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  1. Hi, I had to reinstall Windows 7. I saved my entire Users\username folder, and, the Program Files (x86) \ STEAM folder, and the LOOT folder. This was to help preserve any game saves, mods, and so on. I had Mod Organizer install mods deep in the Steam \ Skyrim folder. I've already installed Steam, downloaded/installed Skyrim, cleaned UPDATE.ESM. Now I want to know if I can install Mod Organizer, point it to where the mods are under Skyrim,and go back to the point where I was before I had to reinstall Windows. As if loading up Skyrim the day before all this mess happened. IS this possible, and if so, I apologize if it's written anywhere but I haven't been able to find it. Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers.
  2. Circling back to post 110 and 111 about the Shield of Ysgramor, and Tech saying it was in the Content Addon for AMidianBorn Book of Silence piece. That addon states it requires dragonborn. I don't have any SR DLC. It's really annoying having a nice hi-res weapon in your right hand, and a low res shield in your left. Is there a way to get this to match the quality of other textures?
  3. Hello, I searched torches disappear, torches, torch missing... I couldn't find anything so I post here. I've installed a STEP core + some extended and RLO (only non-step mod). I noticed that my torches seem to just disappear randomly. I can attest to this by reloading a save game, and the torch may go for 20 more minutes than it previously did, or, it may just disappear right then and there. I can't seem to pinpoint when it disappears, but it does seem to happen when my hand holding the torch comes close to an object (clipping?) BOOM, it goes out, and it's removed from my inventory. I don't know why or how, but the first time I made my bashed patch (pre RLO) the bashed patch made trapsmakenoise.esp unchecked in mod organizer (when firing it back up), so, I left it unchecked. After installing RLO, I did another bashed patch, and it appears to have rechecked, so, I left it rechecked. I'm stating this b/c i'm not sure if this mod is the cause. I can tell you that it doesn't happen around traps (I've only encountered 3 traps so far in the game). I don't want to believe that RLO is causing this (obviously) but there is no evidence RLo can interfere with equipped objects (not that I read). HEEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPP.
  4. Enter VRAM total in Megabytes. For 23bit VideoMemorySizeMb equals the amount of VRAM (2GB VRAM = 2048). For 64bit systems use the formula: (VRAM + RAM) - 2048. The example below is for a 64bit system with 2GB VRAM and 8GB system RAM. (Refer to one of the photos above) see error?
  5. Possible instructions are missing? This mod installs a BWS.esp plugin. However, if MO is managing BSA's (instructed to do so in the MO guide), the litle broom shows in the plugin list and states it should be unchecked and esp move to optional. Or, are instructions missing because the ESP is truly needed to work in tandem with AOS (conflict)? <--- I know, that didn't make sense. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks.
  6. I tend to over analyze things hence I was confused on what to delete here. Perhaps an edit to the instructions at the bottom should be considered for more detail (to explain Only the root dlc01 folder directly under <data> needs to be deleted)? Original Instructions: Users: Both Fomod installers incorrectly add a bogus dlc01 directory which should be removed.
  7. Instructions: Users: Both Fomod installers incorrectly add a bogus dlc01 directory which should be removed. I'm assuming the root DLC01 and the MESHESDLC01 get removed?
  8. I believe you're referring to the 'optional' downloads (you said linked on page). I'm not referring to optional files on the page, I'm referring to the optional FOLDER during installation of both mods. Earlier in this topic, others mentioned it, but wasn't sure if i should untick the optional folder or not.
  9. Hi, I read all six pages of this section, and neither STEP:core guide nore the posts in this form suggest what to install. There seem to be hints here that no optionals (from both faces and underwar) get installed, but nothing concrete. So..... to follow a core install, install no optionals from either download? Is that correct?
  10. I apologize for being a nuissance. I do use LOOT. LOOT doesn't appear to be sorting correctly based on mod author suggestions and STEP suggestions (where applicable), and I can provide some of this info if requested (where i got it and what it says to do). I read all mod author's pages load suggestions and STEP load suggestions where listed, and took some good notes. I'm trying to do the work in getting a correct STEP: core load order based on the info provided; IE trying to give back to the community. STEP does state to read all authors pages and information as it's there for a reason, right?? Although LOOT gets some setups 100%, it is not guaranteed; as in my case. Gopher states it in his LOOT video, even the Unofficial SKyrim Patch team hints at this "For getting load order set with other mods loaded, please use LOOT. It will provide you a solid starting point for everything that you can then tweak as needed." I asked how I could help. I thought this would be a good starting ground because a complete and correct load order using author suggestions and STEP suggestions while installing STEP: core is not available.
  11. Any recommendation on load order for Moss Rocks.esp? (STEP recommended SIMM version install) Mod Author's page doesn't state anything specific.
  12. Hi vurt, or anyone else, not sure if this was mentioned in a previous page. On the description for Skyrim Flora Overall in STEP core AND on mod page from Nexus, there is no mention about load order. Does it matter when Skyrim Flora Overhaul.esp is loaded? Any recommendations?
  13. So I tested thoroughly last night with different combinationss I found a setting that seems to reduce the bottom end frame dip around 20% and keeps overall FPS at 60 MUCH longer. I tried all different combinations of ReservedMemorySizeMb where VideoMemorySizeMB was either 10240, or 8192 (using max or using formula 2). I have 16384MB System Memory and 2GB Vram. Playing with increments of 64 meg from 0 to 1024 on ReservedMemorySizeMB, I found that the system gave me very noticable improvement using VideoMemorySizeMB=10240 and VideoMemorySizeMB=512. I do understand Boris states that using afterburner is not supported when using ENboost (or is it ENB?? whatever) but I noticed my Vram usage never goes above about 1.5GB during opening sequence, it just stays flat. Not sure if this is normal. I'll have to get done with step and look at these numbers while playing.
  14. Techangel, please don't shoot me b/c I'm soooo annoying :D One can not learn without asking questions. It says in the guide: Anisotropic filtering mode Anisotropic filtering is a texture filtering technique that improves clarity of textures when those textures are viewed at an angle such as when walking down a path or viewing water from the shore. It is recommended to force AF through the drivers. When doing this, turn off anisotropic filtering on the Skyrim launcher. The recommended setting to force anisotropic filtering is User-defined / Off. My dumb question is: If setting this to user-defined /off in Nvida Inspector, how do you force it through the driver? I'm thinking this IS forcing it through the driver, just the verbiage is throwing me off, and if I'm wrong, please correct me. Thanks.
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