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  1. @mcshame so i am using vivid weather (option 4) and ELE lite (variant A) i can't recall exactly what i chose on the vivid installer (its been a week or so since i completed the whole setup) but i remember i had to mess a bit with a settings as they weren't exactly like the instructions. Same for the enb itself i am using vividian as well. This has more to do with your setup, I don't know your gpu ram and cpu so it's hard to tell, but my core i5 3570k 16gb of ram and gtx 760 (4gb of vram), I get around 40 to 50 fps with enb on, 55 to 60 fps with enb off, i selected the following: - Performance - sharpening default - ele none (if i am not mistaken, since ele is already installed) - depth of field and all those fancy effects that kills fps none As for mindflux patches I can recall there was at least one i activated, I activated the one that has to do with water particles if not mistaken, there was another one that has to do with clutter if not mistaken and smim already does that, so there is no need to patch it. Hopefully this helps, I managed to play for a week with all the setup from that page and vividian enb without a single CTD. EDIT: just saw your setup in the signature, you can probably go for default instead of performance and choose a better sharpening option and maybe add some of the fancy effects as well, but that setup worked for me.
  2. Evening guys I have to say that i have been testing the game for the past week or so, and allow me to say @everyone involved that you guys made one hell of the job, I was able to play a full week without worrying myself with CTDs, which is/was a new experience for me. But now I wanted to ask you guys something, that is not part of the tutorial, and hopefully get an answer, I though the only thing missing from the whole setup was something related to food/survivability to complement frostfall and campfire, I decided to add ineed, because it seemed light enough and didn't need much dependencies, the author's page mentions compatibility with a few mods on the reqtified setup, and most importantly compatibility with requiem, what is getting me though is that after installing ineed, and running the reqtificator the game sometimes crashes it's not frequent, but it happens and compared with 0 crashes i had when testing everything VS the crashes i have now that i added ineed, i decided to ask here, is there any specific place you guys would recommend for the mod itself on the left pane to be, and the esp on the right pane? I have the mod itself at the bottom (below dynDlod - worlds output) and on the right side I have ineed just above dualsheathredux.esp, should they be somewhere else? I also run the dualsheathredux.jar and the reqtificator after installing it, should i run the relinker or any other tool? I would be very happy if you guys could help me out with this, and again thank you for making my skyrim experience great again :)
  3. As usual... i am retarded, thank you for all the ******* patience :)
  4. Alright giving the finishing touches to all this, I run relinker successfull and now i am going to run texgen,exe... the problem is it errors out right at the beginning, with the following error: textures\SpiceOfLife\Forts\AmbFortsVanillaStyle\Imperial\impextwall01_n.dds not found So i got intrigued and went to the mod folder to see what the hell was going on, and sure enough inside \Mod Organizer\mod\Spice Of Life - Forts\textures\SpiceOfLife\Forts\AmbFortsVanillaStyle\Imperial\ there was no .dds file inside there was however a .txt file called FilesThatShouldGoHere.txt, and that txt specifies: impextwall01.dds impextwall01_n.dds impextwall01_p.dds (delete if you don't want/use parallax) impextwall01ice.dds I thought i missed some instructions when i installed Spice of Life - Forts, but no there are no instructions to add any of these files here, where should i get these files, because with the missing files texgen.exe doesn't run. Thank you in adavnce.
  5. I would edit the above post, but i am not allowed :( Anyway. Last trouble which seems to be the worst :( I have finished setting up everything, everything is merged according to the tutorial and the load order is set through the loadorder.txt, but now there are a few things that are below dualsheathredux.esp, most of them are fixed (either because i forgot to delete the esp, or because i forgot to set it as optional) but they are solved none the less. The only unsolved issue is Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul, I noticed when I was merging the mods that the ICAIO patches were always left out of various merges, but didn't think much of it, now I rest here with Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul below Dual Sheath Redux and it's patches, some of them missing their masters because the masters were merged, and now I don't know what to do :S It's weird because through out the tutorial you covered every optional thing, but apparently ICAIO was left out, I even have Radioactive Interiors which was optional and it was covered through out the guide, but apparently ICAIO was left out :( Is there anything I can do regarding ICAIO, how do I place it in the load order, what do I do regarding the missing masters of some of the ICAIO patches? Thank you in advance
  6. You are absolutely right, didn't spot the change, thanks a lot for the heads up, i was already going crazy over that xD
  7. Evening guys I think i found a mistake in the guide regarding the merge of the audio and lighting mods. When creating the weather lighting and sound overhaul merged, there is an esp (sos-thedungeons__relighting-skyrim.esp) that has Relighting Skyrim as his master (RelightingSkyrim.esp), RelightingSkyrim.esp has been merged previously in RelightingSkyrim Merge, so this is a problem. Should i just do what was instructed regarding claralux, and change the master to Relighting Skyrim Partches Merged.esp using wrye bash? or is there anything else I should do? Thank you all in advance.
  8. Then you supplied the wrong path, or something went wrong, they should be in \mod organizer\mods. Maybe someone more knowldge know what's wrong, did you supply the correct path in merge plugin configurations?
  9. The new merged mods should go to \mod organizer\mods (as is specified by the guide) if they are there, then its correctly. Also there seems to be an error in the guide Paul, that i would like to point out, and ask how i should handle it, the zzz Requiem Merge Consistency Patch.esp has one missing master, called PrvtI_HeavyArmory.esp I went and search what it was and it was from PrivateEye's Heavy Armory Mod, which is not listed in the guide, so i assume it's from a previous version of the guide when it was needed, should i just load the esp in tes5edit and make clean masters or will that remove every master file? Or is there any other thing i should do? Thank you in advance EDIT, just realized that the Requiem Patches 1.13 have the correct and updated zzz Requiem Merge Consistency Patch.esp, i was using the 1.12, all is good now thank you :)
  10. Not necessairly, but you will find its way easier because of it's dependencies. if you put them on the bottom of your load order they will be loaded correctly by mod merge, so it is advisable to do that.
  11. thank you for the reply paul, to the issues: 1- i am using champolian 32 bits (x86) 2- I extracted the scripts in data folder like it was advised in the tutorial (on the pre requisites page) I went back to instructions on the pre requisistes page and says to open scripts.rar on Skyrim/Data and extract the files in place, i just extracted the files so they are all inside a Scripts folder, so i have /Skyrim/Data/Scripts/Source, then a bunch of psc files and a backup, dawnguard, dragonborn, heartfires and temp folder. I think that is the correct place and the correct folder structure. as for the merge name, ill correct it thank you. EDIT: IT WORKED, thank you so much paul, it was the issue with the name, the ---> should't be there
  12. Good night guys I am ging for my first merge with Merge Plugin, but it doesn't seem to be working, I am trying to merge arthmor vilage patches, I load the patches and its dependencies, I select the three patches as instructed but the merge files, because apparently i am missing files. this is the output of the script Building merge: ---> ++++ Arthville Patches Merged Merge is using plugin: Arthville Patches Merged.esp Adding masters... Done adding masters Renumbering Conflicting FormIDs Renumbering FormIDs in arthville__3dnpc.esp Renumbering FormIDs in arthville__inigo.esp Renumbering FormIDs in arthville__usleep.esp Copying records Copying records from arthville__usleep.esp Copying records from arthville__inigo.esp Copying records from arthville__3dnpc.esp Handling assets Handling assets for arthville__3dnpc.esp Copying general assets from C:\Program Files (x86)\Mod Organizer\mods\Arthville Patches 1.04 Handling assets for arthville__inigo.esp Handling assets for arthville__usleep.esp Decompiling scripts No files found matching C:\Merge Plugins-69905-2-2-3\temp\generalPex\*.pex No files found matching C:\Merge Plugins-69905-2-2-3\temp\pex\*.pex Remapping FormIDs in scripts No files found matching C:\Merge Plugins-69905-2-2-3\temp\psc\*.psc Compiling scripts No files found matching C:\Merge Plugins-69905-2-2-3\temp\psc\*.psc Copying modified scripts Failed to merge ---> ++++ Arthville Patches Merged, Cannot create file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mod Organizer\mods\---> ++++ Arthville Patches Merged\merge\Arthville Patches Merged-Copy.bat". The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect All done! It fails, can anyone tell me what did i miss when i setup merge plugins? I don't know what I did wrong :( Thank you in advance. EDIT I wanted to post the log under a spoiler tag so it doesn't get this big but i don't know how -.-' sorry guys.
  13. the verison issue, relighting skyrim is version 1.1.5 on the guide, the author has updated it to 1.1.8 and some of the files are not present anymore, also the patch on the core package doesn't work as it was written for 1.1.5 and not 1.1.8 , you said that you would take care of it after the weekend, that's why i asked. Thank you for the time.
  14. Morning guys Posting to ask regarding the Relighting skyrim issue, when it is fixed, is the fix going to be posted here, or are you guys updating the files on nexus? thank you in advance
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