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  1. Candy and nuts guys. The Dwemer had the ability (and the Thalmor know how to use it) to project a map of the entire Tamriel worldspace, so a 3D map of just a portion of it (Skyrim) isn't out of the realm of possibility, any more than carrying Warburg's 2D map superimposed on a 3D terrain model in your pocket is....... Personally, I prefer the look of paper - not a satellite image. Liu Kang (I mean Warburg) wins!!!!
  2. Question about the Wyrmstooth update to 1.12. Does it add new textures/meshes that require reoptimizing textures, or can I just use the ones from 1.1 that I've already optimized?
  3. Do you recommend making the Potential Mod Order fixes that Mod Organizer recommends to the left pane? I don't see any reference to doing so in the guide, but wanted to make sure this wasn't an omission.
  4. I'm running into an issue with the ambush just down the road from Rorikstead. Every time I go there, the parties to the ambush stay glued to their spawn points unless I get very close to the wagon/dead body. I mean that I can walk up to each bandit and they don't move until I click on them (and they are the only ones that move). I can literally wipe them out 1 by 1, so long as I don't go near the wagon/dead body. Added: Even followers don't recognize them as enemies (and vice-versa) until I click on them. Anyone seen this, or have an idea on what might cause this? I've followed the install instructions pretty thoroughly. Is it possible that farm might be affecting this event?
  5. Because you can't install Main and Optional together without MO throwing an error - they have an identical tree structure. You can't drag and drop in MO because you will have two identical trees - parallel to each other, not merged. Because if you install only Optional (which is plausible since Main and Optional have the exact same tree structure) you will be missing one of the files you need to rename?
  6. Nearox, maybe you can help me with the "Better Males" and a couple of other body changers. When it comes to installing "Better Males", I can't get both files that are required to be renamed to the "vampire" files unless I do 2 installs of the mod. Trying to drag and drop the "Optional" files with the Main files creates a duplicate tree - so I choose to install the Main first, then do another install an Merge the "Optional" files - am I doing this wrong? Trying to do it the other way (drag and drop) gets me an error prompt in MO.
  7. Yeah, I get it now - thanks for the help. At the time of installing I simply unchecked it - an then followed the instructions. Didn't even dawn on me till I got to the part of creating the BOSS User Rules. Then, whabaaam, that file wasn't even in the left pane of BUM. Yeah, I'm a noob at this, but with only one other exception the instructions are spot on.
  8. First off, I'd like to thank all that have went into making this version - it does what most guides don't - actually explain the process. That said, I'm at a loss with this one. :D ----------------- In the aMidianBorn section: Special Installation: Do not install the following file(s) and/or folder(s): aMidianborn - Content AddOn: Improved Closefaced Helmets Version folderaMidianBorn_ContentAddon.esp (Instead, use the version found in the Improved Closefaced Helmets version folder.)aMidianBorn_ContentAddOn_Installation directions.txt Then at the end it says this: Bash Tagging Required: (Bash Tagging Guide) aMidianBorn_ContentAddon.esp (DELEV, RELEV)BOSS Masterlist Update Required: (Updating Guide) aMidianBorn_ContentAddon.esp BOTTOM Overrides Late ------------------------------------- That file doesn't exist in any of the Improved Closefaced Helmet files. ---------------------------- Added: Ugh, Duh, So Sowwy. Me no see the extra folder that I wasn't supposed to install.
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