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  1. @paul666root Do you have one updated mod list or is the one from post 1 updated?
  2. Aah, you were talking about last weekend so I got ahead of myself :)
  3. Do you have any idea when you are going to push v2? I really cant wait to start modding :)
  4. This is what I mean, textures/dlc02/landscape/dlc2basaltcolumnsingle*.dds (High Resolution DLC is superior.)textures/dlc02/landscape/dlc2basaltside*.dds (High Resolution DLC is superior.)textures/dlc02/landscape/dlc2road01ash01*.dds (High Resolution DLC is superior.)textures/dlc02/landscape/volcanic_ash_darkcliff_01*.dds (High Resolution DLC is superior.)textures/dlc02/landscape/volcanic_ash_rocks_01*.dds (Serious HD is superior.)textures/dlc02/landscape/volcanic_ash_tundra_01*.dds (High Resolution DLC is superior.)textures/dlc02/landscape/volcanic_ash_tundra_03*.dds (High Resolution DLC is superior.)
  5. I had to install a mod today but not all the files. Sometimes it says don't install x.DDS or x_n.DDS. but today I had to not install x*.DDS. I know the * has no meaning and so it means x.DDS the problem is there is no x.DDS only x_n.DDS and x_d.DDS now I wonder does *.DDS mean all the DDS from a file? So do I need to skip the n.DDS and d.DDS?
  6. Last question. When I run the software on DW valinna plus dlc I run it one time on .DDS. But for the HR dlc I run it 2 times. What about the other mods like falskaar? Do I run 1 time for the .DDS or 2 times for the .DDS and _n.DSS, _MSN.DDS ?
  7. OK will do thanks, gonna try it later today.
  8. Ohhhh. OK I am stupid. But I guess I can fix this any time by just deleting it and remake it at any point right.
  9. How I did it? Just following the guide first the .DDS then _n.DDS and _MSN.DSA on a second run. I use the MO BSA thing were it extract it automatic is this bad? I !mean in the guide it does not say to save as lose files or or archive extension.
  10. So hey guys, this is my first post woop wool. I am having some problems and need some questions answered. First of all is .BSA one archive type? Is that why I can use the software more then one time? Is it like a folder just adding data every time? If so does MO extract all the textures from this archive in to some temp data map? Now my biggest question is this correct? Mo/mods/modname No/mods/modname Opt/.bsa ? So I take the entire folder and in the and I get 1 new file right? In de MO left panel I get. Mod Mod opt The opt mod only contains 1 .bsa file right? And how so I name this mod? Just anything? And files like dragon born.BSA do I need to give it the same name or any thing is fine? BTW I can't run the software on the DG Dlc. Is there any fix for this? Thanks for your time, James
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