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  1. I know that the administration can't just hand out 2.3.0 progress to random thread starters since big news like this is always announced via official threads and other social media outlets. Saying that, the last update that I saw regarding the progress of S.T.E.P. 2.3.0 was on the 5th of October last year. Are we able to get any updates on this statement? Is there and ETA now?, how goes the progress on the "smaller projects" mentioned in the Facebook statement? I don't even mind if you don't give an ETA or any information on the progress, just let us know that you have a rough ETA ready to announce, or even how far progress has come since this statement. Really, just any information on how things are going. Ideally, I'd like to know if you have any announcements planned for the next month or so. Maybe there has been some announcements on this forum that I haven't seen. I've not regularly checked any of the S.T.E.P. websites for a few months now. Thanks, NinjaMilez.
  2. SPURG looks like something that should definitely be added to SR:LE, no?
  3. There's a mod to fix that. I can't remember it's name, though. It either in STEP, SR:LE or it was posted in a thread somewhere for testing.
  4. Face-ripping Metal? And since your profile picture is Cthulhu...
  5. I think Metallica's best work was Ride the Lightning. Their song writing improved over the the first but still keeps the rawness and aggression that it had. Master of Puppets, to me, was quite bland and boring. The same stands with ...And Justice for All, but even more so. The Black album was just a lot of :confused:
  6. Thanks for the responses. That's made my decision easier. I'll get on to installing SR:LE later today.
  7. I haven't read that far yet, but I will check it out now. Thanks for the heads-up.
  8. I thought SR:LE would be the better looking one. So this essentially means that if you go for S.T.E.P. then you will have an easier job when adding your own mods on top of the optional packs and if you go for SR:LE you're basically stuck with it?
  9. From what I understand, SR:LE is not a conventional S.T.E.P. pack and is instead a standalone project. Correct? If this is the case then I'm currently deciding whether or not to go for the core S.T.E.P mods along with the S.T.E.P. Extended patch and some extra mods. I'd like to know what the difference between S.T.E.P. and SR:LE is. Is it basically S.T.E.P. but with a looser adherence to the vanilla game? I've noticed that SR:LE doesn't use a lot of the mods that S.T.E.P. does. Is this because there are alternatives in the SR:LE pack, such as Gemling Queen Jewellery instead of Jewels of the Nord? It also looks like a lot of mods that should be in anyone's playthough that are from S.T.E.P. have just been totally left out of SR:LE such as KenMOD, Vibrant Auroras, Appropriately Attired Jarls, Diverse Priests just to name a few. Are there good reasons for this or have I just not seen the SR:LE alternatives? I REALLY want to use Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition but I'm feeling put off by the fact that a lot of the S.T.E.P. core and extended mods are not in the pack. Thanks, Miles Edit: I'm also really quite surprised that SR:LE isn't using the Realistic Lighting Overhaul mod. Personally, I think that mod is one of the first things I would want to add to my game. Is the reason it's not in SR:LE just becasue of the fact that it's an unfinished mod?
  10. Oh sweet, a music thread. Another MASSIVE Metahead here. Most genres of Metal from 1970 to the early nineties is the stuff I like mostly. Metalhead test: If you like any of this stuff, you're a Metalhead and you didn't even know it
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