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  1. Ya might remember all that moaning I was doing about my Mod Order and how Mod Organizer was complaining about it. I figured it out - that feature was supposed to have been disabled when I was installing Mod Organizer. Woops. That's why you didn't get the error, but I did. NSFW: EDIT: Apologies for the outburst.
  2. RE: Crashing, once every 2 hours or so is perfectly okay with me - good reminder to get up and deal with real life every now and again while waiting for Skyrim to restart anyway. :P I'd like to make a suggestion by the way for an additional mod that fits the theme of "more of everything", and that is Animallica, Lore Friendly version. It's very compatible, and has partial built in compatibility with Hunterborn (for the rest, Hunterborn's Taxonomy power can provide). No scripts, no added items, no added sounds, just some new animals added to the levelled lists - so Reqtificator should handle it just fine.
  3. I found a bug - Skyrim Sewers isn't working with the Patch because Open Cities Skyrim Patches, downloaded with manager, doesn't install the plugin and it isn't just me - it's even missing from your load order, Moal. (OCS + Skyrim Sewers.esp) Installing it manually works - the sewers actually show up in game now, or at least show up in Whiterun where they didn't before.
  4. https://requiem.atlassian.net/wiki/display/RD/2016/05/16/A+hotfix+for+Requiem+1.9.4 Is it safe to update Requiem to the new patch as part of E+TKS?
  5. I did. Look, I even made a spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cQaEfmF6hgVf-FB97OqxLb6loWEIvJoodHrjJc9mA6U/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Okay now I'm hyper confused. Mod Organizer still tells me I have a load order issue even after sticking rigidly to your load order. Can you check this out and see if anything stands out to you? Otherwise I'm just gonna ignore it.
  7. Hrm, in your load order... How did you get Wrymstooth.esp there? I can't move it into the masters at all. EDIT: I THINK I figured it out. The latest version of Wrymstooth I was able to find is 1.9 but I believe the latest before the author disappeared was 1.15.
  8. Oh yeah no I'm TOTALLY out of whack. Thank God for Mod Organizer. Alright. Gonna reorder everything, run DynDOLOD again just incase (because textures overlapping eachother and whatnot) and start a new game. No matter, only a couple hours in and still level 1. (<3 requiem) EDIT: And if I can get it right this time and it's stable I'll help you test those patches :P Also if that's the PROPER order it might be a good idea to make it a little more stand-outy. I skipped that entire section because of the test patch business.
  9. And, related to the ENB, I had massive mouse lag issues with it. Limiting Skyrim to 30fps with Nvidia Inspector (NOT ENBLOCAL.INI, I tried that) resolved it, I tried literally everything else. I'm not sure why it worked, I'm not sure if it's the best fix for it - but if anyone else is having issues, try limiting your FPS via Nvidia Inspector to your average FPS with the ENB. Tinker with it. EDIT: If you've got mouse lag with the ENB disabled, though, you might have other problems. Try my fix anyway but don't hold your breath. EDIT2: Oh and another question for you Moal - Mod Organizer is reporting numerous mod order problems (in the left pane). Is that safe to ignore? I've kept, as best I can, to the order given in STEP and your list. Here's the readout: (the EBTKS thing is when I first started and misread the name of the Pack as "Everything BUT the Kitchen Sink". It stuck)
  10. Hey! Been installing this for a couple days haha, looking forward to playing/testing. I'm stuck on DynDOLOD+Open Cities though. It might just be me being incredibly silly but I don't think either the video or the instructions are 100% clear on whether I am to leave Open Cities and associated esps and files on for the "first step", Generating LODs, and then deactivate them along with the Birdy file, or do I leave Open Cities disabled entirely throughout except at the end? It could go either way considering you've directed people to watch that Youtube video before following the steps, which isn't clear because there's two steps to that as well. I fully accept however that I could just be being stupid. Nonetheless, help! Please clarify.
  11. Yeah I got it running now. My directory was -commonSkyrimWrye BashMopyWrye Bash, which was sort of silly. Changed it to SkyrimMopyWryebash and now it works great.
  12. I assume you mean Wrye Bash. :D Well I went to my executables window in Mod Organizer and this is what I see (https://imgur.com/7vKXgx2), and next to it is what I see when I click the triple dots next to Binary. I do not see a Wrye Bash Debug icon anywhere in either the directory or the executable window. Maybe I'm being silly? EDIT: Just noticed something wrong with the folder Wyebash is in, stand by. EDIT2: Disregard me, thanks redirishlord! Everything is working fine now. (Also from Ireland here, haha).
  13. When running Wryebash via Mod Organizer through the executables, I get this error regardless of the profile I am using: Wrye Bash could not find a game to manage. Please use -o command line argument to specify the game path I have under 255 .esps going at once. I tried installing, uninstalling and reinstalling Wrye Bash in any number of places on my hard drive, including into the Skyrim directory. It was working just fine until a recent update (It might not be the fault of the update as the update coincided with me doing a lot of modding, maybe I broke something). Help!
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