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  1. Immersive Laundry is pretty neat, making the world seem more lived in and alive. "This mod adds a touch of the ordinary to the homesteads of skyrim in the form of many clotheslines - and occasionally washboards, basins and scrub brushes. They are simple decorative objects, placed with care in almost every civilized area of the game, with an emphasis on making houses, cabins and occasionally forts feel a little more like home." - from mod page
  2. Foxy Skyrim by LogicFoxX This is an NPC overhaul redoing hair for men and women, and in a similar fashion to Ethereal Elven Overhaul the elven races. This modular approach to overhauling NPC appearances is IMHO, with the exception perhaps of the current male hair selections (currently in flux), one of the best and grounded approaches I've seen on the Nexus. At this moment: A COMPLETE overhaul to all of the Skyrim and Skyrim's DLC non-beast npcs to make them look amazing. 100% Playable. What does this currently do? This changes the hair on all Breton, Imperial, Nord, and Redguards in Skyrim. This changes the hair, facial structure, head, ears, and skin color on all elves in Skyrim. This changes all vampire heads, to be normal humans while maintaining vampire fangs and vampire eyes (and custom eyes, if selected). Also, this can remove middle age textures, while keeping the elderly ones, if selected. Will this be compatible with other mods? Check the compatibility section. Will I need anything special to run this? No, everything is included in the mod. Does this effect the character creation or other mods? No, this shouldn't. However, I can not account for all mods. As long as you load this BEFORE all other npc editing mods, this should work flawlessly. If you find that it does NOT work with another mod, please be kind enough to let me know, thanks. Why is this mod so freakin' huge? The short answer to that is, compatibility. If you've downloaded the Apachi hair replacer for NPC's, you might have found that the head colors mismatched. With this mod, that won't be the case. The long story is: this replaces the cache Skyrim draws from, for it's original NPCs (which is pretty large). Also, these shapes use a lot more polygons than the original Skryim. However, I did as much as possible to limit the size (you may find some corpses/ghosts, or random off the wall npcs that were not changed). Is it worth it to download this? Totally! These hairs aren't entirely unfriendly to the lore. (I've used the best hairs that I could find where the authors would grant me permission to use) If you've disliked the original elf heads, than I suspect you will appreciate the new ones in game. And, c'mon, I know you've probably downloaded larger mods (S.I.M.M , Faalskar?). IMO, this was a much needed mod for Skyrim. If you like this mod, then please hit that endorse button, it may not buy me a beer, but it feels good to know that my hard work has paid off. Can I combine all of these into one .ESP with TES5Edit? Apparently.
  3. Can someone inform me about the differences between LOOT and BOSS as it pertains to BOSS' being the preferred sorting manager? If this is the wrong place for this question, I apologize :P
  4. Did you use ASIS to add spells to NPCs? And to be on the safe side are you testing your new setting in a new game?
  5. Haha I don't disagree on the aesthetic front, but some people have worse rigs than others :P It might be good in a performace pack of some sort.
  6. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/55310/ This makes it so you don't have to wait for the whole animation of the crypt sliding open before entering. WEWT!!!
  7. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/55240/ Removes underwater grass which is rendered whether underwater or not, could be used as a performance enhancement for a few more fps alongside Skyrim Project Optimization. "How it works.Removes underwater grass that you can usually not see in skyrim for an fps boost of around 5fps (depending on the area this can be more or less). This type of grass is hidden from view unless you are underwater, annoyingly it is still being rendered when you are on land and it makes sense to get rid of it altogether considering the fps boost at a small graphical change.Blank Meshes for the grass = nothing being drawn = a small but definite fps boost.No graphical quality loss on when you're on land but still gives an fps boost!!!Recommended for Dense grassGrass in skyrim is pretty demanding especially with mods that increase density of the grass - which also increase density of ANY and ALL grass including underwater kelp/grass/seaweed which is pretty pointless - this mod can help alleviate the fps loss in certain areas.This mod also leaves land grass untouched - only underwater grass is edited" - From Mod page
  8. Crap, having to redo an SR:LE install is rough.. This might not be your issue, but sometimes its easy to accidentally drop override files into different mods in your load, have you checked to make sure you dont have any extra FNIS or perhaps SkyProc folders anywhere?
  9. I really like YOT, the shift in perspective really keeps you involved and immersed during the various situations where messages pop up for the player.
  10. Have you sorted the masters on the SR Conflict Resolution before loading the whole setup?
  11. Mod Organizer or at least version 1.2.5 has a handful of left panel install priority suggestions based off of script overwrites. Thought I should point that out in case it matters to your build. Thanks for all of you're exhaustive work!
  12. Haha I'm liking some of the ideas for gameplay usage of manure, the pie ones kinda funny... Sounds like a fun way to start a brawl!
  13. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50589/ A possible alternative or enhancement to Bandolier - Bags and Pouches "MOD DESCRIPTION:Add various functional bags and pouches (using Dragten meshes and textures) and other special containers. The bags can be opened, used to auto-sort and simplify your main inventory. They reduce the weight of items within by 20% (40% when the bag is worn) and finally, certain bags can be worn on the right side or swapped to the left side on the spot. The bag interaction menu can be hotkey-ed for convenience." - From Mod page
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