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  1. Thank you Greg and Darth for pointing me to SSR. I wasn't really considering SSR because of the perk changes (and thus conflict with Ordinator), but your recommendations prompted me to take another look. I also reviewed Ordinator's description for possible SSR conflicts and found this: So maybe Ordinator already covers this? I may have to examine Ordinator and some of the stealth/detection mods in XEdit...
  2. Brodual's review of ICAIO mentions that it does not touch stealth behavior and recommends Immersive Detection of NPCs. However, IDNPCs is on the Dangerous Mods list. Some alternatives are Realistic AI Detection, Dynamic Stealth (download), and Detection Extended in order from least taxing to most taxing on your system, though Detection Extended can be heavily customized via MCM to be much less taxing than the default. Realistic AI Detection is a game-settings-only mod. This makes it very efficient, and highly compatible, but also seems to make it less dynamic. The author has released 4 different versions to try to accommodate different lighting and weather mod setups, but warns that it may not work as expected with certain weather or lighting mods. Dynamic Stealth is still beta, and the author is rumored to be working on a new version, but the present version has some bugs that cause inconsistent behavior. SRLE LotD does not seem to have anything addressing NPC detection (especially for stealth/light/sound). If I've missed something that does address this, please point it out to me. Has anyone used one of these mods, or a similar alternative with SRLE LotD? Do you have any thoughts or recommendations? [edited to add download link for Dynamic Stealth]
  3. i noticed there's a new version of ICAIO, including a new "lite" version that is supposedly compatible with anything. But this thread is making me reconsider using ICAIO altogether, even though the thread is about 10 months old. Any thoughts?
  4. That is my understanding. The few things that this guide was actually using from MUS have been incorporated into Dragonborn Gallery.
  5. I agree with keeping ICAIO. I'd prefer to use city/town/village mods that don't conflict with it.
  6. I used to use AFT, but switched to EFF for compatibility and stability reasons. I've never used IAFT. I think AFT has more to offer than EFF, but having used FLP now for my last 2 playthroughs, I think it's better than both AFT and EFF. FLP has a bit of a learning curve because neither the programmer nor the official english translator are native english speakers. But once you get the hang of it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. It's very powerful, and I've not experienced any stability issues with it. Beginning users of FLP should start here.
  7. I haven't used any of these, but you may want to look at Follower Live Package. It includes the same functionality as Auto Unequip Helmet and Auto Unequip Shields (for both player and followers). I use it instead of EFF, and it works great, though it can be used along side EFF, if you want the fancy wheel UI (about the only thing EFF offers over FLP).
  8. Wow! That was a short-lived retirement... Not that I mind you coming back ... or that you ever really left ...
  9. When you opened those barrels that you now can't open, were you using Dynamic Things?
  10. I frequently have this issue also, but tabbing out of the lockpick minigame usually brings up the knock menu for me.
  11. I've used RS Children in the past, and I like the looks of it in game. But I'm currently not using it because of the multiple patches and CR requirements. The hassle of dealing with it outweighed the benefit, IMHO. I was reluctantly considering re-adding it for my next playthrough (because the default children are really ugly), but now that I know about Rustic Children, I'll just use that. I think the simplicity is worth the switch.
  12. I noticed that the Deadly Dragons Script Patch is not included in the Integration Guide, but I think that is an unintentional oversight. You should install it and use it.
  13. You won't be able to tell by looking in xEdit. The conflicts are design issues (AAE adds creature resistances while BYS adds player debuffs), not direct confilcts. I have no reason to believe that the conflicts have been resolved, yet, but it looks like Alex9ndre may be working on a solution, given his recent posts to the AAE thread.
  14. Why are you using Books of Skyrim with Legacy of the Dragonborn? Isn't Books included in Legacy? Edit: NVM, I was thinking of Book Covers.
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