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  1. You said you followed GamerPoets Installation Video. Michael used the "New Instance" method when starting MO2 for the first time. But you are supposed to use the "Portable instance" for this guide according to the prerequisites page.
  2. You should start over again. Delete everything, install new and READ EVERY WORD in the guide, especially the Prerequisites Page. You have /had so many issues which normally do not appear, at least most if not everybody else do not have these issues. About your Issue 2 "(New Issue) I CTD in the area near Meridias Statue on the road leading from Solitude towards dragon Bridge. Can't get anywhere near it.Happens with old save and new game." I am pretty sure you did not follow the guide about installing "Stunning Statues Of Skyrim" correctly, which leads me to think that you didn't follow other parts of the guide correctly as well. Hence the many problems you have with your setup.
  3. When i first got aware of WrinklyNinja's plan on changing from priorities to groups some months ago on AFK Mods i already expected big problems. I will stick to 12.5 for the unforseeable future.
  4. This question has already been ask SO MANY TIMES here (You could have used the search function....). The SkyTEST-RealisticAnimals&Predators.esp is included in the Skytest Integration Mod. DarkLadyLexy, you should add a comment about this in the installation guide. Otherwise this question will be ask another xxx times
  5. How did you install Mod Organizer 2? You need to install MO2 in portable mode. I see you installed MO2 within the Skyrim Special Edition directory. You shouldn't do this. Read the installation part for MO2 again and follow the directions given there.
  6. I would suggest you read the installation part for the creation kit on the Prerequisites Page again and follow the directions given there. Hint: you missed something about the CK ini file....
  7. I'm using "Practice Dummies" by Arthmoor (it's not available on the Nexus but on his own webpage). I merged this one together with the Falskaar patch into my Miscellaneous Merged plugin and it's working flawless. Maybe this was the one you are looking for?
  8. And there is a new town made by Arthmoor TELENGARD. Just in case you want to put it into the guide, since we already have all the other settlements and towns from Arthmoor in the guide EDIT: i once looked quickly over all the settlement mods by Arthmoor to figure out if they are easily mergeable. But with all the dependencies it seems to be rather difficult. What do you guys think?
  9. Just to confirm, no problems here either. Everything works just fine...
  10. Just looked at the updated changelog. Just one small comment from me...."OMG".....
  11. I hope you'll make it an optional addition to the guide. I'm playing SSE on a Laptop with attached loudspeakers and i hardly hear any difference between the High Quality Voice Files and the normal ones. At least for me with my setup the difference in quality would just not justify to download 7.2 GB. I am satisfied with the sound quality as it is right now. And, as pointed out by others, there might be some problems with other mods, like RDO for instance....
  12. Read THIS. That's the reason why you cant't log in and can't download via MOD Manager from the Nexus. Add the following line to your HOSTS file (Windows\system32\drivers\etc\) to temporarily fix the issue nmm.nexusmods.com # legacy-api.nexusmods.com or download the latest release candidate of MO2 from the Mod Organizer Discord channel
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