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  1. UPDATE I have noticed after a bit of testing that when I use the 'kill' command when selecting my character, he just falls on his kneels like an essential NPC instead of ragdolling. I tested on an earlier save and I did ragdoll and the death message came up. I feel it's almost definitely related.
  2. I have just started playing STEP:Extended with the Everything + The Kitchen Sink pack. I was clearing out and bandit cave and when I left, I tried talking to a load of NPCs and all they say is "Yes?" with no dialogue options (seems to be everyone); their mouth is moving but with no audio. I have no idea what caused this. If I go back to the my first save just after Live another life, its fine. I have provided my loadorder and modlist.
  3. dw I fixed it, just a problem with the ENB settings
  4. Could anyone help me. I've spent hours trying to fix this, when I load a new game after installing everything this is what I see: I have attached my loadlist and modorder but I think they are correct. The problem is I started a new game fine before, and there were some missing textures in the rooms of the Sleeping Giant Inn; and now starting it up again, this happens.
  5. No, maybe that is why. Is there a guide I can use?
  6. I have finally finished installing all of the STEP:Core mods. I load up a brand new game and yay, some nice texture glitches. Does anyone know what mod/whatever is causing these?
  7. I checked and there was no .esp file installed so I went into the archive of Skyfalls and Skymills and copied the .esp file straight out of there. Maybe there is something wrong with the fomod? idk...
  8. On the recommended install page for Skyfalls and Skymills it says that there is a meta rule for it that it has to be loaded after DistantDetailHF however in my Mod Organiser there is no esp file for Skyfalls and Skymills. I have tried uninstalling it, downloading it again and installing using the recommended settings and still no esp?
  9. Is STEP:Extended needed for this? I currently only have STEP:Core mods.
  10. noob question: Is the STEP Mod Anthology all of the mods that are compatble with STEP:Core because I really want to install mods like SPERG without using any of the STEP:Packs?
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