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  1. WOOP WOOP, everything is working now. The argument didn't work, but I installed the Darnified UI and the text is back on (different font, but that's OK). I didn't mess with the ini files at all and just tryied it and it IS WORKING, mods are there, everything... Just a note. I tryied to install "Project Nevada" mod before the Darnified UI and the Project Nevada itself didn't help - text was still missing. There is obviously some collision between these two, but I noticed there are some patches. I won't bother you with that, I should manage. So to sum it up: - I installed the game through Steam (I have Czech version - although I let it install in English), then proceeded according to the STEP (https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Essarrbee/FalloutNewVegas) untill I reached "Quests" section - Then I added an Argument to the FNV4GB in MO settings saying: "-SteamAppID 22490" without the quotations - Then I installed the Darnified UI through MO (https://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1131897-wipzbeta-darnified-ui-nv/ - download section) and didn't add anything to any .ini files Thank you so much guys, you all have been a great help to me. Kudos ;)
  2. Well, I don't have any UI changing mod installed yet (I have only Enhanced Camera and Weapons of Millenia - just to try if the mods work in general), but that shouldn't be the problem, since I installed the game in English. This goes for the menu also (https://www.flickr.com/photos/90181404@N05/14712883578/) weird... :/
  3. @GSDFan Yes, I have Czech version. The checking "Overwrite Steam Appid" didn't work, but I've put it as an argument to the 4GB for NV and the mods work, but there's different problem. There is no text in the whole game, nothing in the menu, no dialogs, no inventory showed, here is a screen what for example Pipboy looks like: https://www.flickr.com/photos/90181404@N05/14897758445/
  4. @GSDFanThanks for trying to help me out. Yes, the game runs without a problem, but the installed mods don't show up in the game, just like if you would run a vanilla game. The console command showed that the NVSE version is "4". I did the whole "free commander" thing and it did show "Weapons of Millenia" mod in the data folder... All the NVSE logs you mentioned were created, here's the spoiler: [spoiler=nvse.log]NVSE runtime: initialize (version = 4.2.3 040020D0 01CFB61E6E96A7F5)imagebase = 00400000fallout root = e:$aaagamessteamsteamappscommonFallout New Vegas enplczruconfig path = e:$aaagamessteamsteamappscommonFallout New Vegas enplczruDataNVSEnvse_config.iniplugin directory = e:$aaagamessteamsteamappscommonFallout New Vegas enplczruDataNVSEPluginschecking plugin e:$aaagamessteamsteamappscommonFallout New Vegas enplczruDataNVSEPluginsnvac.dllplugin e:$aaagamessteamsteamappscommonFallout New Vegas enplczruDataNVSEPluginsnvac.dll (00000001 NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash 07000000) loaded correctlychecking plugin e:$aaagamessteamsteamappscommonFallout New Vegas enplczruDataNVSEPluginssr_New_Vegas_Stutter_Remover.dllplugin e:$aaagamessteamsteamappscommonFallout New Vegas enplczruDataNVSEPluginssr_New_Vegas_Stutter_Remover.dll (00000001 sr_New_Vegas_Stutter_Remover 00004124) loaded correctlymax id = 000015B5patchedinit completeHook_DirectInput8Create_ExecuteNVSE DLL DoPreLoadGameHook: autosave.fosReading mod list from co-saveLoading array variablesLoading stringsNVSE DLL DoLoadGameHook: autosave.fosplugin didn't finish reading chunkNVSE DLL DoPostLoadGameHook: autosave.fos [spoiler=nvse_loader.log]nvse loader 04020030 01CFB61E6BDED0C5procPath = E:$AAAGamesSteamsteamappscommonFallout New Vegas enplczruFalloutNV.exelaunching: FalloutNV.exe (E:$AAAGamesSteamsteamappscommonFallout New Vegas enplczruFalloutNV.exe)dwSignature = FEEF04BDdwStrucVersion = 00010000dwFileVersionMS = 00010004dwFileVersionLS = 0000020DdwProductVersionMS = 00010004dwProductVersionLS = 0000020DdwFileFlagsMask = 00000017dwFileFlags = 00000000dwFileOS = 00000004dwFileType = 00000001dwFileSubtype = 00000000dwFileDateMS = 00000000dwFileDateLS = 00000000version = 000100040000020Dsteam exehook call addr = 00ECC46Bload lib addr = 00FDF0B0dll = E:$AAAGamesSteamsteamappscommonFallout New Vegas enplczrunvse_1_4.dllmain thread id = 3220hookBase = 001E0000loadLibraryAAddr = 753F499Fhook thread completelaunching [spoiler=nvse_steam_loader.log]nvse loader 04020030 (steam) 01CFB61E6E5AFDA5GetSystemTimeAsFileTime IAT = 00FDF184original GetSystemTimeAsFileTime = 753F34C9patched GetSystemTimeAsFileTime = 562C24A0GetStartupInfoA IAT = 00FDF190original GetStartupInfoA = 753F0E00patched GetStartupInfoA = 562C24C0InstallHook: thread = 5124 retaddr = 00EDDBD7appPath = e:$aaagamessteamsteamappscommonFallout New Vegas enplczruFalloutNV.exedwSignature = FEEF04BDdwStrucVersion = 00010000dwFileVersionMS = 00010004dwFileVersionLS = 0000020DdwProductVersionMS = 00010004dwProductVersionLS = 0000020DdwFileFlagsMask = 00000017dwFileFlags = 00000000dwFileOS = 00000004dwFileType = 00000001dwFileSubtype = 00000000dwFileDateMS = 00000000dwFileDateLS = 00000000version = 000100040000020Dsteam exedll = e:$aaagamessteamsteamappscommonFallout New Vegas enplczrunvse_1_4.dllold winmain = 0086A850fallout root = e:$aaagamessteamsteamappscommonFallout New Vegas enplczruconfig path = e:$aaagamessteamsteamappscommonFallout New Vegas enplczruDataNVSEnvse_config.inioverriding memory pool sizesdefault heap = 400MBOnHook: thread = 5124calling winmain
  5. I've dealt with the Overwrite successfully, but it didn't solve the problem. The game is still without mods :/
  6. I've just found out there is a message for me in the MO: Files in the Overwrite mod are are usually files created by an external tool (i.e. Wrye Bash, Automatic Variants, ...).It is advisable you empty the Overwrite directory by moving those files to an existing mod. You can do this by double-clicking the Overwrite mod and use drag&drop to move the files to a mod.Alternatively, right-click on Overwrite and create a new regular mod from the files there.Why is this necessary? Generated files may depend on the other mods active in a profile and may thus be incompatible with a different profile (i.e. bashed patches from Wrye Bash). On the other hand the file may be necessary in all profiles (i.e. dlc esms after cleaning with TESVEdit)This can NOT be automated you HAVE to read up on the tools you use and make an educated decision. Could that be the problem? If so, how can I fix it?
  7. Thanks for the post. I ran it through Steam Launcher the first time after the reinstall as suggested by Vaportralis above. I deleted .ini files before, so that new ones can be generated by the game itself :/ And I'm usingWindows 7 64bit, if that has anything to do with it...
  8. Man, this is desperate. I went through all the https://wiki.step-pro...FalloutNewVegas besides the BSAs section (which concluded with the words that it's not exactly necessary), and I tried the "Weapons of Millenia" mod, which shouldn't overwrite anything in the BSAs so that shouldn't be the problem and it still doesn't load a thing. Guys, if you have any tips, ideas, suggestions, please, I've spend good couple of hours reinstalling, downloading and fiddling about it without a glimpse of progress. This is ridiculous. I'm not a heavy modder, I had around 20 mods and NVAC helped with 95% of the crashes. Do you guys think I'll have more chance with Nexus Mod Manager? I'd rather use MO, but if that's not gonna work, I'd give that a shot...
  9. Thanks for reply buddy. Yes, yes and yes. I will try to reinstall it once more and launching it through Steam launcher as you're suggesting. I will try to use the 4gb loader also. The thing is I had a pirate version of New Vegas to try it out, I tried out couple of big mods using MO and everything worked smoothly, but after buying the game everything is just so much more complicated...paradox huh :D I'll get back to you asap, thanks again ;)
  10. Hey guys, didn't want to start new topic, but I have the same problem, hope you could help me out. I've been modding every TES game since Morrowind and this is the first time I'm trully lost. I've decided to buy New Vegas Ultimate Edition on Steam. I'm using Mod Organizer. But I can't get the MO load the mods into my game. The game starts, no problem, but there are no mods. I'm using NVSE. I have reinstalled the game several times. Reinstalled MO several times. Connected it every time, but no result. I even tried to move the game as it's described here: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=7418-YUBN-8129 but only difference it made is that the game won't start from the FalloutNVLauncher.exe saying it can't find .INI and I should reinstall the game. The FalloutNV.exe works fine, the NVSE works fine (NVSE really should be running coz I've checked that the MO won't exit when exiting the game itself, the rest of exe files are unchecked) this goes for launching with and without MO - doesn't matter. The automatic archive invalidation is checked in MO. I don't know if this is weird, but even though I start the game through NVSE, it offers me the the same box that FNVLauncher.exe uses (with options and stuff) The only mods I have installed right now are: Enhanced Camera and Millenia's Weapon Pack. They don't work as mentioned above, I have them only for testing purposes to see whether the mods in general work - they don't :( Sorry this is so long, I just tried to give as much information as possible. Your help would be much appreciated, if you have any ideas, PLEASE, share, thank you :)
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