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  1. The basic answer is yes, you can redo the merge without it having any major effect on the game. It is possible that you may lose weapons from your inventory and storage through doing it, but ultimately it will not break your game. As for a new bashed patch, it is always recommended to re-create your bashed patch when you make any changes to mods at all, just to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  2. As for the gear, it gets distributed into the levelled lists. It does pay to read the guide while you install, so you know what each mod you're installing does.
  3. I wouldn't say that there are few quest mods... The mods that are in the guide are substantial mods of really high quality and well made (for example I think they are all voice acted). But yes, the plugin limit would definitely not help with trying to add more quest mods. The other contributing factor is that not all the quest mods would necessarily play nice with other mods in the guide. The ones that are in F&L have had patches made to specifically make them compatible for other mods such as ILO
  4. Basically the way the guide is set up (particularly for texture mods) is that the files that you want to be overwritten ARE overwritten. I'll explain using a simple example using generic names. TextureMod1 has 100 textures that have been redone. They are better than vanilla and so they are ok quality. TextureMod2 has 20 textures that are good quality. They overwrite 20 textures from TextureMod1 so you get 20 good textures and 80 ok textures. TextureMod3 has 30 textures that are great quality. 5 of these textures are overwrites in TextureMod2 and the other 25 are overwrites in TextureMod1. You then get 30 great quality textures, 15 good quality textures and 55 ok quality textures. If you were to install these textures in the reverse order (or they were listed in the left pane of MO in reverse order), your textures would all be from TextureMod1, because it overwrites the textures in the mods listed before it. Hope this helps you understand how priorities work. As for your question about the Holster mods, it could be a bit clearer in the guide. I'm not using them personally, but I believe you install the first mod, then merge the second mod into the first. They both use the Holster.esp file which would indicate that the second mod (better meshes or something like that) has to overwrite the esp file from the original holster mod.
  5. Turns out I had done it in the falloutprefs.ini, but not in the fallout.ini. I'll try that and see if it's any different. Do you know if it should show an immediate difference, or is it a cell load difference?
  6. When you attempt to merge the mods, does it say that some records aren't copied? An update for my playthough with my mod list: I almost had a heart attack when playing... my textures went transparent every now and then, and I was about to start beating my head on the desk when I realised something interesting... When a steam message pops up in the bottom right corner of the screen (Like "Jimbob is playing SomeGame") it causes most textures in game to go transparent. On the up side, I at least know why it's doing it when it does it, on the downside, means I need to disable notifications when I'm playing. Aside from that I've had one CTD on loading screen in about five or six hours of playing... I consider that acceptable. I've re-enabled NV Enhanced Camera and enjoying that thoroughly too. Only issue that I'm finding annoying, is that perhaps my statement about having no issues with FCO and NVR3 was incorrect. I'm getting fairly significant texture differences between heads and bodies. The neck seam concealer that adds necklaces does help a little, but even so, it is a mite frustrating. If someone can give me an idea on what is going to fix that, I'd appreciate it. Playing for the first time with Nevada Skies instead of Project Reality. I got my first dust storm tonight. Wow... it was intense. Visibility dropped to almost zero, and I pretty much had to 'take shelter' until the storm blew over. Was amazing.
  7. I've installed FCO+NVR3 exactly as it says to do in the guide. At this stage, I haven't seen any issues. On character creation it has all the extra bases for the different ethnicities, and when I went to Primm and into the sheriff's home, the bodies inside were as NVR3 makes them. I haven't checked the possible incompatibility with the Higher Companion Level Cap that has been mentioned, because I was just running around doing testing, and didn't come across any companions in that time. I'll keep updating as I play through, in case I find any issues with any of the other mods. At the moment, I'm strongly considering taking out Bottle That Water, as when I've looked at it in xEdit, it seems to overwrite some changes made by other mods that I'd prefer it didn't, and I don't think it is worth spending the time making the changes required.
  8. Solved the problem. Apparently previously MO unticked most of my bsa's, and I'm guessing with the new version of MO, it didn't like it. Once I ticked the bsa's in my Archives tab, it all worked fine. I haven't had a huge chance to play, and have been toying around with some mods to see what extra I can get working, but I seem to have it stable and working fine now. Impact seems to be working fine, along with SRB's patch for it. I can see that I'll need to play around with a few things with other mods I've added, but it's looking pretty good. To sum up, I'll post what's different to the guide below, in case anyone is interested. Removed: Electro-city Holster Ojo Bueno Nuka-Cola Machine Enhanced Camera (and associated patches) The Right to Bear Arms. Added: Lucky 38 Suite Reloaded Mobile Truck Base Thin HUD - JIP CC&C Stimpack Counter Simple Street Lights (Extra Lights Version) Russell Armored Bounty Hunter Duster, Black Leather Armored Duster and JaySuS Rogue Ranger Coats (all merged into one esp) IMPACT Improved Auto Ironsights Animations Puce Moose Tweak and Balance Center (Responsive Kill Reactions and Tougher Vehicles only) Essential ED-E and Rex Realistic Weapon Damages (and Unofficial Update) Bottle That Water Alternative Repairing (Merged Additional Campfires, NVInteriors, NVInteriors Combo Edition and Ultimate Edition esps) Manual Reload Total comes out at 136 plugins, and appears to be stable. I may also add a few more weapons, which I should be able to merge into one of the Additional Weapons plugins. The only things I'm not sure about are bash tags for some of the merges I've done that aren't in the guide.
  9. Well I'm trying to test, but for some reason, my game is crashing on startup, and I'm suspecting that it's a plugin limit issue, as I was sitting at 141 esm and esp's. I'm now down to 137 (got rid of DEIMOS, ElectroCity and the Poco Bueno vending machine) but still no luck. It isn't a missing master issue (have run xEdit repeatedly with no errors reported, and nothing coming up as a missing master in MO) so I guess I'm gonna have to keep butchering mods until I get it working... Edit: I've got my plugin count to 127 (getting over rebuilding bashed patch actually!) and I'm still crashing on startup, so I'm not sure where my issue is. Guess I'm going to be removing mods one by one until I find the offending mod.
  10. Odd, I have never had these sorts of issues with ElectroCity, and I've been using it for a long time. It has been a go-to mod for many people for ages, and I've never seen anyone else have the issue either. Not to mention I don't understand why ElectroCity would be causing these issues... so far as I am aware, it doesn't change any ground textures.
  11. Aha! I thought that might have been what you meant, but thought maybe there was something to do with IMPACT and some kind of mod that was recommended to go with that. Thanks for clearing that up. :)
  12. Transparency Textures mod? Did I miss something? I have EssArrBee's patch, not entirely sure where exactly to put it in the load order, but I'm sure I can work it out (unless EssArrBee is able to provide some enlightenment to save some time).
  13. Removing TRTBA is probably not such a bad idea, while I can see the appeal to it delevelling NV a bit, if it makes it too easy to get really good weapons too early, I don't think keeping it is such a good idea. Delevelling can be both a good and a bad thing. One thing I found in Skyrim, is that using various mods made the progression through weapon types far too fast (you'd use an iron sword for an hour before replacing it with a steel sword, which you'd use for an hour, then replace with an orcish sword or sometimes even skip over materials) which I didn't enjoy. As for replacing the RWL mod with RWLE, I personally don't see an issue in it (it isn't actually part of the main guide, but on the weather mods page that EssArrBee has been working on), but it might be wise to wait until EssArrBee is ready to link the weather/lighting mod page to the main guide before messing around there. The other thing is you'd also need to make sure the mod is compatible with all the other mods, and has compatibility patches, and those compatibility patches then can't blow out the mod limit. Unfortunately it often isn't as simple as "install this mod instead of this mod". I'm about to finish putting together my load order with IMPACT included, I'll let you know how I go when I get it finished. I should know in a few days, when I get a chance to a) finish the load order and b) get some time to play. EssArrBee has said that he's used it a bit with the F&LNV guide and it worked fine, and I trust him. I'll make a point to stick it in my load order ASAP. Thanks for checking that out! I haven't had a chance to do so as yet, between work, sleep and family stuff.
  14. I think it looks great, but yeah, same as above. If it is another plugin on top of the existing plugins, it's going to be hard to justify it over other possible mods. But if it can either be merged, a replacer or textures, then I'd say it should definitely be added to F&LNV.
  15. There are a couple of mods that I am (trying to, at least) putting in my load order that I think might do well in the guide. One of them I'm not sure is needed, as it may have been covered in another mod, and another I'm not sure is compatible with another mod yet. Manual Reload - This mod is fantastic for realism, but doesn't detract from anything. It remembers how many rounds you had left in your current clip, so if you fire a few rounds, then swap to another weapon and back, instead of being full, you'll have a half full clip. Also doesn't automatically reload when you finish your clip. You only reload when you say to reload. Missing Ammo Recipes - Adds some handloads that should probably have already been in the game. Not sure if this is covered under another mod or not. Someone might be able to enlighten me. Alternative Repairing - Gives a good robust repair system that uses various items to repair weapons and armour, instead of just like weapons (not compatible with PN repair system, which can easily be disabled in the mod menu). Improved Automatic Ironsights Animations - Does what it says, not sure if it would be compatible with Enhanced Camera, but is compatible with WAR. Realistic Weapon Damages - Great mod that makes the game more challenging. Compatible with all weapon mods, as it doesn't change how much damage weapons do, but instead how that damage is applied (for example, most things can be killed with a headshot, as you'd expect) and applies to both NPCs and the player. Mobile Truck Base - Gives an alternative immersive way to avoid fast travel. Instead allows fast travel between certain locations, and has storage that is fully compatible with Sortomatic.
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