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  1. Hello Neo! quick question.. why do you chose not to install a lot of eyes from Eyes of Beauty?
  2. So the script is solid? nothing wrong with it? Without it i have to use way more arrows to kill guards.. that is why i meant "easier"..
  3. Did a Helgen run trough with the Script to unlevel the levelled list and.. it was too easy, the game was fine without that script.. it seems it mixed the levelled lists or something.. also had a problem with a unusually huge pack of wolves at the exit.. i think this is because of SkyTEST..
  4. That is bad, then i'd just keep following the LO presented on the guide or the one posted by Azirok Here
  5. Woow! Thanks a lot! Let me see if i got this right.. Remove all my user data from LOOT and only leave the user data that STEP recommends in each mod on the warning section HERE, then let it do its thing, sort the way it wants.. Create the bashed patch and do all the other shenanigans (Dual Sheat Redux Patch, update FNIS..) Copy the published script as a pas file on the Edit Scripts folder on TES5Edit and then load the Bashed Patch.esp on it and apply the script, using 1 on "Target Level"? The complicated part for me is the "Apply Filter to Show Conflict Losers.", can i live without creating a patch for each conflicting mod? it worked without any issues for me here.. i saved the script on Notepad++, saved as Unlevel Level Lists, Use 1.pas on the Edit Scripts folder.. i have downloaded the latest TES5Edit from the linked thread..
  6. Your support here and azirok's nexus is amazing, btw azirok is patching machine took a look at your updated Load Order, you could include Requiem - Potions Weight.esp and some mods that are on STEP, Requiem - Bring Out Your Dead.esp and Soul Gems Differ - Requiem.esp (that comes in the Soul Gems Differ installer) & BetterQuestObjectives-RequiemPatch.esp.. both that are early on your guide on Mods to be removed or adjusted.
  7. Its nice that all azirok patches are going to the Patch Central, i noticed two patches not mentioned in the guide but that are in step.. SPTConsistentOlderPeople Patch and Cutting Room Floor Patch.. should they be even used?
  8. you mean that you made those patches yourself and have merge them to the extended patch but you haven't release them? or is something else ? I am confused, i am a layman.. was just looking for both (EBQO AMBContentAddonPatch & CRF patches) because they are described here and i am not using the extended patch..
  9. i am using both CRF and Content Addon, that is why i am asking for the patches.. i am using the Combined Plugin patch instead of the Extended Patch.. re-ran the installer and couldn't find them..
  10. Where can i find BetterQuestObjective-AMBContentAddonPatch.esp and BetterQuestObjective-CuttingRoomFloor.esp that where included in the Extended patch? i'm using the Combined Plugin patch but i am still installing most mods from extended, its easier to sort my mods without having to edit the Extended Patch with TES5Edit.. EDIT: i am sorry if this isn't in the correct forums, if that is so can someone move the topic?
  11. Thanks for all your help, found the AOS 2 patch on the installer as you said won't fiddle with the Extended Patch anymore, so i won't use the Animated Weapon Enchants patch.. will probably not use the CCO patch as i am still in doubt EDIT: also followed your instructions on the Bashed inside the guide this is my LO currently set on LOOT now, will just do a long play! if problems arise i will post here again, thank you kindly!
  12. The Extended Patch also has dependency on Animated Weapon Enchants, is it okay to load Animated Weapon Enchants before Requiem and the "Requiem - Animated Weapon Enchants Patch.esp" after Requiem instead of loading both after? EDIT: also.. is the Closeface Helmet Patch.esp needed when STEP only uses this mods meshes, it uses WAF plugin as said HERE EDIT2: i couldn't find AOS2_Requiem1.7.3 Patch.esp but i did find AOS_Requiem Patch.esp
  13. i still don't get it that well, not sure if just deleting all that was right.. but played until Riverwood just fine..
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