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  1. Thanks EssArrBee, I found the PPA scope settings and modified, all working well. I have also used CaliberX 5 with the same esp selections as Yougurt (post #4308). It seems to be working well. Thanks for your efforts in pulling together this guide. Its an excellent piece of work and makes heavy modding approachable for the computer illiterate like myself. Well done!
  2. Hi, I've come back to FNV after nearly two years and made a fresh start with the latest guide. It has changed a lot since last time I followed it (it was very new). I have played for nearly 8 hours and all looks great except... No zoom from scopes! I'm guessing this in not correct. Any ideas on what I may have done wrong will be greatly appreciated. F&L is a great guide, especially If I can follow it! Thanks
  3. Hi I have encountered a problem where the game is consistently freezing 5-10 seconds after loading a save file in the Museum of History. I had played through most of the museum until the game crashed in the area near Lincoln Memorial Poster. On restarting the game every save file (5) in the Museum of History freezes 5 - 10 seconds after loading without fail. Save files prior to entering the museum all play fine. I have tried rebooting computer with no change. Has anyone seen this or know how to resolve? The game build is as per the latest version of guide with most options included Thanks
  4. Thanks Kelmych, If you can look it up that would be great. I wouldn't know where to start other than trial and error. Cheers
  5. Hi, is anyone experiencing crashes at Vernon Square? I successfully entered and saved the first time, but since entering the hospital, the game crashes when ever you try to enter Vernon Square, eg the walkway to the Statesman Hotel and on leaving the Statesman Hotel. I can fast travel in but it crashes if you try to save or exit the area? The game also crashed consistently through level two of the hospital but I got through with constant save and reloads. I've not seen anything like this elsewhere in the game so far. Any help appreciated Thanks
  6. Thanks Kelmych, work perfectly. I appreciate the help and congratulations on a great guide.
  7. Kelmych, thanks for the reply, I'll have a go at eliminating a few plug ins.
  8. Help!, I have been playing my clear and present danger game for a while now and have just reached evergreen mill foundry. When entering the building almost all of the interior is missing, its almost all blank. Any ideas what I may have done wrong in my install? Otherwise the guide has been great. Any help is much appreciated.
  9. I take the Chrysler building comment back, restarted game and chrysler building all there. Cheers
  10. Help please, I have installed Clear & present danger and everything started up good. Fantastic Guide. I found mod organiser couldn't open two gun meshes from the mod "20th Century Weapons" when installing. Install failed. - 1150x35mm RagingBull Smith&Wesson - 560x15mm M-10_22 Ruger Charger I deleted these two mesh folders and the rest of the mod installed. On playing I have found missing mesh red symbols when fighting the raiders in Springfield school. and on arriving at the "Chrysler building" the whole ground floor is missing. Any Ideas on what I may have done wrong? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the reply, please don't take the post as a complaint, just some information :) I found these points minor to the flow of the game and got out of camp guardian asap! I completed DLC texture optimisations as per the guide, re system specs, intel i5 4670k 3.4Ghz, no oc 16gb 1600Mhz ram eVGA GTX770 4g video card WD blue 1tb HDD, (game installed here) 120G SSD (OS installed here) I will follow up with YUP, thanks I'll post on the YUP thread
  12. missed one, again in Sierra madre casino, non of the keys associated with Vera worked. I used console to obtain required object to get me to next phase. Couldn't get into her backstage dressing room nor the dresser in her hotel room.
  13. EssArrBee, Last night I finished a play through of F&L in NV and had a great time. A couple of things I did notice on the way through, that I thought you might be interested in. Mind you, they could easily be due to my mistakes!! Stuttering on two occasions - stair cases at camp guardian very severe, and occassional (random) stuttering in the concorse at McCarran airport. These were the only locations. For many of the DLC interiors (except lonesome road), I saw a blank "nothing" at the transitions between cells? For example, in the SINK and in the Sierra Madre casino, you could not see through the doorways, you could walk through them and attack through them, just not see anything through them. Same occurred in the caves in Zion canyon In the battle for the dam, in one of the powerstation zones (01 I think) you couldn't see any of the characters, NCR or legion or companions, they were there and fighting. I just fled the next zone and could see every one again. The game would sometimes freeze on fast travel. This appeared to become more frequent later in the game. That said, I was easily getting an hour of play between freezes, often 2 or 3. I hope this helps. Overall, thoroughly enjoyed the play through, well done!
  14. EssArrBee, Thanks, for some reason FalloutNV.esm was sitting at 5th on the list, and not being moved up by BOSS. I manually moved this to 1st and had 3 hrs of stable play, I noticed no issues during this time. The game looks great compared to vanilla. Fantastic guide, and my congratulations to you and the STEP community. I was ~2/3 through a 2.2.8 skyrim expanded setup plus immersion pack, when I noticed your fear & loathing guide, based on the very stable skyrim game I have been playing I purchased falloutNV to give it a go.I am an absolute beginner to modding and have basically been able to get both games running with minimal questions. This talks to the quality of the guides and the background work that goes behind them. Well done and thanks.
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