you heard of that?
  11. OK, I've done what you told me to do long time ago. I updated SKSE and now everything loads. Played for 10mins and it seems fine. Let's hope this is it. Thank you very much for now! Hopefully I won't need your help in near future!
  12. Alright, fixed the loadorder and the patches. Turned out I was using patch files from other profiles(wrong tick box in MO). Now the game loads no problem but crashes after a save has loaded for a couple of seconds. I remember the game used to crash like when the INI settings didn't match the last save(like uGridsToLoad) but I don't remember if I can check what INI settings I had been using in the last save.
  13. Oh my, I just noticed that it's alphabetical. That certainly isn't the way it was. Here comes LOOT! Thanks. Now back to creating those patches.
  14. I have found some missing masters! In: ASIS, Batched Patch, Dual Sheath Redux Patch and ReProccer. Figured out I need Java for ASIS, download in progress, and I also faintly remember there was a order in which you create those patches that if not done by that order it would screw the other ones. Should I just do it by the load order or something else? I will update SKSE as soon as I deal with those. Don't want to change multiple things at once.
  15. The game was saved on the 8th of October 2014. So that is not an issue, as it seems. I assumed the game got updated since steam patched it once or twice recently w/o me even launching it. So if nothing got updated... what's the deal? Oh dear me. I of course can go and update every mod and SKSE but before I do that: I just copy-pasted the Skyrim folder. It nags me that some mods just can't find the right path to things I don't even remember installing. What'll do now is try to pin down the mod that causes the crash(if it's just one) since the game launches fine with SKSE with mods disabled.
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