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  1. Hmm. I may have figured it out. It seems to be what I would consider an annoying mini quest added by "Convinient Horses." Okay so, I can get rid of that maybe. If that doesn't work I will get back to you on that screenshot and list. Will update either way. On an unrelated note...I went ahead and tried to use the Vividian ENB file. As this series of posts suggest, I probably shouldn't have. It likes to crash an awful lot and I don't see much of a change in graphics. Hopefully I can reign that back. Or figure out what I screwed up. Maybe rebuild the dual sheath redux patch? Sigh. Can't tell if it was accidentally moving two folders out of the mod folder that I shouldn't have (vividian) or doing the patch but....I think everything may actually be working now? I will now try to find time to play the game rather than fight its files and if it works click on solved.
  2. Derp. It was me. There's a secondary file for the weapons and armor mod so it plays nicely with the closed helmet mod. I forgot it. I'm still quite open to suggetions about how to get rid of the darn whistle whistle whistle text choice in every NPC dialog box
  3. Cool, I had no idea. I will do that now. I waited 31 days by the way. I was unclear. And here is where my eyes cross....it doesn't list any missing mods. That said, the file seems to think it has the whistle for a horse mod installed based on a "whistle, whistler or whistle" text choice. Something screwy in that file. I have now used the SKYRIM Save cleaner (didn't click on boxes for Cells, dead or leveled NPCs). Still no head. And the whistle dialog remains. Even though I am only using MO now. Wondering if a skyrim file got corrupted? Wouldn't know which file. No chance I overwrote a file that I need to write back to regain my head due to adding that amidian add on file later than I should have? Sigh.
  4. Hmm. Waiting thirty days did not return my steel helmet head. Either it is weird mod interactions with the old save file or....I had to add back the book of silence addon file because I missed it. Any chance that I need to reload a chain of files so I can get my head back?
  5. So, I took the advice and redid everything using only MO. Thanks, it seems to work. Now, the last save file....well....I may have to start the game over if I can't find my head. Going to see if i can clean the save up like suggested earlier in the thread.
  6. Thanks for that. Steam fixed 8/9 screwy files. There is one left it assures me it will fix. But it has been sitting here for at least an hour or two and the file isn't updated. Maybe I should go back to the step guide and see if it told me to save a 'pure' version of an ini file or something. No. It turns out that all the stuff that went into my save files makes them broken. It let me start a new game that I immediately jumped out of. I will try to clean the save file. Kind of putting me off want to play this game again. Nice, the save cleaner that was suggested requires that I be in that save...but it crashes before it loads.
  7. Thanks, I appreciate the patience with me. I don't blame STEP I guess, more my interactions with STEP. Well, maybe I blame it a little. In some cases, I'm guessing NMM didn't leave me with the original binaries to import, so I had hoped MO was a little more robust, eh. The import function had a much longer list of mods when I did the NMM import and it apparently could 'see' them in the real data folder. They only disappeared when I removed them from the data folder. Meanwhile, I guess I'll try to find out what causes the mostly vanilla installation without the mods to crash now ever time I try to open the game.
  8. Okay, thanks for the suggestions. I uninstalled NMM. I removed the list of mods in the data folder. MO now recognizes 34 mods to load. If I could put the mods that it does not recognize (the ones that I moved out of the data folder) into its virtual data folder perhaps I'd get somewhere. I don't know. I get the same crash as I did when I removed the mods from the data folder. Found the folder. Moving stuff over. My set up seems all wonky anyway, might as well. As you may have guessed, MO doesn't recognize I put anything in its mod folder. Okay...looking like a clean install of everything or just wash my hands of STEP. Eh.
  9. Okay. I will keep that in mind about ENBoost and revisit. I have not uninstalled NWM, but I uninstalled the mods that steam added. I also made sure they were not checked in MO. When I pulled all of the mods that weren't on your list from the data folder, and used MO to open from multiple exe options (SKSE, etc), it immediately crashed. This was after moving the mods acccording to MO, supposedly, and using Loot to sort them, as well as letting MO check for conflicts in order, etc. I can try adding back the four steam mods.
  10. Okay, so I've been playing with mods. The only new thing I can say is that the problem with purple glowing ceilings and clothing is intermitent. I've also noted that if I start in one of the inns, the textures seem to load okay in the ceiling and the clothes. So the fault lies somewhere in the handoff between loaded areas. So....any more ideas? Should I just do a clean install of the darn application and only add a few mods? I'm in a foreign country. It would take way too long for me to do the whole step install from scratch. Regarding "map mods you're using? Made sure ENBoost is working properly via it's .ini settings" : Okay...I don't know if I installed ENBoost. I think that I looked at it and decided it was a whole world of convoluted pain that I didn't want to touch. Is that critical to this whole endevour? Also, I just went through the step guide and I don't see any map mods that would be applicable to this issue.
  11. Thanks. I did exactly what you said to do (after removing the four steam mods). Unfortunately, now it crashes at icon if I open it with steam, skse, or mod organizer... So that may not have gone to plan. Adding all the files back (and there were many) to the data folder got it to work until the amazing crash point. I'd like to try turning off the hi res stuff, but I just realized there isn't a very clear list on this thread. So...no guesses as to which of the STEP mods would rely on SKSE and modify ceilings and character clothing? I still think there are probably like 1-3 mods that have to turn off and this might all magically go away.
  12. So...I imported into MO. I didn't delete the Nexus manager, but I didn't let it keep the files either. And it crashes when I try to enter the hall. Something must be resource heavy as it also loss some frames going up some stairs. Used loot to organize everything...kind of thinking maybe I should just yank most of these mods out and give up. I will try removing the hi res textures that were suggested in the hopes that does something. Maybe see if steam is trying to cram some mods into the set up as well.
  13. Hmm, Okay. Thanks. Okay. So....try to find the mods that NWM has and save them, turn all of them off in NMM, try to import into MO and then delete NWM. Or something? I'll try turning off those hi res textures again...was hoping that everything being okay when SKSE wasn't on would give you folks a hint. And I just bought this PC a few months ago so I kind of doubt it is the VRAM, but who knows. Thank you.
  14. Thanks, I'm probably 12 hours off from most of you at the moment. I'll try to look at this tonight. I can't remember the name of the MO files, but I think I removed it already. I'll keep trying to find it. So I've been using NMM. I suppose if I ditch it I have to redo the entire STEP install?
  15. Hey, This is an old thread, but work called me away.... So I went back to my save file and the problem was fixed. But I realized why it was fixed SKSE was shut down. I installed SKSE again and....same darn issue. Glowing clothes, glowing ceiling (which I think means those aren't working). And then...I tried to open that room and the program crashed. To my mind, this means whatever is causing the problem relies on SKSE...but I don't see an obvious culprit. I'll try to be fast about telling people what the heck is going on if anyone takes a crack at it.
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