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  1. "Audio Overhaul For Skyrim SE" as well? <Edit> Nevermind, obviously not this one.
  2. Unpack "Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul"? I assume yes, because it is getting merged, however it's not tagged with an unpack thingy. Same with "Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO SSE"?
  3. More problems with insider builds of win 10, I advise to stay clear of it for now. MO2 + Wrye + Insider = no good MO1 + FNIS + Insider = no good Probably more.
  4. Copied whole MO folder to another computer, and bam no problems. So I just copy the fnis output to my game pc and all is well. Win 10 insider build issue. Not the first I had (the other was with MO2 and wrye bash). Despite the dx9 memory benefits, this seems to be causing more problems than it solves. Stay off the insider builds for now, I say.
  5. Tried new MO profile Installed only xpms and fnis, same deal. Very sqwierd.
  6. Hey Right spot to post? Running into issues with FNIS and STEP Extended MO not in UAC Steam/Skyrim not in UAC AV disabled Thanks for your help peoples <EDIT> Oh, and just in case, thought I'd mention FNIS is definately checked in left-pane of MO. FNIS.esp is active, and at end of load order.
  7. Okay, so nuked and still no good, looks like a wrye bash issue perhaps. Run wrye bash by itself results in the image posted above. Difference being, when I select one of the options it actually runs. Maybe MO just doesn't know how to deal with it when it does that. Still fekkin wierd, though. Time to hit up the wrye forums and see wassup. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? OP is your issue solved? Or still problem like me?
  8. That's cool mate. Thanks for your time, it's appreciated. Nuke time.
  9. Okay, so now pops up asking which game. Select Skyrim (not SE) Does same thing as image above. Directory is now "WryeBash_tsjnec" and "skyrim" (not the SE folder) All three options lead to backing out to MO
  10. Okay, so now... They all result in bombing back to MO Edit: This seems to happen even when I delete the tmpfile in skyrim\data and the clear out the temp folder in AppData\Local Even funnier, when it reoccurs, there is no file in skyrim\data This whole thing is fckn wierd.
  11. Well, that's interesting. Slung skyrimSE over to another drive, run wrye bash and ... I'll fix it up and keep you posted.
  12. I only have SE installed ATM. Internet is craaaaapily slow here. I'll download it to test, but it might be a while. I'll see if I can flip SE out of program files, and see if that helps. Cheers.
  13. Hey Cleared (deleted) logs, and went through the process again. This time MO crash when try to run Wrye Bash. Log here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArVX7N5kZgaNnQrPvS8YsSI_pqqC Thanks again mate. Cleared log, run MO again. This time just try to run wrye bash:
  14. Okay, so, doing as you asked. Windows 10, Fast Ring. Mod Organizer 2, Portable. Wrye Bash, Standalone. Steam and skyrim are installed in "C:\Program Files (x86)", but MO2, Wrye bash, and other tools are not in a UAC directory. I have BitDefender, but I have that disabled when I do mod stuff, as it often bugs out, particularly with DynDOLOD and stuff. New profile USSEP Cutting Room Floor FNIS Run FNIS -> FNIS Output For Testing Run Wrye Bash -> Won't Start, no splash screen, bombs back to MO2, Lock disappears. Wrye Bash ini's are untouched. BashBugDump.log I assume that's the log you're after? Nothing is being run as admin, all as standard user (Last time I tried that with MO, I ended up with a directory I couldn't delete, good times). Thanks for taking an interest and lending a hand. Much appreciated.
  15. Just like to chime in, saying that I too have this problem. MO2 (portable), Win 10 Fast.
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