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  1. I have noticed a conflict with windows in Whiterun and have tracked this issue down to ELFX Parallax Meshes 00051925 "Enhanced Lights and FX v3.04\Meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrbuildings\wrtempleofk01.nif" "Enhanced Lights and FX v3.04\Textures\effects\ELFX\windows\wrwindows01.dds" Image Example : https://imgur.com/d8Hqc8m https://imgur.com/Df9mOc5 This issue arises between 7pm to 7am in game (night time game play) and get's worse the darker the night get's. I have researched and found some instances where this has happened in both the ELFX forum and Noble Skyrim on the nexus and the suggestion was to delete the mesh's from ELFX. I ran this build last year and did not have this issue, so I was wondering if anyone has run into this and if thier was another method to fix than to lose out on the lighting effects the meshes from ELFX provide.
  2. I ran into this question for myself and found that the FHH_LEGENDARY_VE_USLEEP.esp shows later in the merge [sRLE Extended LOTD - NPC Retexture Merged] In the NPC RETEXTURE section of the build page. So the answer is to delete it from both and allow the merge to provide that .esp ....
  3. I have quick question hoping some one will confirm for me. I am currently at the "Run Relinker" part of this guide and I don't remember the instructions on how to properly run this program. I understand that the tool will "take the merge maps that are produced when you merge something, grabs all the scripts and LODGen files from your active mod list (BSAs included) and replaces the old plugin name and formIDs with the new plugin name and formIDs." Does this mean that all mods used to make these merges need to be activated so that the tool can see them or can the tool still read the information from the activated new merge? P.S I hope this question makes sense, maybe a shower and breakfast will restore my brain faculties.
  4. I know this is a bit late in the game, but I just started a new setup last night and ran into the map issue, and found a resolution that may help. Check this post.....https://forum.sureai.net/viewtopic.php?t=12764 Hope this helps anyone with the map issue caused by the addition of the paper map, (Which looks awesome by the way).
  5. I have been testing my load out and every thing feels and looks good so far, but I ran into an issue with lighting inside of Fort Greenwall with an interior campfire. I have checked the other lightning throughout the Fort and find this is the only instance with the lighting issue. I have installed Breezehome Fully Upgradeable and Severin Manor Improvements player homes to my load order along with the ELFX - NoBreezehome.esp for Enhanced Lights and FX that falls outside the guide. Breeze home shows no issue's Severin Manor has a slight flicker within the master bedroom. I believe the campfire flicker may be a load order issue, but I thought I would ask before rerunning Loot or moving plugins manually. Fort Greenwall campfire example: https://youtu.be/nVAEh43bY14
  6. Thanks for the responses I am glad to know there is a fix and I am going to try the fix for v1.9, but I took off with Darkladylexy suggestion that night as I have used that setup in SRLE before and it works really well, "I am not sure I will switch back even if v1.9 does start working because v2.5b is absolutely stunning.
  7. I have spent the last two hours trying to find a fix for this issue before I found this post by accident. My reasons are the same location's shown in the images above. If someone with more knowledge on this could give some input as to how to solve this it would be greatly appreciated. If I find out first I will definitely be posting the fix.
  8. Thanks for your response Eudeyrn, I agree with you 100% as that is how I interpreted the post. I started that process and after 3 merge rebuilds I noticed Relinker was now working and realized this was unmitigated "OPERATOR ERROR". In an effort to make my load order on the left side of Mod Organizer look pretty I preface all merges with the keyboard symbol Alt-16 (►►►) rather than simple dash marks. For some reason the second Relinker tried to read these symbols I received the error message above. So I moved all merges back to the mods folder and reloaded a back up copy of my profile then made changes to all of the symbols replacing them with dash marks and re ran Relinker with success. Awesome.
  9. I finally decided to come back to modding Skyrim again after 9 months of playing ESO, and after one week I have made it to the Relinker section of this guide and I am reciving this error message. File "<string>", line 268, in <module> File "c:\miniconda\envs\relinker\lib\encodings\cp437.py", line 19, in encode <class 'UnicodeEncodeError'>: 'charmap' codec can't encode characters in position 16-18: character maps to <undefined> Press Enter to exit... I have read thru the Relinker topics and searched thru this topic for some help and came across this suggestion below.... https://forum.step-project.com/topic/11168-relinker/?p=201045 I followed these instructions and re-ran Relinker (both ver40 and ver44) Relinker finishes with a message of 100% complete no merges found, but when adding back any merged plugin I get the above error once again. does anyone have any suggestions??
  10. Tried unchecking Batch copying assets in the merge tab and still not copying meshes/textures. I agree with the permissions issue hypothesis as my last good merge happened on 9-16-2016, but I can not for the life of me figure out why now. Things I have tried to this point - Run Merge plugins with administrator rights - Reinstall Champollion and papyrus patch - Enable and Disable include assets and copy scripts & batch copying in the settings -I have tried both Standalone/Scripted versions of Merge Plugins.All with the same results???? I have allowed the plugins to be merged and then copying all assets from merged mods into the merged folder with no negative results while testing, but proceeding up to higher levels before finding this to be a problem is a troublesome thought. I have the exact same experiance as Gutmaw's description above.. Meshes and textures are never copied Scripts are sometimes being copied. BUT scripts folders, often empty, and are always created in my merged folders. Sound and Interface files seem to copy over partially/sometimes
  11. Hello Guy's, I thought it might help to add the logs from my setup as well in hopes we can figure this issue out. My recent post concerning this issue My Merge Plugin log folder
  12. Hey Kelmych I appreciate your response, yes I stand corrected Merge Plugins (I guess I have called it Standalone since the day it was released for us to use). One example I have is ----- Bathing in Skyrim Merged Image https://imgur.com/DWCUkn1 In the above image you will see on the left is my new merge folder and it's content, and on the right is an older merge of the same mods, (The only difference is that Bathing in Skyrim has been updated since). I have a number of older mods merge's that will show the same differences from my new merge attempts. Second example is ----- Farmhouse Chimneys MergeAfter creating a new merge for this set of esp's I went into game and noticed non of the chimney's had any caps, so I took a look inside of the merge and again noticed there were not a meshes folders inside, so I used the older version of the merge and the problem was fixed. As I stated above I was alerted to the problem while testing, and received this error "Skyrim has crashed because an object reference with the form ID: 0X6F6E8, base form ID: 0XDB0048DF and type: 0X22 failed to produce loaded node most likely due to corrupted mesh or other reasons" and tracking it to a missing mesh that was supposed to be inside the merge "Landscapes Environment and Clutter Merge" and is clearly inside of the mod "Spice Of Life - Clutter - Fences v1.07 SRLE Extended" which is an included mod for this merge. The only thing that has changed lately was a forced update to my Windows 10, but I am unsure if that has had an effect. Things I have tried to this point - Run Merge plugins with administrator rights - Reinstall Champollion and papyrus patch - Un tick and Re tick include assets and copy scripts in the settings - Download and install Merge Plugins Script v1.9 All with the same results????
  13. Hi Guy's I have a slight issue with Merge Plugins Standalone v2.1.3 and v2.2.3, I was made aware of it by this error The ID for this corrupted mesh lead me to TES5Edit and showsID: 0X6F6E8 = "FenceWoven02 - LANDSCAPES ENVIROMENT AND CLUTTER MERGE" ID: 0XDB0048DF = "Spice Of Life - Clutter - Fences v1.07 SRLE Extended" Dyndolod's log file lead me to this error: So I open the merge folder and notice that there is not a meshes folder inside as it was not copied over by Merge Plugins Standalone. So I decided to download the new version and Re run all merges included inside SRLE Revisited and Extended that apply to my load order and I quickly noticed that the assets "I guess they would be called" are not populating the new merge mods. I am hoping anyone here has some suggestions as to what coulld be causing this to happen, I have been stuck for two day's now.
  14. Just as an FYI guy's I have been playing Enderal using Mod Organizer since the first day that it came out and I am enjoying it so much. I wanted to point to another video that also gives instructions on how to use Mod Organizer as the manager and the method I used before I saw the video (providing you have the space) only because I have learned so much from all of you in this forum. I am running Skyrim - Enderal and Skyrim - SRLE on the same drive with no problems what so ever. (Rename folders after set up is complete) The Dirty Weasel Media
  15. I did not even think of that @Neb but, I looked inside my MO profile right after creation and they were already populated there. Mod organizer must do that automagically as they are also inside the My Documents folder. Also I found this while looking thru the SureAi forum...... Compatible Mods https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1H-z3QUA_IB8Kr1JUXyewSW0xVz0y40ic0tpqhtzAiIw/edit#gid=1882936259
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