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  1. Finished the installation, started the game, tried to save and crashed. I read the topic and none of the "fixes" work. Edit: After rebuilding the patch for the xth time it worked.
  2. Vividian ENB has now Vivid Weathers support.
  3. Btw, were none of the texture replacer satisfactory that I posted two weeks or so ago?
  4. Just out of curiosity, what made you decide against Aurora?
  5. I remember BFS freaking out with Wintermyst lingering fire enchant for me.
  6. EBT is just too noticable. I agree with Footprints and Burn Freeze Shock effects.
  7. Had the same issue. I forgot "Fireplaces Add-On v1.02". It was fixed after I added this.
  8. But are FormIDs really such a big thing? What if I change a gamesetting and release that as a mod. Is now everyone else forced to ask me for permission when they want to change the same setting in their game or release it as a mod? I think it's silly.
  9. From what I read is that the CoT author misunderstood that VW being "based on" CoT doesn't mean that Manga used assets. So apparently CoT author reported it and Manga is now changing the form IDs of his mod. Take this with a grain of salt since its hearsay.
  10. If it does work, can I please request a small guide about which files were mixed?
  11. Yes. I just hope that it's sooner than later since everything else is really good and I would like to switch. Did the Vividian/Vivid enb merge work out for you?
  12. As I wrote earlier. I will keep my current weather system until Vivid Weathers enb improves.
  13. I'm super interested in that merge. Or atleast a small tutorial. I really don't like Vivid Weathers enb.
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