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  1. Hello, I don't think you can use a glow texture with the Tree_Anim, flutter, flag enabled, so I'd unflag that. I did have a quick look in the files, and I noticed there was already a nirnroot_g.dds texture with glowing veins that looks to be unused. Now that's most likely just because they preferred to have the wind animation enabled, so that's that mystery solved. Your transparency issue could be a number of things. It looks like vertex alpha, mesh transparency, to me though. I'd first try clicking the BSTriShape, clicking the flag under Vertex Desc, unchecking the Colors flag and then saving. You can unflag vertex colors under the shader flags, but sometimes that doesn't do anything for some reason. Edit: It's worth noting that I would also, under BSLightingShaderProperty, unflag Vertex_Alpha and Vertex_Colors under both shaders just to clean everything up. On top of this, if your glowing veins are white in the texture, you can simply use the Emissive Color property to tweak the colour values without setting a specific colour in the texture itself. I think that's then much easier to make tweaks later on.
  2. My bad, I just clicked the thread and then you were talking about both above and I thought it would be okay to ask here. I was just wondering if there would be a limitation or something for skinned meshes, but now I have just remembered that dragons have a distant model swap in Skyrim. So I ask: Have you thought about creating a process that adds a faraway model to creatures?
  3. Random question sheson: I know this supports objects with keyframe animation, but does it support skinned and flutter object animation? Thanks!
  4. I actually will take a look then if they are updating it a bunch still. I'm sure it won't be too freaky once you learn how the AI works? I just honestly usually don't like stuff like that in generally (movies too), but I played Alien Isolation and I finished it. I know that's not really the same thing as this game, but I do give things a shot and I sometimes enjoy them. I'm open minded in that regard. The only problem at the moment is I have a bunch of Steam games that I need to finish off before I start something else. I'm slowly working through them and currently playing Cities: Skylines at the moment. Building a nice town in a valley and then destroying it with a tidalwave of poop is weirdly satisfying.
  5. I watched a YouTuber named Robbaz play this a while back, but it always looked really buggy and generally too freaky for me (looks like I Am Legend monsters on an island). Has it been updated a lot since then? I know on a lot of these games the dev team just gives up and runs off with the money after so long. Have you played Subnautica baron? That would be right up your alley by the sounds of things. The only game I have ever picked up in Early Access before it fully released. I'm not a big fan of survival games, but that game is just awesome to me for some reason. Another random recommendation: Slime Rancher. It looks like a game for kids, but it's so damn relaxing and even has a story going on in the background. It also has quite a bit of depth being you can genetically engineer slimes later on. That's a walking simulator though isn't it? If so, no thanks! I like how they posted this though: https://p3d.in/Cadwc+welcome
  6. Step 1: Download Unreal Engine 4 Step 2: Learn how to import your assets into it Step 3: Be amazed at how easy the last step was Step 4: View the metric tonne of tutorials for material creation Step 5: Be amazed at how intuitive and easy the last step was Step 6: Do your assets look Unreal ™? Export to Skyrim Step 7 (Optional): Shed a tear as you leave all those awesome modern tools and features behind After that you need some sort of NIF exporter (there's usually some on Nexus) for either Blender or 3DS MAX to get your stuff into Skyrim. In your case, make statics or weapons first as they won't cause you to have a mental breakdown as you try to get them working correctly. The best place for tutorials is still probably Nexus Wiki. Don't forget to ask for help on the dedicated Bethesda modding sections of certain sites either.
  7. Especially when there's probably a billion other better stock photos that cost peanuts. Hell, they could have just stuck a spotlight in the middle of the current one and DOF'd the rest out. So it's not as good as you had hoped? How far is it off the STEP Messiah MO? I'm having to ask as I only usually ever play with a small amount of mods in every game and mod managers are only slightly useful as a result.
  8. Is it weird that my only thought was that the jagged red curtains look like melting plastic and that they aren't casting shadows on the 90's FMV wooden floor?
  9. I just want to say while I am here sheson that it's fantastic all the support you offer for your mod. I notice it every time I am around and you are super patient and helpful. Just wanted to finally say that as I am sure it can feel unforgiving and thankless sometimes.
  10. I'll be the only appreciative one (as it only takes seconds) and thank you for letting us know. I only update this every 6 months give or take, so spotting this is very nice. Cheers!
  11. You did? I'm sure you told me you were not sure or you needed to test them first. I don't see why they shouldn't be default as the ones in RWT now just make the splashes bigger. I'm sure I tweaked that and a hell of a lot more. Or you could mean you added my extra placements of these waves from my plugin in the Skyrim world? You are pretty cryptical at times so who knows? ;)
  12. I gave permission for my art assets to be moved into RWT for SSE. Tech actually handles RWT now. I can only explain my removal to be the intention to have things go into RWT to begin with. It just look a long time as other things have gotten in the way and I lost a bit of interest. If I would have stuck with the effects only (my fave), my interest might not have tanked. Your issue brings up a good point for the inclusion of my animated wave meshes that I keep trying to get Tech to include. :P With the ones currently in RWT, they still retain default horrid colouring and opacity. It can look dreadful with certain lighting tweaks.
  13. Thought it was Lumberyard now with Amazon? Or has Crytek somehow gained traction again? I really don't keep up! Are you planning to add gameplay or is this an art project through and through? Looks very swish regardless!
  14. I mean it is easy to list the bad, but I was just so underwhelmed I thought it needed to be said. I do like the specific roles this time around and I do like the fact that I can be a Specialist and top the leaderboard. Usually support and long range gets lost in the dust in other games. The progression is not too bad, but you will certainly have to play quite a lot if you don't want to spend anything. At least you get a crate for logging in everyday. I'll try your star fighter tip for sure as that mode is pretty fun otherwise. I mean, no one really ever goes for the objective, but I guess that is more for me! I didn't want to mention the post processing because you can get around that on PC, but it does make things look super blurry with things like CA on, yes. It's not just that though I feel. It looks like they used more traditional techniques this time around instead of lots and lots of photo scanning. The environments just don't seem as realistic which may be due to developing for the lowest common denominator (Xbox One is 900p dynamic this time instead of a paltry 720p I think). Heroes do look a bit off sometimes for sure. They can also be a bit OP if you keep running off and getting your health back. This is a problem because a person will hog a hero the whole game if they are slightly competent. Shooting Darth Maul down to 25% health only for him then to run away and camp makes me not want to bother attacking him. In the first game they were OP, but I enjoyed hunting and getting the jump on them. It has grown on me slightly since I posted the above, but it still feels rather 'off'. I know it is a old build, but it is near completion and yet it feels like an alpha. Hopefully blaster fire can be drastically improved by launch like you say. And please DICE don't add bactas in every class or something equally stupid. It's so refreshing no seeing everyone with jump packs too! This made me laugh:
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