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  1. A wierd problem started happening since updating to 1.2.15 from 1.2.14 The Unmanaged mods in the MO left pane refuse to change their priority and reset back to their (random?) state after every refresh. Before Arranging: https://s8.postimg.org/hhs5nha3p/Before_Arrange.png After Arranging: https://s8.postimg.org/b0993yzqd/After_Arrange.png Refreshing: https://s8.postimg.org/oz1d2ozmt/Refresh.png After Refresh: https://s8.postimg.org/fnfb5qn39/After_Refresh.png EDIT: Posted too soon. Saw this already reported and confirmed a bug. Reverting to MO 1.2.14. Topic can be closed sorry.
  2. 1 & 2) I went through them in TES5Edit just now and yes that is very impressive. 3) Good to know. Thanks :)
  3. Hi Neovalen, Some queries: 1) The AOS 2.2 installer has lots of compatibility patches for mods in SR:LE but the guide only uses the Climates of Tamriel patch. The other applicable patches would be Deadly Spell Impacts, Enhanced Blood Textures, Traps Are Dangerous, Weapons & Armor Fixes and Wet & Cold. Any reason these are not used? 2) Similarly, Book Covers Skyrim has some patches in this installer. The ones applicable for SR:LE would be Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade and The Choice Is Yours. 3) Complete Crafting Overhaul provides compatibility with Heavy Armory and Lore Weapon Expansion as well. Any reason they are not used like the other patches mentioned in the CCOR page? I read that Immersive Weapons is not in SR:LE because it didn't match up the quality of Immersive Armors. Are these weapon expansions not included for a similar reason?
  4. @minos55: Check the page's history (the last update was the unofficial patches being updated to 2.0.8)
  5. I realized I linked the images wrong. Sorry will fix. Yes the Kohdi version seems to the STEP-worthy.
  6. To summarize, yes - but it was the SMME functionality that was not taking effect, not the LAA flag.
  7. An update: I tracked down the problem to the EXE and the SKSE memory patch feature and remembered I had applied the 4GB patch to it. Reverted back to the vanilla EXE (4GB patcher makes a .bak file of the original unpatched EXE) and voila! SKSE's memory management functionality requires the original unmodified latest patch EXE to work since it uses absolute addresses of the memory block code the extender handles. Thanks a lot for your generous and patient help hishutup.
  8. Any chance of this being reconsidered into STEP? Original Mod version Kohdi version (STEP-worthy: basically made from the HD concept art - look at the center graybeard for noticeable differences) EDIT: Fixed links
  9. Yes I run SKSE from MO. I checked running SKSE from outside MO but no logs seem to be generated. SKSE's scripts are installed via MO (according to STEP and SR:LE) so maybe that's the reason.
  10. Tried placing it directly in the Skyrim directory (beside skyrim.exe) as well as under Dataskseskse.ini - no effect, it stays at 256 max.
  11. I admit I misunderstood your response and changed the ScrapHeapSizeMB to 512 in skse.ini, enabled everything and started a game. It crashed after fighting a few wolves. I had a look at the new MemoryBlockLog and it still seemed to take 256 as the max for Block1. It was then that I realized my game was really not reading skse.ini like you said. skse.ini is indeed a configuration settings file in windows explorer. (I have extensions shown in windows - It is placed in Mod OrganizermodsSkyrim Script Extender)
  12. Thanks. I managed to cast a few times exhausting my magicka but it freezed when fighting some wolves with an Iron Sword in that same game. Had to disable the SR Conflict Resolition.esp and ASIS.esp for this as they had masters among these. This went much further than the earlier try. Fought wolves and bandits all the way up to the Talos Shrine Massacre site (where Immersive Creatures adds the Thalmor skeletal guards that activate when you disturb the shrine) Game freezed when I backed up from one of these inactive guards. MemoryBlockLog: skse.ini: enblocal.ini: Did not try the "Check for Errors" instructions yet. Will do that if needed. Thanks again.
  13. Hi, Long story short - trying to set up the basic SR:LE and I'm getting a semi-reproducible freeze (have to Alt+Tab and close Skyrim.exe from the task manager to do anything on my PC after it freezes) when doing the following. Steps to reproduce: 1. Alternate Start option -> Patron at Inn -> Riverwood 2. Exit inn, go in the direction of Helgen along the path 3. Dual wield Flame spells 4. Once outside Riverwood, try casting the spell (one at a time or both hands does not matter) 5. Game freezes with hand outstretched and the flame sound loop playing in the background - this doesn't always happen on the first cast (hence the semi-randomness) I'm at a loss now - I abandoned STEP because of the same problem but assumed that all the high res textures were at play. This time I followed the SR:LE guide to the letter and this still happens. System specs Summary from Speccy: (because I cannot log into the wiki) Mod Organizer Install order modlist.txt (left pane) Active Mod Files: (from Wrye Smash) === Current Bash Tags: (from Wrye Smash) I have attached my BOSS log and my SR Conflict Resolution.esp as well. Any help in sorting this out would be appreciated! Thanks. BOSSlog.html Gratis_Monsta_SR Conflict Resolution.7z
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