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  1. If it works outside of MO but not inside MO, then it could likely be an issue with your mods or a INIs. Try enabling debug logging in MO and post said logs here. https://github.com/Modorganizer2/modorganizer/wiki has information on where to find the logs.
  2. First step is to go/look over the steps listed here: https://github.com/Modorganizer2/modorganizer/wiki/Troubleshooting - does any of that help you?
  3. What version of Mod Organizer 2? (The latest build on GitHub is 2.1.3, there's a newer and more stable version available in the Discord.) It might also be helpful if you'd provide the logs from a run that gives the error you're seeing.
  4. Just move them to your (game)/Data/ folder. Or remove them and run the game without Mod Organizer and the game will download them to the Data directory itself.
  5. Because Mod Organizer's (1 & 2 both) current internal setup only supports "knowing" one category id (the numbers used on Nexus to identify the categories) to category names (the textual representation that you read) mapping at a time… or something like that. The issue is mentioned in a comment on an issue in GitHub—I'm sure it's also been reported on its own, but I can't find it currently. This issue for MO1 comes close at least and has some links for instructions on how to "fix" it.
  6. I'm curious if anyone has tried this process under Linux or another *nix using MinGW (or similar)? Python, CMake, 7zip, ... are all readily available on all common (and pretty much all uncommon) distributions, so only the MSVC bit stands in the way of being cross-compiled.
  7. No, it's still broken: https://github.com/TanninOne/modorganizer/issues/1058 https://github.com/LePresidente/modorganizer/issues/91 Yes. Note that while most INI settings can be set in "ini mods" (I assume you mean mods that have both "mod name.esp" and "mod name.ini"), not all can be set there, and not all make sense to set there. (E.g., setting INI settings to skip the game loading video in those INI files will not take effect, as the files are not loaded until you start the save game, well after the intro video will have run.)
  8. What version of MO2 are you using? is known to have issues with long paths, so assuming your expanded mods are in "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Mod Organizer 2\Skyrim Special Edition\mods\..." that's some pretty long paths already, not even considering how the paths will be further increased by long mod names and mods with lots of deeply nested loose files. See https://github.com/LePresidente/modorganizer/issues/82 and https://github.com/LePresidente/modorganizer/issues/85 I personally have MO2 itself (the executable) install in its default install path, but have its "downloads", "mods", "cache", etc. directories on another drive, as X:\MO\FO4\{mods,downloads,cache,...} (I'm playing Fallout 4, you would probably want "SSE") and I haven't encountered the bug reported in the mentioned issues.
  9. What .exe file won't it recognise? Did you try running it both directly from the interface as well as making a shortcut for it and run it through that? (Also, you can have 2.0.7 and 2.0.8.x installed side-by-side, you don't have to use one or the other.) Funny thing is, I just can't see anything else as an option without the virtualisation features that MO(2) has, so if MO(2) is not an option, that means there are no options at all. Sad. Either way, saying it's not an option isn't helping Boge get it working. No one's claiming that MO2 is a polished program yet. Everywhere it's up for download it specifically says that the release "is for testers only." If you're not willing to put up with a bit of tinkering, then yes, don't use it, but if you are, then this here place is as fine as any to get help with said tinkering. (And said tinkering is much less pain than not having the virtualised file system.)
  10. What version of MO2? What Windows version? Here are a couple of the workarounds I'm finding myself using with MO2: 1) For LOOT, it just won't launch if I run directly from MO2, but it will run fine if I make an MO2 shortcut and launch LOOT through that. Try that. 2) For f4se_launcher.exe, I can't get it to launch properly with MO 2.0.8.x - it does run fine if run from MO 2.0.7's interface though (but not if I make an MO 2.0.7 shortcut). So try using another version. (If you're on 2.0.7, try 2.0.8.x. If you're on 2.0.8.x, try 2.0.7.) The 2.0.7 version can be gotten from Tannin's GitHub: https://github.com/TanninOne/modorganizer/releases 2.0.8.x can be gotten from Nexus or LePresidente's GitHub: https://github.com/LePresidente/modorganizer/releases
  11. Yes, it's true that mods downloaded via the Bethesda.net platform won't be managed by Mod Organizer, however, MO reads the non-virtual Data folder just fine, which is where any Beth.net plugins will land, so you can still see them in MO and be able to move them around in your load order. One of the major benefits of MO is how it can keep a clean Data folder. This is not possible per se when using Beth.net to get mods, but OTOH, all Beth.net mods will be neatly packaged with "ModName.esp" and "ModName - Stuff.ba2" files, so the clutter from a ton of mods with loose files overwriting each other is not really a thing for Beth.net mods, so if you manually wish to remove something, you can just delete "My Awesome Mod.esp" and any "My Awesome Mod - *.ba2" files in the Data folder. PS. The UFO4P is also available on Nexus among other places: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/4598
  12. Freso


    Fallout 4 introduced a new way to manager load order, namely the format of "plugins.txt" changed to allow for both active and inactive plugins to be listed. (For games prior to FO4, all plugins given in plugins.txt were active.) However, a few tools still haven't been updated to support this newer format. MO2 is one of these tools: https://github.com/LePresidente/modorganizer/issues/87
  13. The problem is that Mod Organizer hasn't been updated to deal with Fallout 4's new plugins.txt format: https://github.com/LePresidente/modorganizer/issues/87 Personally, I just have MO2 remove any plugin files that I'm not going to use (either disabling their mod or moving the .esp/.esm into "optional").
  14. There's a "Smash.All" setting in git that will almost certainly be included in the next Smash release: https://github.com/matortheeternal/smash/tree/master/frontend/settings/Fallout4 Edit: I've been using it (by copying it into the current 0.4.1 release) and it seems to work as well as can be expected.
  15. Darn. :( I guess I'll have to chug copies of all the main files around then. Thanks for the reply, zilav!
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