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  1. Yup, it was the monitor settings. I think I'll blame it on my catnip-crazed cat for jiggling a cable. I would have deleted the post, but I couldn't see a way to do that so I figured I'd post the solution instead. Thanks guys!
  2. And here is where I'm glad there are no guns in the house. For the hell of it, I started playing around with the monitor settings. I tried the other preset modes and one of them worked. I don't know why or how. I'm just glad it's finally fixed. So... thanks anyway!
  3. I’m having a problem with blue/green/violet flecks appearing in certain places only when the image is moving. It’s most obvious in outside rocks where the colors appear in grey spots on the rocks, but it happens in other places (bookcase, stone floor, world map) to lesser degrees. I couldn’t capture it in a screenshot, but caught it in a video at https://youtu.be/XbTRWSuq9gM. It was only after viewing the video on my secondary monitor that I realized it was monitor/driver related because when I play the video of flicking on my secondary monitor, it looks fine. When I play it on my primary monitor, it flickers. So after all that, the video is pretty useless. Sigh. Word, Firefox (including videos), Thunderbird/mail, etc are fine. I was running Skyrim without ever running into this problem, then I uninstalled Skyrim and reinstalled it. Just before the reinstall, I updated Windows and the video driver through GE Experience to GEForce 344.11 Release 9/18/14. There is not a newer beta, FYI. I followed everything in STEP (up to Step 2G) using MO, then started the game for the first time. That’s when I saw the problem. Using Mod Organizer, I removed all the mods and updates and ran only vanilla Skyrim through the Launcher. Still had the problem. I let GE Experience choose the optimal settings, then I set everything way down through Skyrim Launcher (settings are below). Still no change. FPS are a steady 50-60 on the ultra settings. I started a new game on several occasions. No ENB installed. LOOT likes everything. The game runs fine- other than this. =Other things that didn’t work= 1. I used GE Inspector to set: Antialiasing - Transparency Multisampling to "Disabled" (which is already was) Antialiasing - Transparency Supersampling to "Supersampling" (originally Off/multisampling) 2. skyrimprefs.ini bFloatPointRenderTarget = 1 3. Rolled back driver to 340.52. I’m out of ideas. I hope someone out there has run into this before. I was going to try reinstalling it, but if it's a monitor issue, that won't solve it. Thanks for any suggestions. PC Specs and Video Settings Skyrim.ini Skyrimprefs.ini
  4. Noz, at this point, I really hope not. Can that be set in MO? I didn't see it. Later: Nope, that's not it. Permissions on skyrimprefs.ini are that all can modify (the same as skyrim.ini).
  5. Update: I did what I said in the last post: new profile, copy it all over, etc. Everything works. I let the Beta in MO do the load order- I figured it couldn't hurt anything. The game runs; so far (in the first 10 minutes) the only thing that I had to reorder were map options and customized favorites. I suspect there will be other problems- I had to go around and around and around to get the 200+ mods in the right order last time. So in the end, I didn't find a solution, but I did find a work-around- which is good enough. Thanks for all your help, everyone! And thank goodness for MO- I can't imagine doing this by hand!
  6. There wasn't a renderinfo.txt file. I took your advice, Vulgar- even though I was hoping to avoid it- and reinstalled Skyrim. I had to reinstall SKSE, but the ENB copied back in fine. Now I can get to the Launcher from outside MO and can access Data and Options. I can get into the game and it runs fine. I can also access Launcher from inside MO. The game runs fine. But I still can't edit .ini files in two profiles. Same 'failed to write' error. As before, I can play the game. Profile 1 is packed with mods. Profile 2 only has the unofficial patches and Borderless Windows. I can't save skryimprefs.ini in either. I can save skyrim.ini. When I copied Profile 1 to a new profile, I get the same error and can't save to prefs. Same thing happens when I copy Profile 2 to a new profile. If I make a brand new profile, I don't get the error. My next step is to make a new profile and activate all the mods from the original one, rearrange the priorities to match, and copy over the .inis. This would be a heck of a lot easier if the .csv export contained the priority. It doesn't- unless I'm missing something. BTW, I'm using 1.2.6- I'm not sure if I ever specified that. Aside from having to put the official patches in the right order, I haven't had any problems.
  7. I guess I must have done it wrong. Sorry about that. Ok, did it the right way. TESV brings up a "prepping" screen. That takes a while to load; meanwhile, mousing over the Steam icon shows that it is synchronizing. Then it goes straight into the launcher, says it's going to set up video options and crashes. I did it again and this time it went straight into the launcher- same error and result.
  8. When I ran TESV (outside of MO), it recreated the skryim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini files in "My gamesSkyrim" and said that it was going to set up the video, then it crashed.
  9. I do not believe this. I copied steamapps out, did an uninstall (which also deleted the Steam folder so I knew it was gone), copied steamapps back in and.... it's exactly the same as it was before. Same problems. Any other ideas? I guess the next step is to uninstall Skyrim, but I've spent hours and hours getting the ENB and tons of mods to work together. If MO keeps its own ini, that should be ok. Could I just copy the ENB files back after I reinstall? How about skse? Does that have to be reinstalled or can I just copy the files from the old Skyrim folder into the new one? Later: A bit more info- when I load SkyrimLauncher outside MO, it starts and says it will set up the video stuff, then crashes.
  10. After making the changes, the first time I went into Launcher, I could edit Options and Data, but if I tried it again, I couldn't. Still having same errors with saving skyrimprefs.ini, starting TES5Edit, and verifying Steam. After I run the Steam verifier (it says that there is one damaged file), the Skyrim entry in regedit is gone. I did this twice to verify.
  11. There isn't a Skyrim folder. There's an Oblivion one (for Oblivion, obvoiously). Under the Bethesda folder, the only thing is: Name: Default Type REG_SZ Data: (value not set)
  12. I screwed up and have gotten stuck trying to fix it. Error: Failed to write to c:/games/MO/profiles/A/skyrimprefs.ini This occurs in two profiles out of 3. How I got here: Everything was fine. No problems at all. I tried to run TES5Edit (from MO) and got the message: "Fatal: Could not open registry key: SOFTWAREBethesda SoftworksSkyrim This can happen after Steam updates, run game's launcher to restore registry settings". I started the launcher and realized that I had downloaded a Steam Mod so it would be loaded through MO, but forgot to unsubscribe to it. I force-closed the launcher, unsubscribed the mod through Steam and started the launcher to make sure it would be ok. Not quite- Options and Data were greyed out. I tried "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" and got the error "1 file failed to validate and will be reacquired". It didn't- each time I check the validate again, I get the same error. Reseach suggested "delete Steam/appcache/appinfo.vdf and restart Steam". Did that, when I ran the Launcher through Skryim, I could access those two options- that one time. However, I'm back to greyed out options when I run Launcher again. Launcher is always being run through MO. Trying to fix it, I tried to go into skyrimprefs.ini- however, I can't save that file. If I go to the default profile (which I'm not using), I can save skyrimprefs.ini. If I go to the third profile, I can't save it. I can save skyrim.ini in all profiles. I also tried manually copying out the skyrimprefs.ini file and pasting in a new one. No change in errors. So: I can play the game.Everything is up to date- skyrim, MO, Steam.I'm still getting the verify error, greyed out Options/Data, and can't save skyrimprefs.iniStill getting TES5Edit error.skyrimprefs.ini and skyrim.ini are attached as .txtIt looks like all these problems are being caused by one thing, but I can't figure out what that is. I've looked all over for a solution, but no luck. I hope that someone here can help me. Thanks. Hmmm... can I uninstall and reinstall Steam without affecting MO? Would that fix the Steam error- which might fix the rest? skyrimprefs and skyrim ini.txt
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