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  1. When I use NMC's textures or really any new landscape textures I get these really obvious seams in the landscape textures. Is there anything that can be done about that?
  2. I am curious if anyone has used the AWN - After War Nevada mod. Seems like a huge overhaul so I doubt it would be good for the guide but it does look interesting.
  3. I think the automatic virus checker flagged Queue's NVAC as a virus. I imagine they need to get that sorted out with the staff and it will be back.
  4. Alright. Just meshes and textures though, no ESP.
  5. Has anyone looked at Body by Leito? Drop Mature Skin on it and maybe some more muscley normal maps and I think it would fit well. He converted all the vanilla armors and clothing too.
  6. I thank you for your hard work, Dreadflopp. I will look forward to new gaming fun!
  7. Alright. I will look at trying to work up something. Watching a bunch of tutorials and such right now. :)
  8. Heya! i was just getting into 3d modeling and such and I was thinking of trying to make a good vanilla body replacer for females in line with the Better Males concept so I could contribute to this discussion. Can anyone provide me with resources or advice on what the problems with the vanilla body are and how I might go about fixing them?
  9. So I decided to try out Skyre with this guide but the instructions on how to set up the ReProccer and its patches are quite vague. Can anyone walk me through it?
  10. Wow. I tested everything I could think of. When ASIS.esp is loaded then I crash any time I try to load any save. If I just disable all my other plugins then run ASIS then it works correctly but when I use it with the SRLE load order then it crashes any time I load a save. I tried removing Dual Sheath Redux, various other NPC mods, with completely default INI settings, etc. Not found anything that fixes the problem so far. Going to try to do a clean reinstall of my Skyrim then try again.
  11. I am not sure why but it seems like ASIS is causing me to crash when ever I load a save. If I turn it off in MO then I can load the save fine but any time I try to load a save with ASIS on then the game crashes. Not really sure what caused this. I have used ASIS with a different load order before without having this problem. Hrm.
  12. I kinda want to take all these perk mods, study them, then rewrite them into one single perk overhaul mod that covers everything. Not sure if I can do that though. Hrm.
  13. I been trying out Duke Patrick's combat mod and I really like it so far. Some rough edges and typos but melee combat feels quite nice. I think I will use this instead of TTR's combat perks and Duel. Hrm. After testing it out more I still like it but the lack of polish in perk names and other little things is putting me off.
  14. The author of Expanded Winterhold Destruction seems to have hidden their file.
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