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  1. Hello! I've followed the instructions for STEP extended install, and relative to texture enhancing mods i've used all the recommended options (so I haven't considered higher res choices). Now I'm going to install step compilation. Which one do I need to choose, high res or normal res?
  2. Sorry if I return on this topic, but I'm a little confused about this part: "Download and install the Staff of Magnus Hotfix into aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Unique Items." I've installed all the single aMidianBorn mods separately, and renamed them accordingly, so I have "aMidianBorn Book of Silence UNIQUE ITEMS" in my mod list. Now, Do i just have to drag the two files of magnus hotfix into "staff of magnus" folder, overwriting the existing files, which are: "1stpersonstaffofmagnus.nif" and "staffofmagnus.nif" or do I have to do it differently? edit: another thing... Do I have to make bashed patch after installing content addon, or do I just wait to reach the end of step process and make it?
  3. I had the same problem, and it was only that I didn't tick all the bsas in the right pane under "archive" tab, with also the "have MO manage BSAs" option ticked... Maybe it's the same for you too... edit: vanilla BSAs shouldn't be extracted by the way...
  4. Should I also force AA and Anisotropic filters? Right now I have AA off and aniso at 8. Since I don't use any ENB or ENBoost, i could try using adaptive AA which maybe is less taxing than pure multisampling AA.. edit: apparently adaptive AA could cause problems, I found a skyrim thread where it is stated that some textures become invisible with Adaptive is on, unless relative meshes are extracted. Nvm... Regarding Vsync, should I activate also triple buffering?
  5. Thank you, I'll surely try out that, besides adaptive vsync which is not present in amd cards IIRC. Can't find it in my video control parent
  6. Yes I have the crossbow mod, but i haven't it in the inventory... Does it matter? Didn't think about that though...
  7. Heya it's me again, this time with a performance related topic. I've managed to complete a F&L install and everything seems working, though i'm still in goodspring so who knows what can happen next. I know that retexture mods are very resource-eaters, but I thought that with my rig i should've handled them safely. I also know that AI-heavy places in game (such as goodsprings) are hard to handle, but still I couldn't imagine that they were SO hard to handle. Anyway... Here's some info: I don't run ENB (luckily at this point ), just dynavision which I always loved My rig is this: barebone notebook based on clevo HM170 model CPU: i7 @2.40Hgz Ram: 8GB DDR3 GPU: radeon 8970M 4GB (basically a 8950 for desktop, more or less) the game is installed on a samsung EVO SSD The problems start expecially in outside areas of goodsprings, where i get the amazing amount of 17/23 FPS (with AA set to 2 and aniso set to 8). Inside buildings it's ok, i get near 55/60 FPS and it's good. Outside town I also get ~45/50 FPS which is not a bad number at all.... I wonder though what happens if I reach another AI dense area, will FPS drop again to awful ~20? I found a cool thread here where a guy had the same problems, but with a weaker GPU than mine. From that thread I managed to find a way to use shaders 3.0, which let me gain a good ~5 FPS raise in outside areas of goodspring. That's not bad at all, but I'm sure that there is a way to improve performance further. For example, in that same thread I read that enabling multithreadedAI should not be harmful and could help improve things a bit. So, are there more ways to raise my FPS, and where in falloutprefs.ini must I put the multithreadedAI=1 line?
  8. Last doubt (hopefully), and sorry for the double post Where do i put FalloutNV optimized textures1 and FalloutNV optimized textures2 files? Under FalloutNV.esm? I got it for other files (dead money_opt goes under deadMoney.esm, etc.), but i'm not sure if the two main NV files go there or at the very bottom of the list...
  9. I hope this is the last question I have, i'm near the end of the installation :D Regarding More Perks merged mod, do I have to merge it to more perks? Since the latter hasn't any esm or esp, should the merged esm be included in that mod? or I just keep the more perks merged in the last position in the left pane, just under more traits? edit: of course there is another issue. When i run FNVLODGen i get this exception: "Exception: "Ambient Temperature - PPA.esp" requires master "Powered Power Armor.esp" to be loaded before it." Powered Power Armor IS loaded before Ambient Temperature.... AT is at position 61, PPA is at position 63 in the right pane... What's wrong? Just around the corner.... edit 2: nvm, I ran Loot, reordered and now LODGen finished its job
  10. The weird thing is that the option IS ticked. That's why I thought MO managed the bsas like it should have done. Anyway, now I've solved and (so far ) everything works flawlessly. I also have a confirmation that the greyed out bsas are safely extractable (I won't touch the dlc ones and all those that are not greyed out, like JIP companion for example), so thanks again @oqhansoloqo: Occam's razor strikes again ... Anyway, all the suggestions you gave me are much appreciated, they will be surely useful. edit: the version of PN - extra option mod listed is 1.2, which needs a MCM fix file. There is out v1.3 that includes the fix, so I guess the fix file should be removed and the version of the mod should be updated to 1.3 in the guide... Also, in the instructions for poco bueno texture pack, I'd suggest to add that installation must be manual, it just says to load the fomod, but at least for me it didn't show the pop up menu after I did that, I had to choose "manual" from the install pop up window, then the pop up menu appeared and I could set the correct install path. Not sure if it happens because I'm installing every mod using the "install mod from archive" button...
  11. Rofl, yeah it was Nozzer66, whose member title is dragonborn My bad !!
  12. Well, I solved thanks to Dragonborn's advice to check all the bsa files... Who could imagine it was a small issue like that? I thought that MO handled them automatically :confused: Thanks everybody for the help. this community is amazing !! edit: regarding greyed out bsa in archive tab that the guide doesn't suggest to extract (for example flashlight mod), is it only a "philosophical" choice to unzip all of them, or there are technical reasons behind the choice to not extract all of them?
  13. No, I typed it without quotes. Darn, actually they were not checked last time looked at the archive tab in the right pane. I thought it was normal. :confused: Right now I have downloaded the whole game again, in a couple of minutes I'll start my third (and final at this point) attempt at F&L Thanks very much for the help, and thanks also for the guide, it is amazingly written
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