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  1. ahh. thank you so if i completely delete a tree, then i'll get the lod in the cell and need to rerun dyndolod. but if i just wanna move it a bit, i don't need to rerun. gotcha. thanks again
  2. it's not a load change. the tree is floating a couple foot off the ground. i would just be lowering it a small amount on the z axis. just wanted to know if that small co-ord change would cause the lod to show up in the cell
  3. i made the mistake of deleting couple trees after finalizing my load and dyndo, and i would then get blurry loads in their place. but i'd like to reposition couple trees w/ xedit. is that okay, or will i get that LOD and need to rerun Dyndolod?
  4. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/30086?tab=posts&BH=0 great thread w/ lotsa invaluable info. thank you! i use that mod above and it changes DLC1HunterHQWorld "Dayspring Canyon" [WRLD:03001DB8]in the Location NAM0 and NAM9 a great deal. they should be -5 n 5. they are -27 n 53. i've corrected a few other areas where mods had changed them, and all has been fine. no areas out of bounds or crashes ect. but i'm wary of correcting this since the mod places quite a few things up a path to Dawnguard Daysprings. i'm guessing that's why the larger NAM. so i'm wary to change them back to original. will that make objects disappear or the like?
  5. occasionally i'll cast a spell and the area where the spell landed will be lit up a bit. obviously mage light, but also flame, frost n lightning spells too. that's all fine, but the light effecting the area will remain way past the spell. any ideas on this? vanilla bug? thanks
  6. was gonna add some things there. that ship you first arrive on is tragically barren and doesn't even have cannons, for the epic cannon bombardment at the end. but i see that some things are marked as initially disabled and have a reference link. i'm guessing they don't show up until the Rise inj the East quest. i know nothing about this kinda scripting. normally i'd just place the cannons and clutter, and if it ended up floating in the air, than so be it. but was thinking of making the area a small camp after the quest so would hate seeing the stuff in the air. could i just attach that same reference script to the cannons and stuff i add? thanks
  7. damn, very sorry to revive this, but i'm just now hearing about this issue...and i'm terrified. i'm midgame and have mods like Inigo, Thunderchild, AFT, RDO and a few others w/ MCM menus, all below slot 7F. i kept wondering why MFG Console was often showing mgefid or SpellID: 80000000 when looking at active effects in console. what issues does this cause and what to do about it? thanks
  8. i'm still seeking answers on this if anyone is kind enough to advise. thanks
  9. trying this mod... https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33024 and it's awesome. but some added objects are waaaay too big for me. can see'em from across the map. i'd like to lower the scale of some, but many of the objects are made of many smaller parts. my fave is a waterfall cross thing at lake ilinalta but i'd like it about a 3rd of it's size. but it's made of like 70 parts. any way to grab and rescale all of those at once w/ CK? thanks
  10. seems to me like some of my vanilla npcs are not as active as they used to be. shopping at the market, rounds ect. i see that a mod i have has given some of it's added npcs the exact ai packages as some of the nilla npcs i speak of. now this could be placebo on my part, but was wondering if the mod npcs having the same packs could be causing the nillas not to show up? do they just share the package? thanks
  11. thank you! that explains why, if i remove a nav entry or even part of an entry, it will sometimes fix or change npc pathing. good to know. thanks
  12. i ask because i assumed that if i had conflicting nav, that by loading the mod w/ the nav i want, lower...then i'd get that nav. but sometimes it seems i'll still have navmesh issues. and by removing the higher mod, the pathing gets better. so can higher, maybe even partial navmesh still interfere w/ the lower?
  13. thanks, yeah i know to init disable, enable parent -30000 ect for vanilla stuff. i meant that i'd deleted the original mod added object, after i'd added a new instance of that in the correct cell
  14. thank you very much! i knew there had to be an easier way than i was thinking. i added the cell via copyasoverride, and added a new instance of the object in that cell, then deleted the original. the object was linked to activators too so i had to add those. your way much easier lol. never occured to me to change the line at the top
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