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  1. Thanks again! I just weeded out some script mods and corrected the patch situation, looks like I'm ready to start my new playthrough!
  2. I only have STEP + REGS + MMO mods installed, only changed Duel Combat to Deadly Combat. I just went through every single MCM menu and still have no idea what's causing this. And according to SkyTweak, my Health and Fall damage values are at vanilla, which makes it even more strange. God mode lets me continue, but I hope that's not a sign of more damage-related problems with my install.
  3. TEXTURE PROBLEM SOLVED! It was Immersive Armors, the instructions say to delete the Ecksstra.esp. But that means the Ecksstra.bsa doesn't get auto-activated, and apparently it should be activated by hand (I thought it wasn't needed cause that .esp never gets replaced). That still leaves the script overload causing funny cart rides, which I'll solve by deactivating some mods till after the tutorial - any tips on which ones need/not be active on game start? Also, what's up with me suddenly not surviving the jump through the roof, that looks like one of the mods edits the hitpoints or damage too much?
  4. Thanks for the tips! Clicking directly on Ulfrics purple armor only gives me the FormID 0001b131 which isn't an armor but "UlfricRef", same with Ralof's, 0002bf9e. But both still come from Skyrim.esm. So how could these suddenly be missing/corrupted when my STEP+REGS install already worked fine and their armors aren't even from the new mods?I did some digging and it seems there are other possible causes:- overloaded VRAM so the textures simply aren't loaded: I have a 3GB card, textures from STEP Baseline install. According to Skyrim Performance Monitor, VRAM during the cart ride starts out at around 2GB (the armor textures are already purple at that point) and keeps climbing to around 2.7, so I'm guessing that's not it?- one of the new .esps changes a path to the vanilla textures so they can't be found anymore: I'm guessing one of you would've already run into that problem if that were the case?- there's a load order conflict: that's still possible since my LOOT load order seems very jumbledAlso there was even more weirdness this time around and I didn't even make it to character creation: Hadvar gets attacked by wolves, and the carts lose their paths and turn over, so I get stuck at the gates. WTH, never happened to me before. @dreadflopp: In case you have time to update (fingers crossed!), here are a few inconsistencies I noticed during install:USKP has version 2.0.6 out, and the STEP Patches were updated to 2.2.9 v2 also (to make matters worse ), REGS just updated tooThere are a few patches hidden in STEP mod installers that seem relevant, but are not mentioned/revisited in the guide, so it's unclear whether we should track those down & re-install, or if those conflicts are fixed in your own patches: Weapons & Armor Fixes has an Immersive Weapons patch Closer Quivers & Longer Arrows does too Even Better Quest Objectives has a patch for Better Stealth AI for followers Audio Overhaul has a patch for Traps are dangerous The ASIS .ini changes are outdated, there's no perkmodexclusions anymore since all are excluded by default now (we have to include the perkmods we want instead).Also, there was talk in this thread about problems with duplicate NPCs from Moon & Star and Snowbound Acres, but those are not currently excluded (in my spawns ini I tentatively excluded most REGS mods with new npcs/quests, but don't know if it'll work). And the Dragon Combat Overhaul install notes were not 100% clear to me: The mod itself is called "No spinning death animations Merged", but it is merged into the STEP Patches too. So that means STEP users should put DCO after the STEP Patch, and that doesn't cause problems?
  5. They definitely are all installed, but I'll re-download the resource mods, maybe something got corrupted? That doesn't explain the helmet on my char though, so there must be more problems with an armor mod? Conflict resolution is the one thing I haven't touched yet (Sharlikran's video is a bit confusing for me as a non-modder, since he seems to know what all the variables do and decides accordingly), but I'll try to wrap my head around it.
  6. Hey, thanks for replying! Meanwhile I completed the install according to the guide (without Heavy Armory, just with what's in there) and something is definitely not right, despite me checking everything from top to bottom twice. I'm guessing it's the load order, since I use LOOT, and not all of the added BOSS masterlist rules (which the guide says we should take into account too) were clear to me (like something "bottom" a category which I don't have in LOOT). In the intro there are these problems: - some guys' armor (f.i. Ralof, Ulfric, Hadvar) is whitish-purplish-shiny. - during character creation, my char wears a helmet. - character creation interrupts the running scripts/ starts before they are finished; when I go into the menu after, a lot of MCM menus are empty. - I suddenly can't survive the roof jump (and that's as far as I get here; otherwise it runs well, no stuttering). Or could it be the STEP Delev + Relev tags on the Amidianborn content addon? LOOT warns me that morrowloot.esp usually should load after any esps with relev tags, but there's no such rule in the guide regarding the content addon. The changelog also says something about bash tag instructions for it, but there are none, so I just kept the STEP rec. My loaded plugins order (I did this on top of a working STEP 2.2.9 Extended + REGS install, with the intent to weed more out as needed, so currently it's a lot): Help please?
  7. Thank you for that! I'm about to merge some things and it seems super daunting cause of conflicting info everywhere. F.i. I'm very sure I have read before that merging the ETaC patches is safe, and Neovalen's SR:LE guide says to merge the main RealisticWaterTwo.esp, while the merging report thread says we shouldn't (https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?showtopic=1033740), so atm there's not really one guide that's safe to follow.
  8. Hi! I hope this pack is being kept alive, it fixes all issues that made me drop the game (too abundant loot and boring combat). Thank you for that! I'm currently trying to install parts on top of STEP Extended + REGS, and have a few questions please:1) The guide says to install Weapon & Armor Fixes according to STEP, but there's an Immersive Weapons patch in WAF that's not mentioned - I'm guessing I still have to install it? Also should that one load before Morrowloot.esp like the other 2 WAF plugins, or not?2) Could I keep the Realistic Room Rental Enhanced Version from REGS if I don't use the survival mods like ineed, or were there problems beyond it adding too much food?3) I read through the thread and it seems like SPERG-MMO is currently not patched fully, and ASIS' spawn function still has those issues with double-spawning quest NPCs (and editing those mods out of the ini didn't work), correct? I'd just stick to TTR and the other spawn mods then.4) Could I use Heavy Armory together with its CCO patch, Morrowloot patch, and WAF patch, or would it likely still require additional editing to make it fit your build? (I know Immersive weapons already adds a lot, but I'm toying with the idea of replacing IW with this)5) If I wanna use Stealth Skills Rebalanced, I'm guessing STEP's Bashed patch rec for adjusting crime detection distance to 1000 is no longer needed/ could overwrite mod settings?Also a question for all MMO-REGS users:Which REGS quest mods should I definitely leave out to not break the loot balance - Garfink already mentioned Fight against the Thalmor IV for the full glass armor npc, any others? (if I see something shiny, I can't keep myself from picking it up )
  9. Awesome, thanks so much! So even if I accidentally double up on compatibility fixes it won't break the install, good to know.
  10. Hi! I just attempted a REGS install on top of STEP Extended 2.2.9 v2, and quite a few things were unclear to me - I hope it's not too much to go through. If you're kind enough to answer, feel free to be super short.1 - Immersive College of Winterhold: the special instructions for SR:LE mention installing the Skyrim Distance Overhaul Patch. SDO is in STEP too, but that's not mentioned here. Intention or oversight - should I install this SDO patch or is that conflict handled in your REGS Extended patch?2 - Cutting Room Floor has version 1.0.9 out now - compatible or not? I'm guessing no, since this mod gets fixes in both the STEP patch and in yours, plus it adds new stuff?3 - The Inconsequential NPCS - CRF compatibility patch, that the guide says to install, is based on CRF 1.0.7, not 1.0.8 - not a problem?4 - The guide says to install Interesting NPCs 3.07, but with the INPC HF patch 3_05. Typo or intentional?5 - Can I use Moon & Star 1.12 instead of 1.11, since it seems to fix quite a few bugs? Also what about the optional M&S immersion patch, is it compatible with REGS or not?6- Should the REGS - STEP Extended Patch be used in addition to the STEP Extended Patch, or replace it? Also, the REGS patches were built when the STEP patches 2.2.9 v1 were out, but not the current v2 or the new USKP, which I have installed. Is it a problem when I now use the older REGS Extended Patch version with 2.2.9v2 and USKP 2.0.6?7 - The additional compatibility patches for Falskaar and Wyrmstooth, which I skipped during the STEP installation (f.e. for Realistic Water Two and SkyFalls/SkyMills), are not needed cause of your REGS STEP patch, correct?8 - Do LOOT users only need to regard the 2 edits on the main page, or the page with BUM rules too? Are no LOOT rules for the REGS patches/esps necessary?9- LOOT shows that No Snow under the Roof, Inns and Taverns, Dragonmourn Inn, and The Domain are dirty. No cleaning those, right?
  11. I followed the Quickstart Guide with the new batch file, and in the virtual textures folder MO shows a bunch of loose .dds files (color names, plus default_n.dds, defaultdiffuse.dds, defaultwithspec_n.dds) originating from STD_opt that are not there without activating the optimized folders. I'm guessing those files were sorted wrong by the batch file? Where do they belong, so I can change it manually? ETA: I actually didn't use the zip batch file, but renamed the STD folder manually, so that situation occurs before zipping.
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